What’s The Best Bodyboard For Big Guys?

Bodyboarding isn’t just for youngsters and guys with metabolisms faster than Usain Bolt.

You’ll still be able to rocket down large waves and fly through the air if you’re carrying an extra hundred pounds or so.

Just make sure you choose the right bodyboard for your weight. You will need to be careful if you’re bigger than the average person.

What’s The Best Bodyboard For Big Guys?

Firstly, the best bodyboard for big guys is one capable of handling your weight and height. That doesn’t mean you should go out and buy the biggest board you can find. There are lots of other factors you’ll need to enter into the equation and we’ll speak about them below.

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Best Bodyboard Size For Big Guys

Before you start looking at bodyboards it’s wise to have a rough idea which size you’ll need. Here is a little chart looking at the lengths you should be focusing on if you’re on the heavy side. Even though you’re big you’ll still be able to get away with a few different sizes.

Bodyboard Size Weight Height
42 145-180 lbs 5'9-6'0
43 170-210 lbs 6'1-6'3
44 180-270 lbs 6'2-6'4
45 200 lbs + 6'3-6'6
46 200 lbs+ 6'4 +

3 Best Bodyboards For Big Guys

If you’re a bigger guy you’ll tend to prefer one of the best bodyboards in the world. It’s because they come packed with lots of features that help someone carrying extra weight. Here are a few boards that will make you feel as light as anyone else in the water:

Please Note: We’re only going to look at a couple of features on each board to save time. Click on the links if you’d like to see everything you’ll get.

  1. Custom X Titan Bodyboard
  2. Morey Mach 7SS Bodyboard
  3. Morey Big Kahuna Bodyboard

1 – Custom X Titan Bodyboard

Custom X Beast Big Guy Bodyboard | Larger Riders | Big Bodyboard for The Biggest Riders | 42 Inch | Black Deck, Navy Rails, White Bottom

The Custom X Titan is probably the best beginner bodyboard available today. It’s not too expensive and it’s packed with tons of amazing features for larger guys. Here are a couple you’ll absolutely love when riding big waves:

  • Ride different styles
  • Power rod stringers

Ride different styles – Some heavy guys find it hard to believe there are excellent bodyboards that will allow them to ride in the prone position (lying down). But the Custom X Titan boogie board is ideal for drop knee and stand up bodyboarding too.

So as well as being able to handle extremely large waves, you’ll even be able to spend years mastering different riding styles. It’s not something you’ll find on every board, so it’s worth taking advantage of if you plan on taking bodyboarding seriously.

Power rod stringers – The Titan bodyboard comes with one or two power rod stringers depending on the exact size you get. The stringer is a graphite pole that runs through the inside of the core, which makes your board almost indestructible no matter your weight.

But it doesn’t travel all the way to the tip of your board. That means you’ll still be able to flex the board to make sharp turns. Power rod stringers also help your board revert back to the correct shape once it’s been bent in heavy surf.

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2 – Morey Mach 7SS Bodyboard

Mach 7-SS 43" Body Board Dual Power Rod Stringers Knee Contours, Upper Chime Rail, Crescent Tail, Tail Piece

The Morey Mach 7SS is a 43 inch bodyboard. Anyone over 210 pounds who looked at the size chart might be worried. But if you plan on tackling huge waves you’ll need a smaller board and being heavy won’t affect you. Here are some reasons why it’s a quality pro board:

  • Surlyn board slick
  • Custom knee contours

Surlyn board slick – The bodyboard slick is the underside of your board that comes into contact with water. Surlyn is the best material in the world at the moment when it comes to slicks. It’s designed to eliminate as much drag as possible so you almost float through the water.

If you’re on the heavy side any feature that eliminates drag is a good thing. Why not go with the best material you’ll find on any bodyboard? It’s ideal when trying to maximize speed for big airs, plus when you’re messing around in small waves it’s more enjoyable.

Custom knee contours – Guys who weigh a buck fifty soaking wet find drop knee bodyboarding difficult, so it’s going to be much harder for big guys carrying extra pounds. Trying to stay balanced on massive waves will take a long time to master.

But custom knee contours will allow you to lock your knees in making things much easier. Not only will you be able to thunder along on big waves, but they’ll help with drop knee tricks too. Nothing beats radical maneuvers in a drop knee position.

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3 – Morey Big Kahuna Bodyboard


Morey is a well-respected company because they invented modern day bodyboarding almost 50 years ago. The 44 inch Big Kahuna boogie board is the model big guys choose if they want a cheap one that doesn’t lack the best features. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Crescent tail
  • Grippy channels

Crescent tail – You’ll find a few different tails on the best bodyboards, but the crescent tail is the most popular. When you’re carrying more than a few extra pounds it’s going to help in a couple of ways. First of all, it helps with speed and going faster is never a bad thing.

But you can’t just throw yourself around at high speed on big waves. The crescent tail also gives you more control to prevent you from smashing into the water every few minutes. Although it’s a little harder to turn quickly it’s a superb feature for bigger guys.

Grippy channels – If you look at the bottom of the board you’ll see channels at each side that get shallower as they move up. These are designed to give you extra grip when on large waves. If you lack great balance you’ll appreciate the extra grip.

The rails on the Morey Big Kahuna boogie board are designed to increase your speed on waves, so I think anything that helps you stay afloat is a good thing. Another feature that helps with this is the slightly wider board width to give you more buoyancy.

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Always Wear Great Bodyboarding Fins

Everyone should be wearing the best bodyboard fins on their feet, but it’s even more important when you’re heavy. Here are a couple of the top reasons why you shouldn’t venture into the water without them:

  • Extra acceleration
  • Increased stability
  • More control
  • Bigger airs (jumps)
  • Added safety

If you’re looking for a good recommendation you can’t go wrong with the Churchill Makapuu Pro flippers, which are designed especially for bodyboarding.

Bigger Bodyboards vs Smaller Bodyboards

Do you want to know a secret? I’m sure you know by now bodyboards come with wonderful features designed to maximize your experience on the waves but…

As long as you choose a great board designed for bigger riders, including any we’ve talked about today, you’ll eventually be able to do anything (big waves, fancy tricks, and various riding styles).

Just remember two things if you want to maximize your potential:

  1. Riding big waves
  2. Riding different styles

1 – Riding big waves – Don’t be afraid to go a bodyboard size down if you’ll be riding big waves. The amount of power waves generate will propel you forwards no matter how heavy you are. Plus smaller boards like the Morey Mach 7SS help with razor sharp twists and turns.

2 – Riding different styles – On the opposite side of the spectrum, it’s obviously easier to ride drop knee or standing up on a slightly longer board. Using a smaller one just means you’ll need to work harder to achieve your goals.

But you’ll reach your goals using any of the best bodyboards as long as they’re not far too big or small.

The Best Boogie Board For Big Guys

You should be able to do anything skinny guys can do if you choose one of the best bodyboards for large riders. Any of the models we’ve looked at today will serve you well. They’re all slightly different so just choose the one that fits your individual needs.

And don’t forget to read all the unbiased reviews from past customers on Amazon. It’s always nice to get feedback from multiple people before making a final decision.

  1. Custom X Titan Bodyboard
  2. Morey Mach 7SS Bodyboard
  3. Morey Big Kahuna Bodyboard