Best Cheap Skimboards – Reviews – 2021

Skimboarding is like surfing minus the sharks.

Or like skateboarding minus the faceplants on hard concrete.

It might not be the newest sport in the world, but it's growing in popularity by the day. Because there are cheap skimboards available it's also not expensive to get started.

You don't even need to live near the beach to enjoy the sport. If you live next to the lake, a river, or a large puddle you're ready to go.

Todays's Best Sellers

The Best Cheap Skimboards For Beginners

There are lots of different skimboards on the market, but we'll take a look at some of the best ones beginners should consider starting with.

We'll also try to look at boards covering a range of different price points, although they'll be nowhere as expensive as professional carbon fiber skimboards.

  1. Victoria Woody Skimboard
  2. Driftsun Wood Skimboard
  3. Lucky Bums Wood Skimboard
  4. Liquid Shredder Wood Skimboard
  5. DB Skimboards Proto Plank

1 – Victoria Woody Skimboard

The Victoria Woody skimboard is the top choice for those who are on the heavy side. It's also made with much better material than traditional wooden boards, which means it will last a very long time while you're learning.


  • Perfect for riding shoreline or flatland
  • Skims a long distance in the water
  • Easy to learn tricks


  • Heavier than other wooden boards
  • Needs to be waxed for speed

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2 – Driftsun Wood Skimboard

Driftsun offer extremely durable boards, yet they're still very light at the same time. You also have a traction pad to help you stick to the board at all times. It's a great board for riders to get their feet wet.


  • Good for the price
  • Usable on the waves
  • Board won't break easily


  • You'll need a large unless you're light
  • It's still technically a training board

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3 – Lucky Bums Wood Skimboard

The Lucky Bums wood skimboard is another model cheap enough to learn your basic skills on the water and in the air, yet it's still durable enough to stay together for a while. There is a high gloss coating over the plywood construction to prevent water damage.


  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Slight rocker shape to help with nosedives
  • Multiple designs to choose from


  • Designed for flatland skimming
  • Only suitable for lighter skimmers

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4 – Liquid Shredder Wood Skimboard

This board by Liquid Shredder is actually built using fir wood, which is a lot stronger than the traditional plywood most skimboards are constructed from. It also has an anti-slip deck to prevent you from falling off when you're using it without traction pads or wax.


  • Full decking is anti-slip
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Epoxy coated to strengthen and waterproof


  • Wide shape not great for waves
  • Only suitable for lighter riders

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5 – DB Skimboards Proto Plank

DB Skimboards seem to have hit the nail on the head with their cheap skimboard, because it ticks all the right boxes as far as some people are concerned. You'll get a well-constructed board built for speed, control, and tricks.


  • Popular shape and flex layup
  • 100% North American maple core
  • Good for tricks and waves


  • Needs pads or wax to help with grip
  • Beginners will eventually need upgrade

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The Obvious Thing About Cheap Skimboards

You'll notice cheap skimboards are build from wood, unlike the more expensive beginner/intermediate models made from foam with a fiberglass coating.

Foam boards are specifically designed for those at an intermediate level looking to fly out from the beach and hit the deep water as they twist and turn in the waves.

Wood skimboards are so cheap they're almost giving them away, and they're primarily designed for:

  • Inland Skimboarding
  • Tricks On Ramps And Rails
  • Skimming Along The Beach

Please Note: You can actually ride waves on a wooden skimboard, although it will take a lot more skill and will largely depend on the shape of your board.

Big Differences Between Woodies And Foamies

  • Woodies – Thinner and Faster
  • Foamies – Lighter and Slower

Wood skimboards will allow you to zoom over shallow surfaces of water at great speed, although they're heavier so will sink quicker.

Foam skimboards won't give you the same speed, but they're lighter and smaller so they'll float and turn on the waves easier.

Basically, when you're beginning a wooden skimboard is so cheap it would be silly not to use one until you're ready to tackle big shorebreaks.

The Size Of Skimboard You'll Need

The type of skimboard you use doesn't matter nearly as much as the size of your skimboard.

Get the right size and you'll be able to skim faster, further, and perform tricks easier.

Get the wrong size and it will be no good, so we're going to throw up a quick sizing chart to help you out:

(Small) – 45″ or less – (80 to 140 pounds)
(Medium) – 45″ to 47″ – (120 to 160 pounds)
(Med/Large) – 47″ to 49″ – (140 to 180 pounds)
(Large) – 49″ to 51″ – (160 to 200 pounds)
(X Large) – 51″ or more – (180 to 220 pounds)

The Best Cheap Skimboards For Getting Started

Maybe one day you'll decide to spend $500 on a professional carbon fiber skimboard, but when starting out the boards we've talked about today are more than enough.

As long as you choose the right board based on your weight you'll be skimming and jumping in no time.

Some of the boards will obviously last a lot longer, but if you're only dipping your toes in the water to see if you enjoy the sport you'll love any of them.

You just need one in your hand so you can hit the water right now.

  1. Victoria Woody Skimboard
  2. Driftsun Wood Skimboard
  3. Lucky Bums Wood Skimboard
  4. Liquid Shredder Wood Skimboard
  5. DB Skimboards Proto Plank