Slackline vs Tightrope Walking

Someone getting into the sport might be wondering what the big difference is between slackline vs tightrope walking.

After all, you’ve spent your entire life resisting the temptation to run off and join the circus.

What’s so special about slacklining that should encourage you to start doing it right now?

Is Paragliding Safe?

Is paragliding safe? I’m sure you’ll want to know your chances of death before takeoff.

Survival is almost guaranteed even though you could be 10,000 feet in the air traveling at 30 miles per hour.

Tens of thousands of paragliders take to the skies every year, so why are they so confident about the sport?

Best Slackline For Tricks

If you really want to do crazy flips and spins you’ll need the best slackline for tricks.

Standard slacklines might be okay when you’re getting started, but they’re not great for the more serious stuff.

Tricklines provide you with features you’ll need when performing cool stunts.

How To Stop On A Penny Board

You’ll need to learn how to stop on a penny board properly once you start building up speed while skating.

Knowing how to stop is crucial when you’re around other people too. Even if you manage to avoid them you could still cause a scene.

There are a couple of techniques you can use to stop or slow down on a penny board, so you’ll need to start practising each one now.