Best Bodyboards In The World – Reviews – 2021

Imagine lying on your stomach as you’re propelled forwards at great speed.

Your eyes are nearly touching the water and you can feel the ocean rumbling like an earthquake beneath your board.

The wave behind you looks absolutely massive because you’re not standing up.

The best bodyboards are almost essential when you’re attempting such a feat.

Best Bodyboards In The World

Once you start riding big waves you realize why the best bodyboards in the world stand out. You wouldn’t be able to do half the things that’s possible without their awesome features. Let’s take a look at some of the top quality bodyboards and we’ll mention a few things about each one:

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  1. Custom X Titan Bodyboard
  2. Mike Stewart Science Hybrid XL Bodyboard
  3. Morey Mach 7SS Bodyboard
  4. NMD Ben Player Bodyboard
  5. BullyBoard Poi Boy Bodyboard

1 – Custom X Titan Bodyboard

Custom X Beast Big Guy Bodyboard | Larger Riders | Big Bodyboard for The Biggest Riders | 42 Inch | Black Deck, Navy Rails, White Bottom

Even though the Custom X Titan could be classed as a beginner bodyboard it’s still one of the best in the world. It’s jam-packed full of amazing features and comes at an unbelievable price. The brand itself is unbeatable too. Here are a couple of things you might like:

  • Surlyn slick bottom
  • Power rod stringers

Surlyn slick bottom – Surlyn is currently the best material available for bodyboard slicks, which is the bottom part of your board that comes into contact with the water. It’s designed to reduce as much drag as possible so you can propel yourself along waves at great speed.

It obviously comes in useful when you’re attempting cool tricks. Flying up towards the lip at a greater speed will give you more air. Luckily you’ll be able to control the boost in speed. The Custom X Titan boogie board comes with channels to give you more control too.

Power rod stringers – The number of stringers inside your bodyboard will depend on the size you choose. A stringer is a graphite pole that runs through the center of your board. It will make your polyethylene core so strong it won’t break in big waves.

Stringers don’t go all the way up to the top of boogie boards. They stop before going too close to the nose, which means you’ll still be able to bend it upwards to make sharper turns. Power rod stringers also snap bodyboards back into shape when they bend.

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2 – Mike Stewart Science Bodyboard Launch Flex 7 Polypropylene (Polypro) Crescent Tail 42 Inch - Deep Sea Green/Black/Violet


Not only is Mike Stewart regarded as one of the best bodyboarders in history, but he owns Science Bodyboards too. There is no way he would use his name on something that wasn’t excellent. It’s got every feature you’ll ever need and we’ll touch on a couple right now:

  • Crescent tail
  • Drop knee bodyboarding

Crescent tail – After years of testing different shapes everyone tends to agree a crescent tail is the best shape for the majority of bodyboards. Surprisingly, it has a bigger impact on waves than you’d think. You’ll get a boost in speed which combines well with the surlyn slick.

You’ll also have a lot more control on the waves and your bodyboard will respond better to quick decisions. It doesn’t have very much contact with the face of waves. It’s also worth pointing out that it's more comfortable because it adapts to your body shape.

Drop knee bodyboarding – Thundering down waves in the prone position is fun although you’ll eventually want to try new things. The Mike Stewart Hybrid XL bodyboard is ideal for drop knee bodyboarding, which involves riding the board kneeling down.

It opens up a whole new world to you once you’ve mastered the prone position. Trying to keep your balance is tough enough, plus think about all the extra tricks you can practice. Three power rod stringers means you’ll be able to stand up on the boogie board too.

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3 – Morey Mach 7SS Bodyboard

Mach 7-SS 43" Body Board Dual Power Rod Stringers Knee Contours, Upper Chime Rail, Crescent Tail, Tail Piece

Morey has to be included on the list because Tom Morey invented bodyboarding as we know it today. All their boards have been getting better and better over the last 50 years, but the Mach 7SS stands out for a few reasons. Let’s look at why everyone still loves it:

  • 60/40 rail ratio
  • X-flex polypropylene core

60/40 rail ratio – There are a couple of different bodyboard rail ratios and each one has its advantages. The 60/40 rail ratio is the most popular in the industry and it means 60 percent of your rail is on the lower part of the board in direct contact with the waves.

It’s designed to maximize the amount of control you have over your board. When riding smaller waves it won’t make a difference, but on big waves with steep faces you’ll notice it. Raised thumb ridges at the top of your board also give you more rail to hold onto.

X-flex polypropylene core – Bodyboard cores are usually designed with one of two materials. Polypropylene is stiffer than its counterpart and it’s perfect for riding in warmer waters. Even though it’s stiffer the increase in water temperature softens it up.

You definitely won’t need to worry about the Morey Mach 7SS boogie board breaking thanks to the polypropylene core. There are also a couple of power rod stringers hidden inside the board. It’s a high performance bodyboard that will handle anything.

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4 – NMD Ben Player Bodyboard

Ben Player PP ISS Bodyboard, 41.5-Inch, Black

NMD has worked with some of the best bodyboarders on the planet over the years. Ben Player has been a world champion multiple times and you can trust any bodyboard with his name on it. Here are a couple of reasons why it might be the number one choice for you:

  • Interchangeable stringer system
  • Channels

Interchangeable stringer system – Sometimes you’ll hear bodyboarders talking about flex + recoil equaling greater speed. Normally you’ll have a set amount of power rod stringers so it will be decided for you. The Ben Player ISS bodyboard takes things to the next level.

You’ll actually be able to buy extra stringers to give yourself ultimate control over the flex and recoil. An interchangeable system lets you swap them around easily. All waves are different and after a while you’ll be able to find the ideal set up for each one you plan to ride.

Channels – Bodyboard channels are located on the slick of the board. They start at the tail and travel around half way up getting shallower towards the middle. It’s one of the main features when riding big waves because they’ll provide you with extra grip.

It’s almost the equivalent of waxing the top of your board except you don’t have to apply anything every time you go out. You’ll need the extra grip because the surlyn slick increases your speed. The NMD Ben Player boogie board has a crescent tail to keep things under control too.

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5 – BullyBoard Poi Boy Bodyboard

BullyBoard Poi Boy 45" - Competition Quality Bodyboard for Big and Tall Adult Riders up to 225lbs ~ for Serious Bodyboarders! Poly Core for Smooth Ride, Handling, Super Durable! Made in The USA!

BullyBoard has been designing boards for over 20 years and their focus is on serious riders. The Poi Boy bodyboard will be able to handle any waves you throw at it no matter how steep and powerful. We’ll look at some features that will maximize your enjoyment in the water:

  • Teardrop shaped
  • Narrow crescent tail

Teardrop shaped – It’s fair to say the Poi Boy bodyboard is designed for very heavy and tall riders who have extra money to spend. It basically lets riders do anything shorter and lighter riders can do. One of the ways it does this is thanks to the large teardrop shaped nose.

You’ll be able to stay completely buoyant no matter what Mother Nature is throwing at you. The teardrop shape reduces pearling in steep waves and during sharp turns. That means your nose won’t fall into the sea flipping you over at a hundred miles per hour.

Narrow crescent tail – Even though the BullyBoard Poi Boy boogie board comes with a wide nose for added buoyancy, it comes with a narrow tail like boards designed for average-sized riders. It also comes with all the benefits you get from crescent tail boards.

So even though it’s pretty huge upfront you’ll still be able to twist and turn in a heartbeat when you’re riding powerful waves. Not only will you be able to maneuver around quickly, but you’ll have a good amount of control and stability. It’s definitely worth the money if you can afford it.

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Why Boogie Boarding Is More Exciting Than Surfing

There doesn’t need to be a big rivalry between bodyboarders and surfers. Smart people will partake in both water sports because each one comes with its own benefits. Let’s look at a few good reasons why boogie boarding is more exciting than surfing:

  • Waves look gigantic
  • It feels more intense
  • Better speed sensation
  • Tackling vertical waves
  • Launch yourself into the sky
  • Surf closeout waves

Waves look gigantic – Surfers are always looking for bigger and scarier waves. They chase adrenaline rushes and always want to take things to the next level. It’s easier to find them when you’re bodyboarding because you’ll be lying on your stomach.

Think about how big the waves will look when you’re almost headbutting the sea. A decent wave will look like it’s going to crush you in half when you look up. Even small ones will be exciting to ride.

It feels more intense – Boogie boarders don’t just stand on a board as it floats above the sea. Your legs will be in the waves and you’ll feel it pushing you at full force. Everything will be more intense as you’re being rocketed forwards.

Have you spent time driving in a sports car? Compare it to driving around in a truck. There is something special about being lower down.

Better speed sensation – Technically, you’ll be going at the same speed when you’re surfing and bodyboarding. Waves don’t move faster or slower depending on what board you’re on. But it will feel like you’re going faster on a bodyboard. It’s partly because of what we’ve just talked about.

Also, you’ll be able to accelerate faster when necessary if you’re wearing the best bodyboarding fins.

Tackling vertical waves – When you’re lying on a professional boogie board you’ll be able to drop into vertical waves easily. Attempt this on a surfboard and it will end in disaster. Why waste a good wave when you don’t need to?

Launch yourself into the sky – Adrenaline junkies will love the fact you’ll be able to pull off massive airs on a boogie board. Take a look at some cool photos on the internet. After a lot of practice you’ll be able to reach those heights and you’ll love it.

Bodyboarders can speed directly into fast and powerful hollow waves. Good swim fins and leg power will allow you to launch high into the sky. You’ll be able to perform spins, flips, and all sorts while up there.

Surf closeout waves – Sometimes waves will break all at once and it will be impossible to surf standing up. Luckily, you’ll still be able to surf closeout waves on your pro bodyboard. This is the second wave type we’ve looked at where bodyboards definitely reign supreme.

Hopefully surfers now realize there is a place for bodyboards out there after all. You won’t regret learning how to master the sport.

The Best Boogie Boards Benefits

Boogie boards have a lot of advantages over surfboards, especially if you pick up a good one. Here are a few reasons why they come out on top for the average person:

  • Much cheaper
  • More resilient
  • Easy to transport

Much cheaper – World champion bodyboarders can come out with top-of-the-line professional bodyboards. They will still be around 50 percent cheaper than respectable surfboards.

Snowboards, golf clubs, boats, fishing rods, bicycles, and other sports equipment can cost thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars.

You can pick up the best bodyboarding equipment in the world for hundreds of dollars. The same boogie boards everyone else uses to surf massive waves and throw themselves into the heavens can be yours.

More resilient – Pro bodyboards can withstand a tremendous beating. They are solid and flexible at the same time. The main reason they hardly end up with dings is because they’re much smaller. Giant waves won’t bash them around or rip them apart like surfboards.

It means they’ll last a lot more years than surfboards too. You can relax because you won’t need to replace them as often.

Easy to transport – Carrying a boogie board around is simple. Get a special bodyboard bag and it will slip neatly inside. Throw it over your shoulder if you want to walk to the beach.

If you’re driving it will fit nicely inside your car. You can connect it to your bicycle with a boogie board bike rack

Get a bigger bodyboard rack for home and you’ll be able to store it away inside your garage. It will take up much less space than a long surfboard.

Health + Fitness Benefits Of Bodyboarding

Thrill seekers won’t just have lots of fun blasting around on bodyboards at a hundred miles per hour. It’s a fantastic tool when it comes to improving your health and fitness too. The sport can take your mind and body to the next level. Here are a few things you’ll get to enjoy:

  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Muscular Strength/Endurance
  • Coordination/Balance
  • Revitalizes Your Mind

Cardiovascular Endurance – Bodyboarding requires a lot more cardiovascular endurance than you think. When you spend hours in the water you’ll be extremely tired by the time you get out. Thankfully, this will improve over time.

If you spend all day boogie boarding on a regular basis VO2 will shoot up, even during activities that don’t involve lying on your stomach.

Plus your body fat will quickly melt off your body.

Muscular Strength/Endurance – Moving your arms to accelerate or change direction in powerful waves is tough. They will take a beating wave after wave. Your legs will need to be up to the challenge too. Over time your body will eventually get used to it.

Your maximal strength will increase too. You won’t be able to pick up cars like the strongest men in the world, but it will go up and your muscles will become more defined.

Coordination/Balance – Thinking about when you’re going to turn while a massive waves thunders down behind you is hard. Trying to avoid other bodyboarders at the same time makes it even more complicated. You’ll have a dozen things you need to process all at once.

It means your coordination will skyrocket. Your balance will need to follow suit if you don’t want to wipe out. It’s much more challenging when you’re standing up on your large boogie board.

Revitalizes Your Mind – When you’re out in the water it will feel like you’re meditating. Floating in the beautiful ocean while concentrating on big waves is magical. Your head will feel like a million bucks and all your problems will disappear.

All sports are helpful but the tranquil quality of the ocean reduces depression, anxiety, and stress.

The Best Bodyboards Are So Much Fun

Are you interested in the sport? If so, you should pick up the best bodyboard you can find before getting started. Everything will be so much easier and exciting when you’re in the water. Just get in lots of practice before you start tackling those monster waves.

  1. Custom X Titan Bodyboard
  2. Mike Stewart Science Hybrid XL Bodyboard
  3. Morey Mach 7SS Bodyboard
  4. NMD Ben Player Bodyboard
  5. BullyBoard Poi Boy Bodyboard