The Best Bodyboarding Fins Of 2021 (Reviews)

Bodyboarders know the best bodyboarding fins are essential when riding waves of all sizes.

The difference is night and day.

You'll be rocketing through the water at a hundred miles per hour stuck to waves like glue.

Why Wear The Best Bodyboarding Fins?

The best bodyboarding fins will give you maximum thrust, control, and comfort in the waves. Modern design features like lightweight materials, rail technology, and vortex holes maximize your performance while letting you bodyboard for hours without needing to take a break.

In a hurry? Check these out…

Best overall – Hydro TECH 2 fins
Best for beginners – Churchill Makapuu Pro fins
Best for travel – Wildhorn fins

How To Maximize Your Bodyboarding Experience

Always remember there are lots of amazing bodyboarding fin features these days, but the best ones will focus on three different things:

  • Thrust
  • Control
  • Comfort

Thrust – You can use your arms to create thrust in the water, but most of your power is going to come from bodyboard fins. They should be able to create quick acceleration while giving you maximum power per kick to help preserve your energy.

Control – Bodyboarders might keep their legs out of the water while riding waves to reduce drag, but you’ll need to control your board too. Fins can be used to mimic a steering wheel and brake, so you’ll be able to turn from side to side and slow down.

Comfort – Nobody wants to bodyboard with stones in their fins and blisters on their feet. If bodyboard fins use the right materials your feet will feel comfortable in the pockets. Vortex holes underneath let water, stones, and sand drain away.

The Best Bodyboarding Fins Reviews

best bodyboard fins reviews
Catch huge waves when wearing bodyboarding fins.

There are a huge amount of bodyboarding fins on the market and each model comes with their own unique combination of features. We're going to focus on the top ones to cut through the mess. Here is a little more information about the best bodyboarding fins:

  1. Hydro TECH 2 Bodyboard Fins
  2. DaFin Swim Fins
  3. Churchill Makapuu Pro Swim Fins
  4. Wildhorn Topside Hydro Fins
  5. Voit Duck Feet Swim Fins
  6. Stealth Pro Bodyboard Fins
  7. Cressi AGUA Short Swim Fins

1 – Hydro Tech 2 Fins

Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fins - Ice Blue - Medium

Some say Hydro Tech 2 fins reign supreme when it comes to bodyboarding and they're probably right. There are so many unique features built into the Hydro fins they've actually won an Australian design award. Everything revolves around 2 areas in particular:

  1. Maximum Speed
  2. Unsurpassed Comfort

Maximum Speed – A revolutionary V-Rail design gives you a greater surface area inside the water. It maximizes the amount of thrust you’ll get with each kick. Your legs won’t need to move much when you’re trying to catch a wave or swimming back out after catching one.

Hydro Tech 2 bodyboard fins are great for sprinting and you’ll accelerate at high speed within seconds. When your flippers can maintain a high enough velocity in the water on their own it allows your arms to focus 100 percent on holding your bodyboard. The fins have a great response to kick change too.

Unsurpassed Comfort – Hydro Tech fins are made from super soft silicone as opposed to tough rubber, which means it’s impossible to beat them when it comes to comfort. You’ll be able to kick the Tech 2 fins for hours and hours without getting blisters on your feet.

Your feet will slip effortlessly into the ergonomic foot pockets whether you’re wearing fins socks or not. You won’t need to use an uncomfortable leg twist motion thanks to the asymmetrical design. There won’t be any need to worry about strains and other injuries.

The central vortex is one of the most impressive features you’ll come across. Sand and water will drain out your Hydro Tech 2 swim fins straight away.


  • Maximum acceleration with minimum effort
  • Design mimics natural movement of your legs
  • Central vortex drains sand and water quickly
  • Non-slip tread helps when walking on land


  • Fin leashes are essential when bodyboarding
  • Built for speed rather than longer distances

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2 – Da Fin Swim Fins

DaFin Swim Fin Pro - Black (Black, LG)

DaFin fins were developed by Andy Cochran, one of Australia’s early surfing pioneers. A few other world-renowned professionals helped out by offering great advice. DaFin flippers are used by the United States Lifesaving Association to conduct open water rescues. Experts trust them.

Over the years, Da Fin fins have made a huge name for themselves in the bodyboarding world too. They have a lot of qualities you’ll only find in the best fins for boogie boarding. Let’s discuss a few things you’ll get to experience soon:

  1. Endurance Over Speed
  2. Easy To Track In The Surf

Endurance Over Speed – Da Fin swim fins will definitely help you catch large waves, but speed wasn’t the number one priority when designing them. Endurance comes first. It means you’ll be able to swim out to waves repeatedly all day without getting tired.

The boogie board flippers are pretty light too, which will help prevent cramping and injuries that last days. When you’re less fatigued you’ll feel more confident about swimming further offshore improving your chances of riding bigger and better waves.

Easy To Track In The Surf – Even though you should wear fin leashes it’s not absolutely essential. If you choose colorful DaFin boogie board swim fins you’ll be able to track them in the surf pretty easily. Luckily, they float in salt water so they’ll always resurface at some point.

You won’t have to worry about what feet you’re putting the bodyboard flippers on when you’re in the water. These ones are designed to be worn on either foot. It’s probably going to save you a bit more hassle than you think when waves are crashing down on you.

The DaFin flippers offer a good combination of flexibility and rigidity. Flexible rubber around the foot pockets means they are very comfortable, but they are more rigid around the blades for improved power.


  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable fins
  • Design helps you hold onto your chosen line
  • Very good acceleration but better endurance
  • Flippers float in salt water so won’t vanish


  • Grabs lots of water when flipping in barrels
  • Always better when you wear fin leashes

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3 – Churchill Makapuu Pro Bodyboard Swim Fins

Churchill Makapuu Pro Swimfins -Black/Orange - M/L

Churchill fins have been around since 1936, so they’ve had a long time to get the design just right. Even though most people use the basic fins you should opt for the professional Churchill Makapuu fins because they’re a lot more special.

In fact, they’re very similar to the first boogie board flippers we looked at today. The fins have been carefully designed with 2 big things in mind:

  1. Extreme Speed
  2. Maximum Comfort

Extreme Speed – The patented dolphin shaped fins will help you accelerate through the water like a rocket, but there are a few more advanced design features under the hood:

  • Stiffer Blade
  • Stiffer Side Rails
  • Higher Blend Line

When you combine everything together you’ll get extra kicking power for optimum thrust and performance. The Churchill Makapuu boogie board fins will let you tackle waves of all shapes and sizes with ease.

Maximum Comfort – When you slip your feet into the natural gum foot pockets it will feel like you’re wearing comfy shoes. The foot pockets and heels are lined with neoprene, which is a hundred times more comfortable than any rubber you’ve used in the past.

Rocks, sand, and water will drain out the large holes in the bodyboard fins. It’s not exactly comfortable on your feet when debris can’t escape. You won’t have to wear bootie socks, so it’s one less thing to carry around with you.

I think you’ll agree they’re one of the best bodyboard fins when it comes to security. Churchill fins come with their own tethers, so they won’t disappear under the water when you wipe out.


  • Built-in neoprene pads for extra comfort
  • Fin tethers guarantee you won't lose them
  • Stiff blades offer max thrust/performance


  • Pro fins design only comes in one color
  • You must ensure you choose right size

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4 – Wildhorn Topside Hydro Swim Fins

Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins- Compact Travel, Swim, and Snorkeling Flippers for Men and Women. Revolutionary Comfort on Land and Sea.

Wildhorn fins are impressive when it comes to aesthetics. It’s like someone welded a pair of comfy shoes onto flippers. Even though the company is fairly new they’ve been making a big splash on the scene over the last couple of years.

We’ve already looked at some of the best boogie board fins in the world, so why should you care about these ones? Let’s discuss a few magical things about the Wildhorn flippers:

  1. Injury Prevention
  2. Strong Thrusts
  3. Travel Ready

Injury Prevention – Wildhorn offers the best swim fins for bodyboarding if you’re concerned about injuries. Here is a quick list of the features and how they’ll help keep you safe at all times:

  • Closed toe and heel prevents cramping and hypertension
  • Velcro strap around ankle provides extra support
  • Neoprene boots stretch so your feet don’t get squashed
  • Strong rubber soles give you extra foot protection
  • Grippy treads will prevent you from slipping on rocks

You’ll find it hard to injure yourself while wearing Wildhorn swim fins. I’m sure you’ve already guessed they’re extremely comfortable too. Plus you’ll be able to walk in them as opposed to waddling like a penguin.

Strong Thrusts – Short blade fins aren’t great when you’re swimming long distances, but you’ll be able to accelerate pretty fast. The primary fin surface on the top of the blades allows for a strong down kick. It’s actually what propels you forward in water.

The Wildhorn swim flippers float in salt water too, so there is less drag from your body because your legs will be lifted out the water. You don’t need to worry too much about how fast you’ll be able to accelerate when trying to catch big waves.

Travel Ready – The Topside Hydro fins will fit into your backpack or carry-on without too much trouble. These boogie boarding fins might be the perfect choice if you want to take them on holiday with you.


  • Flippers will float to surface when lost
  • Neoprene boots feel like comfy shoes
  • Excellent support while being flexible


  • Aren’t the longest flippers in the world
  • Not great for long swims + deep dives

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5 – Voit Duck Feet Swim Fins

Voit Duck Feet Fins (Turquoise/Orange, Large)

Voit Duck Feet fins are legendary. They’ve been a staple at beaches since way back in the early 50s, so it’s surprising to see how popular they still are today. The company has changed hands in the past, but fans who wore them years ago agree they haven’t lost their star quality.

The Voit Duck Feet swim fins are made in Malaysia, which happens to be world’s biggest producer of natural rubber. Not only are they made from excellent materials, but Duck Feet fins have plenty of great features too. Let’s discuss some of the best things about the flippers:

  1. Constructed from dual density rubber
  2. Hydrodynamically designed
  3. Amazing off the line speed
  4. Small enough to fit in your backpack

Constructed from dual density rubber – The best bodyboard fins shouldn’t be constructed from the exact same material. Blades should be rigid enough to help you fly through water, but you want foot pockets to be softer for maximum comfort. Duck Feet flippers are constructed using dual density rubber.

Hydrodynamically designed – When bodyboarding you want to accelerate at max speed in order to ride every wave humanly possible. At the same time, you don’t want to waste too much energy. Hydrodynamically designed fins give you the power you need with as little effort required as possible.

Amazing off the line speed – There are better options if you want boogie boarding fins to help you cover long distances. But if you want off the line speed in case you need to move in a hurry you can count on the rigid Voit Duck Feet blades to propel you forwards.

Small enough to fit in your backpack – Do you plan on taking your swimming flippers on holiday with you? They’re not the most portable fins on the planet, but you will be able to squeeze them into a backpack when traveling. It’s pointless leaving your bodyboard flippers at home.


  • Durable bodyboard flippers last a long time
  • Excellent acceleration to catch every wave
  • Hydrodynamically designed for max results
  • Legendary fins have been around forever


  • Feet can take a while to get used to them
  • It’s worth wearing bootie socks for comfort

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6 – Stealth Pro Bodyboard Fins

If you like riding barrels and catching big air you can’t go wrong with Stealth fins. Although the design looks minimalistic it comes with all the special features you’ll need. Stealth riders and other bodyboarders choose these fins above all others for a reason.

The Stealth Pro fins are definitely a pleasure to wear on your feet. Soft foot pockets will stop you from feeling uncomfortable. Holes in the flippers will get rid of sand and debris too. But it’s fair to say everything revolves around performance, which we’ll discuss right now:

  1. Jet vents increase thrust efficiency
  2. Asymmetric foot pockets equals more power
  3. Blade rail ridges maximize transfer of energy
  4. Straight angle blade improves technical style
  5. Angled rails create maximum thrust efficiency

Jet vents increase thrust efficiency – Not only do the vacuum jet vents let out debris, but they’ll let water burst through the holes. This will increase thrust efficiency when compared to body boarding fins that don’t let excess water out without a fight.

Asymmetric foot pockets equals more power – You can’t wear these bodyboard flippers on either foot because they’re asymmetrical. The shape allows for maximum thrust with minimal effort. In other words, you can kick hard with your feet close together without them hitting each other.

Blade rail ridges maximize transfer of energy – Blade rail bridges transfer energy from your feet into the blades when you’re kicking. If the blades and foot pockets aren’t connected in the right way you’ll always lose some power.

Straight angle blade improves technical style – Performance has a lot to do with how you’ll look on the waves. The straight angle blades at the front of your boogie boarding fins improve kicking power and aesthetic technical style when riding.

Angled rails create maximum thrust efficiency – When you’re flying through the water angled rails create max thrust efficiency while providing strength and stability at the same time.


  • Rubber offers max comfort + durability
  • Bodyboard fins will float in salt water
  • Extreme power and performance


  • You will definitely need fin leashes
  • Black is the only color available

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7 – Cressi AGUA Short Fins

Cressi Agua Short, blue, EU 43/44

Cressi burst onto the scene right after World War 2 and they’ve been lighting up the water sports industry ever since. Short swim flippers aren’t the most popular when it comes to bodyboarding, but Cressi fins do have a few advantages over the competition.

The first thing you’ll notice is the size difference. Cressi flippers have very short blades, which makes them perfect for traveling. Your fins will hardly take up any room in your luggage. Here are a few more qualities I’m sure you’ll enjoy:

  1. Positively Buoyant
  2. Self Adjusting Foot Pocket

Positively Buoyant – We’ve talked about how you’ll be able to find your bodyboard flippers when they float. Positively buoyant fins have a positive impact on the speed you’ll be able to reach too. Your body position will be slightly elevated while kicking.

It means your legs will be a lot more active, which is where you’ll get all your power. Don’t worry too much about the body board flippers causing fatigue. They are so light you’ll be able to swim all day without tiring if you’re relatively fit and healthy.

Self Adjusting Foot Pocket – Sometimes it’s hard to find bodyboarding fins that fit perfectly. Cressi have used the latest technology to make it a reality. The self adjusting foot pockets will ensure your flippers fit like a glove once you slip them on your feet.

Not only will the self adjusting foot pocket system improve your comfort level, but it will give you more ankle flexibility too. When you have more flexibility in your ankles you’ll be able to generate more power when you kick.


  • Squeeze fins into your luggage easily
  • Foot pocket increases ankle flexibility
  • Lightweight design equals faster kicks


  • Some power lost thanks to short fins
  • Need to pick up fin leashes separately

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The Best Bodyboarding Fins Benefits

best boogie boarding flippers
Maximum speed and control on the waves.

If you played around with a bodyboard when you were young you probably didn’t wear flippers. You might be wondering if body board fins are actually worth it, so unless you have feet like Michael Phelps let's look at how you'll benefit from them in the future:

  1. You'll Get Much More Acceleration
  2. They'll Help You Stay In Control
  3. Much Bigger Waves Will Become Accessible
  4. They Could Easily Save Your Life
  5. You'll Have A Lot More Fun

1 – You'll Get Much More Acceleration

When you're stuck with bare feet instead of boogie board fins you can't expect to go very fast. You're limited by the speed of the waves.

Can you imagine having the power to propel through water like a bullet as you accelerate towards a big jump? When you have bodyboard fins on your feet it means you'll be in control of how fast you go.

The extra push you'll get from flippers will also help you catch more waves instead of missing everything. They're the computer game equivalent of a cheat code.

2 – They'll Help You Stay In Control

What is going to happen once you're thundering down a pipe while lying on top of a little bodyboard? Although it's a complete adrenaline rush you can't help but feel a bit scared.

It's difficult to stay in complete control, but with boogie boarding fins on your feet they'll help you decide where and when to turn. And how to slow down when it's essential.

When it comes to complete control bare feet will never compete with a pair of flippers.

3 – Much Bigger Waves Will Become Accessible

Sooner or later, small waves aren't going to be enough for you. Eventually you'll want to experience the ultimate rush of bigger and better waves.

If you don't have bodyboard swim fins on your feet the experience could be cut rather short. You won't be able to stay in control while riding them and without the ability to accelerate and decelerate you'll be at the mercy of the waves.

You'll need all the benefits of the best bodyboarding fins before you tackle monster waves.

4 – They Could Easily Save Your Life

This applies to any size of wave you decide to ride, so don't think you're completely safe when boogie boarding on small ones.

There will come a time when you land hard. Perhaps on your face. It's going to hurt and your board might get smashed up.

It's so much safer when you're wearing the best bodyboarding fins because you'll be able to reach the surface of the water much quicker. You'll also be able to swim to shore twice as fast when you're really hurt.

Wearing bodyboarding fins could seriously save your life.

5 – You'll Have A Lot More Fun

At the end of the day, if we didn't want to have fun we'd stick to sitting on the beach watching other people ride the waves.

You're actually doing something, so you deserve bonus points.

But eventually you will get bored. Bodyboarding without flippers isn't going to cut it for long. It's like going go-karting with friends knowing you're in the slowest kart. You need to be in the fastest one.

Bodysurfing Fins vs Bodyboarding Fins

The best body surfing fins and boogie boarding fins are interchangable.

Think about why you need fins in the first place. They should provide you with excellent:

  1. Acceleration – Power – Speed
  2. Stability – Balance
  3. Control – Steering

The best swim fins for bodysurfing and bodyboarding should be short and stubby.

Everything revolves around the 3 different categories we’ve just touched on whether you have a bodyboard or not.

You will need enough acceleration to catch waves when they’re thundering towards you. Body surfing flippers should enable you to reach high speeds at all times too. When you’re flattened you’ll need enough power to escape from danger.

Powerful waves will throw your around like a ragdoll. It’s hard enough to keep your balance when you’re swimming in calm waters. The best body surfing fins allow you to stabilize yourself when you’re riding inside a big barrel.

Finally, you can’t just hope for the best and enjoy the ride. You’ll need to be able to steer when you’re on large waves. When your bodysurfing flippers give you ultimate control you’ll be able to weave around like the best surfers in the world.

In order to achieve these things whether you’re bodysurfing or bodyboarding, your fins will look the exact same. Short and stubby. Wider at the bottom of the fins, more triangular than straight and pointy.

There are a few minor things that separate boogie boarding and body surfing flippers. It’s easier to keep your feet raised up when you have a board underneath you. Therefore, it’s worth choosing body surfing fins that float in water. DaFin fins are the top choice for bodysurfers.

It’s also a lot easier to remain stable and steer effectively when you’re lying on a bodyboard. You’re in less danger when you have something to hold onto too. So you should stay away from models that don’t have enough width at the bottom.

Bodyboarding/Bodysurfing Fins vs Scuba Diving/Snorkeling Fins

If you look at the best snorkeling fins you’ll automatically see how they are different. For the most part, flippers used for swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling tend to have much longer blades and don’t look triangular.

Short blades are favorable in these kinds of sports too, but you still wouldn’t class the blades as chubby. Don’t go bodyboarding or bodysurfing with extra long blades. If you’re trying to catch massive waves they’re not going to do you any favors.

How To Prevent Bodyboard Fins Injuries

best boogie board fins reviews
The right bodyboarding fins prevent big injuries.

The best bodyboarding fins have come on leaps and bounds in recent years. That means there is less chance you’ll get injured when wearing your fins for hours and hours each day. That being said, there are a few injuries everyone is susceptible to if they’re not careful:

  1. Friction Blisters
  2. Muscle Cramps

Friction Blisters – Rubber bodyboarding fins can tear your skin apart. By the time you leave the water you might not be able to walk. If sand gets into your bodyboard swim flippers there is only so much grinding you’ll be able to take. Definitely wear neoprene booties if your fins don’t come with neoprene-lined foot pockets.

Throw some moisturizer inside your booties before you go out in the water. If it’s already too late make sure you wash your wounds and bandage them up straight away. You won’t be able to go back into the water if they’re extremely sore. Eventually your skin will toughen up and your feet won’t cause you many problems.

Muscle Cramps – Getting cramp at the best of times isn’t a pleasant experience. It’s even worse when you’re in the water with waves crashing all around you. Once you start wearing boogie boarding fins and kick hard in the water they might strike. You need to do everything possible to keep them at bay.

There are lots of little things you can do to prevent cramps, but build up the amount of time you spend wearing bodyboarding fins slowly. Your body will eventually get used to them. Another huge one is stretching every day before you hit the water. Stretching should help you eliminate cramps long term.

Common Questions + Answers

Q. Can you bodyboard without fins?

A. Yes, but mostly no. It’s possible to catch waves without body board fins. If you’re attempting to stand up on the board you won’t be able to wear fins anyway. When you’re messing around close to the shore you don’t necessarily need to wear them.

Don’t feel like you can’t step into the water without fins.

But remember there is a reason why every professional wears boogie boarding fins. You will always catch more (and bigger) waves. Plus you’ll have a hundred times more stability and control as you hurtle towards the shore.

Q. Can you repair broken bodyboard fins?

A. Sure it’s possible to repair broken bodyboard fins. Even if you wear your fins for years it’s unlikely they’ll break. But when you come up against the wrong wave there is a tiny chance they’ll be ripped apart. You’ll need an ultra-flexible resin like Sponge-Rez.

Make sure your bodyboard flippers are completely free of debris. Once they’re washed dry them thoroughly. Pour resin into the cracks or snapped rubber and hold everything a few minutes until it begins to set. Now you’ll have to leave them around 24 hours until it’s fully hardened.

Q. Do you need bodyboard fins leashes?

A. Some bodyboard fins come with leashes built into them. If they don’t you’ll definitely need to wear your own. Some bodyboarding flippers float in the sea. Others are so bright you’ll be able to see them bobbing up and down. But don’t make life difficult for yourself.

When you’ve wiped out the last thing you want to do is rush around looking for your boogie board flippers before they disappear forever. If they end up going in opposite directions or get pulled out to sea you might lose them. If you wear cheap bodyboard fins leashes they won’t go anywhere.

Q. What size bodyboard fins should I get?

A. Normally, I would tell you to examine a bodyboard fins size chart. It will give you a good idea which size you need. Every brand does have their own chart to help you out. But I’d recommend reading the review section on Amazon instead. You’re much more likely to get the right bodyboard fins size.

People in the review section will tell you to go a size up or down depending on the brand. They’ll tell you what size they chose and whether or not they fit correctly. You will also need to know what size to choose when you’re wearing fins socks.

Q. Why are bodyboard fins angled?

A. We talked about this earlier on, but you might have skipped the bodysurfing fins section. Basically, angled bodyboard swim fins give you extreme stability and control when you’re on big waves. They will give you a lot more power to twist + turn and have a great time bodyboarding.

The Best Bodyboarding Fins

Are you hitting the waves soon? If so, make sure you’re wearing the best bodyboard fins. It’s the only way you’ll feel completely satisfied when you’re crashing around in the water. You will move faster and travel longer each time you go out.

All the bodyboarding flippers we’ve looked at today should suffice. They’ll let you do anything in the water and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll just need to decide which ones you like best, which might not be the easiest decision in the world.

Do you need a little help choosing the right ones? Click on the links below to read hundreds of unbiased reviews on Amazon. All the customers have different experiences wearing their bodyboarding fins.

  1. Hydro TECH 2 Bodyboard Fins
  2. DaFin Swim Fins
  3. Churchill Makapuu Pro Swim Fins
  4. Wildhorn Topside Hydro Fins
  5. Voit Duck Feet Swim Fins
  6. Stealth Pro Bodyboard Fins
  7. Cressi AGUA Short Swim Fins