Best Balance Board – Reviews – 2021

The best balance boards have become hugely popular over the last few years.

Once seen as a gimmick, we're beginning to realize we were completely wrong about what they offer.


If you want to improve a ton of things while having fun at the same time, even a cheap wobble board will allow you to do it in style.

We're going to run through a list to work out the best balance board for your needs, but first let's remind ourselves of all the benefits you'll get once you start using one:

  1. General Weight Loss
  2. Helps Prevent Injuries
  3. Increase Your Reaction Time
  4. Improve Your Coordination
  5. Your Strength Will Increase

1 – General Weight Loss

The reason I'm including this first is because some people might just want a fun way to lose weight. If you're moving your body, you're losing pounds of fat.

Weight loss is also crucial because for most sports it helps to be lean. Everything is easier when you're carrying less body fat.

Playing around on a top balance board will burn calories, so you won't need to go as hard when it comes to your diet. Who wants to skip pudding every day?

2 – Helps Prevent Injuries

Have you ever hurt yourself lunging for the shuttlecock while playing badminton? Ever stumbled over your foot when out on a simple jog?

The strength of the connective tissue in your ankles probably sucks. It means twisted ankles galore no matter what your chosen sport.

Playing around on a wooden balance board pretending to surf while you watch TV is your answer to no more ankle problems.

3 – Increase Your Reaction Time

If you lose control for one second on your snowboard you could end up tumbling down the hill before landing hard on your face.

Your reaction time could mean the difference between front teeth and no front teeth.

Slip on a balance board and you'll have to react within milliseconds to stop yourself from falling off, so it's an amazing device for skyrocketing your reaction time.

4 – Improve Your Coordination

Snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, running, and other sports such as parkour don't just require balance.

You need extreme coordination while moving at speed. If all of your body isn't working together you're going to be in trouble.

Balancing on a wooden wobble board will take you to your place of zen where your entire body will begin to work as one.

5 – Your Strength Will Increase

First of all, it's going to fry your core. If you want a stomach with hard abs the balance board is the perfect tool to help you achieve your goal.

You'll also build strength in other muscle groups throughout the body. You won't put on any size, but if they're not strong you'll be thrown off the board.

It's going to be painful in the beginning, because you'll discover these little muscles that have went unnoticed for most of your life.

The Best Balance Board Available

If you've looked around you'll have noticed plenty on offer, but maybe you're still unsure which one to buy.

Let's help you narrow it down by looking at the pros and cons of the best balance boards on the market right now.

  1. Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board
  2. Indo Board Balance Board
  3. Simply Fit Workout Balance Board
  4. Revolution 101 Balance Board
  5. Yes4All Wooden Balance Board
  6. Carrom Balance Board

1 – Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board

The Revolution Core 32 balance board is the most unique one you'll ever find. It's essentially a skateboard without the wheels. Not only will you be able to get all the benefits you would from a normal balance board, but you'll be able to perform tricks too.

Shuvits, kickflips, 360° flips, and anything else you can think of is possible. This board is perfect for anyone into sports like snowboarding, skimboarding, skateboarding, and surfing.

The balance board roller has even been designed to stay underneath you while you're in the air, so it's not going to fly away from you.


  • Rock solid maple board construction
  • High impact roller also built to last
  • Perfect way to improve your tricks


  • No stops on board increases difficulty
  • Only 3 graphics to choose from

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2 – Indo Board Balance Board With Roller

INDO BOARD Original - Natural Wood Design - Balance Board for Fun, Fitness and Sports Training - Comes with 30" X 18" Non-Slip Deck and a 6.5" Roller

The Indo Board is one of the coolest out there and the company has been going strong since 1998. Lots of professionals athletes use the Indo Board to enhance their balance when they're not in the water or on the slopes.

The size of the board is 30 x 18 inches, plus the roller will raise you 6.5 inches off the ground. You'll notice it's shaped more like a skimboard, whereas most of the others are shaped like skateboards.


  • DVD with 2 hours worth of instructions
  • Hundreds of possible exercises available
  • Indestructible balance board and roller


  • Takes a long time to get used to it
  • Some people prefer the skateboard design

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3 – Simply Fit Workout Balance Board

If this balance board looks familiar it's probably because you've seen it on Shark Tank. Lori was the shark who eventually closed the deal and ever since the episode aired the Simply Fit Board has grown in popularity.

This is the exact opposite of the wobble boards we've looked at so far. You'll notice the big difference is the lack of a roller, which isn't needed due to the shape of the board.

It means you don't just roll side to side. Once you're good enough you can use your body to twist and it will feel like you're walking. There are also hundreds of exercises you can perform for a full body workout.


  • It's lightweight and portable
  • Usable on all kinds of surfaces
  • Add weights to increase difficulty


  • Twisting motion takes a while to master
  • Only 4 colors to choose from

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4 – Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer (Blue)

The Revolution Core 32 was the trick balance board, whereas the 101 is more what you'd expect from a typical wobble board. The big difference is it's the number one typical board in the world.

The bombproof 11-ply hardwood construction is built to perfection, and it comes with a smooth rolling lightweight and tough roller too.

There are no tracks or grooves, which means you have total freedom when you're on the board. It's great for those into yoga, martial arts, and all kinds of board sports.


  • Ultra smooth roller reduces vibration and sound
  • Gripped deck comfortable with or without shoes
  • Roller stops on base help you stay in control


  • Only 3 basic designs to choose from
  • Need to upgrade board to progress to big tricks

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5 – Yes4All Non-Slip Wooden Balance Board

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board – Exercise Balance Stability Trainer 15.75 inch Diameter - Black - ²DB6FZ

This one is completely different to anything else we've looked at because it's circular in shape. It has a small stump under the center of the board to create the instability.

You can work on your balance by standing on the board with two feet, but it's geared more towards exercising with only one foot on the balance board to make each exercise harder.

This will still strengthen your connective tissue and muscles while offering you all the other benefits of a balance board at the same time. It just won't be as exciting or dangerous.


  • The best choice for the widest range of people
  • The high-quality board won't break
  • Its anti-slip surface means you won't slide off


  • Only comes in a couple of different colors
  • Won't give you an adrenaline rush

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6 – Carrom Balance Board

Carrom Exercise Balance Board, Red/Black

The Carrom balance board doesn't come with all the bells and whistle of the other boards, but it's great for beginners who want to focus on improving their sports performance.

The roller isn't as wide as you'd normally expect, which means less creative freedom when you're moving around. It still doesn't mean it's any less challenging to stay on your feet.

You'll still be able to use the starter wobble board if you weigh less than 300 pounds, so even though it's a lot cheaper the wood and roller are still of a decent quality.


  • Has anti-skid strips for better control
  • Can be used when standing, sitting, or kneeling
  • A high 300 pound weight limit


  • Some assembly will be required
  • Wood on wood makes it more slippery

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The Best Balance Board For You

We've covered a large selection of balance boards today and each one will leave you with a big smile on your face.

Possibly a few sore muscles until you get used to them too.

The only thing you have to do now is decide which one you're going to buy. I'm sure you have a good idea after reading the pros and cons, but head over to Amazon where you can read unbiased reviews from past customers by clicking on any of the links.

  1. Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board
  2. Indo Board Balance Board
  3. Simply Fit Workout Balance Board
  4. Revolution 101 Balance Board
  5. Yes4All Wooden Balance Board
  6. Carrom Balance Board