Best Bodyboarding Fins Reviews 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

You need the best bodyboarding fins when you're in the water because the difference is like night and day.

Twiddling down to the beach like Daffy Duck is worth it when you'll be rocketing through the water at a thousand miles per hour a few minutes later.

If you've played around with a board when you were young you wouldn't have worn them. You're maybe wondering if body board fins are actually worth it, so unless you have flipper feet like Michael Phelps let's look at how you'll benefit from them:

  1. You'll Get Much More Acceleration
  2. They'll Help You Stay In Control
  3. Much Bigger Waves Will Become Accessible
  4. They Could Easily Save Your Life
  5. You'll Have A Lot More Fun

1 – You'll Get Much More Acceleration

When you're stuck with bare feet instead of boogie board fins you can't expect to go fast. You're limited by the speed of the waves.

Can you imagine having the power to propel through the water like a bullet as you accelerate towards a big jump? When you have swim fins on your feet it means you'll be in control of how fast you go.

The extra push you'll get from the flippers will also help you catch more waves in the first place. They're the computer game equivalent of a cheat code.

2 – They'll Help You Stay In Control

What is going to happen once you're thundering down a pipe while lying on top of a little board? Although it's a complete adrenaline rush, you can't help but feel a little scared.

It's difficult to stay in complete control, but with boogie boarding fins on your feet they'll help you decide where and when to turn.

When it comes to complete control bare feet will never compete with a pair of flippers.

3 – Much Bigger Waves Will Become Accessible

Sooner or later the little waves aren't going to be enough for you. Eventually you'll want to experience the ultimate rush of bigger and better waves.

If you don't have swim fins on your feet the experience could be cut rather short. You won't be able to stay in control while riding them and without the ability to accelerate you'll be at the mercy of the waves.

You'll need all the benefits of swim flippers we've already talked about before you tackle the monsters.

4 – They Could Easily Save Your Life

This applies to any size of wave you decide to ride, so don't think you're completely safe when you are boogie boarding on the small ones.

There will come a time when you land hard. Perhaps on your face. It's going to hurt and your board might be smashed up.

It's so much safer when you're wearing the best bodyboard fins because you'll be able to reach the surface of the water much quicker. You'll also be able to swim to shore twice as fast when you're really hurt.

Wearing fins could seriously save your life.

5 – You'll Have A Lot More Fun

At the end of the day, if we didn't want to have fun we'd stick to sitting on the beach watching other people ride the waves.

You're actually doing something, so you deserve bonus points.

But eventually you will get bored. Bodyboarding without flippers isn't going to cut it for very long. It's like going go-karting with your friends knowing you're in the slowest kart.

If you want a great laugh you need fins for boogie boarding, but let's look at the best ones available today.

The Best Bodyboarding Fins Reviews

You're in luck because bodyboarding fins are pretty cheap, especially when you consider the all their benefits.

Still, there are a few different brands on the market making your choice a little difficult. We'll take a look at the top ones to make things a bit easier:

  1. Hydro TECH 2 Ocean Swim Fins
  2. DaFin Swim Fins
  3. Churchill Makapuu Pro Swim Fins
  4. Fishtown Swim Fins
  5. Cressi AGUA Short Swim Fins

1 – Hydro Tech 2 Fins

best bodyboarding fins

Some might say the Hydro TECH fins reign supreme when it comes to bodyboarding and they're probably right. There are so many unique features built into the Hydro fins they've actually won an Australian design award.

For starters, they have their own patented V rail design to offer you a greater surface area inside the water. This will provide you with a lot more thrust. The mould for each foot is also tailored towards the natural movement of your legs.

Using T Form instead of rubber makes them extremely comfortable, as does the drain holes stopping the water from building up and weighing down your feet. It means much less effort is required to speed up.


  • Patented design for more thrust with less effort
  • Design mimics natural movement of your legs
  • Extremely comfortable and won't weigh you down


  • More for speed rather than long distance swimming
  • Fin leashes might help in case they slip off

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2 – Da Fin Swim Fins

best bodyboard fins

Da Fin kicks were developed in Hawaii years ago by one of the early surfing pioneers, and today they're known as one of the best for bodyboarding. They do have a few differences compared to the Hydro fins.

First of all, your Da Fins can be worn on either foot, which will come in handy if they do slip off under the water. But it won't really be a big problem because they can float in the sea.

They're endorsed by the United States Lifesaving Association, and they're responsible for lifeguards and open water rescuers so definitely they know their stuff.


  • They only weigh an average of two pounds per pair
  • Design helps you hold onto your chosen line
  • Good combination of rubber for acceleration


  • Grab lots of water when flipping in the barrel
  • Might need to wear fin leashes to be safe

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3 – Churchill Makapuu Pro Bodyboard Swim Fins

bodyboarding fins reviews

Churchill fins are designed by professionals, and used by a variety of professionals the world over too. When a company is developing anything for pros you know without a doubt they're going to be tested vigorously.

The Churchill Makapuu fins have went through a bundle of different prototypes and you're left with what you see today. They'll give you tons of power and comfort when you're in the waves.

These pro Makapuu fins are specifically designed with stiffer rubber to give you enough thrust to take advantage of waves big and small all day long.


  • Built-in neoprene fin pads for amazing comfort
  • Fin tethers to guarantee you won't lose them
  • Stiff rubber for a huge amount of thrust


  • Only one color available with the pro version
  • Only a few different sizes available

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4 – Fishtown Swim Fins

bodyboard fins reviews

The Fishtown fins come with a longer sole plate than you'd traditionally see, which will give you a good power boost when you kick. Perhaps more importantly it will place less strain on your feet, so you'll be able to stay out on your bodyboard all day.

Rotating hinges on the adjustable fins straps will also make you feel comfortable at all times. It doesn't hurt that the ultra-durable material is lightweight even though it might not look like it.

Thanks to the open heel design your swim flippers will last years, and the material won't fade so they'll always look good even after they've taken a hammering.


  • Extra long sole plate reduces fatigue
  • Shape of foot opening reduce stress and bruising
  • Can be slipped on and off with one hand


  • Not great for advanced bodyboarders
  • Only a few colors to choose from

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5 – Cressi AGUA Short Fins

best bodyboarding flippers

Cressi fins have been around for over 70 years and they've been releasing great swim fins since their inception. These are noticeably different from the old AGUA fins because they're a lot shorter, which some people will like.

Even though Cressi flippers have short blades you'll still be able to propel through the water at great speed, and because they're lightweight it means your kicking speed will be even greater.

They have a self-adjusting foot pocket, so the fins will offer you flexibility along with the comfort of water shoes. The positively-buoyant material also helps you float so you can focus on the waves.


  • They're the best bodyboard fins to take traveling
  • Design of fins will increase your ankle flexibility
  • Lightweight equals much faster kicks


  • Some power will be lost because of short fins
  • Only a couple of colors to choose from

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The Best Fins For Bodyboarding

If you're going to hit the water you want to do it in style with bodyboard flippers. It's the only way you're going to get complete satisfaction while you are crashing around in the waves.

All of the bodyboarding flippers we've looked at today are of high enough quality to help you achieve anything on the water. You just have to decide which ones are best for you.

If you click on any of the links below you'll be able to read unbiased reviews from customers with a huge amount of experience wearing their favorite fins while bodyboarding.

  1. Hydro TECH 2 Ocean Swim Fins
  2. DaFin Swim Fins
  3. Churchill Makapuu Pro Swim Fins
  4. Fishtown Swim Fins
  5. Cressi AGUA Short Swim Fins