Best Freediving Fins – Reviews – 2021

How deep do you think you could dive underwater on a single breath?

If you’re not aiming for maximum depth you might want to dive deeper to explore the sea life without scuba gear. Or maybe you want to go spearfishing to catch something tasty for dinner.

No matter what you plan on doing while underwater it always helps when you’ve got the best freediving fins on your feet.

Best Freediving Fins On The Market

I wouldn’t attempt to go freediving with bodyboarding or snorkeling fins. Freediving fins have their own advantages that will come in extremely handy when you’re deep under the sea. I know there is a lot to choose from, so we’re going to take a look at the best ones on the market right now.

Please Note: We’re only going to discuss a few features when looking at each pair of freediving flippers. If you’d like to know everything about them please click on the links below.

  1. Cressi Gara Professional LD Freediving Fins
  2. Seac Shout S700 Freediving Fins
  3. Mares Razor Pro Freediving Fins
  4. Mako Competition Freediving Fins
  5. Atomic Aquatics Split Fin Freediving Fins

1 – Cressi Gara Professional LD Freediving Fins

Cressi Gara Professional LD [44/45]

Cressi has spent the last 75 years manufacturing freediving fins, so they definitely know what they’re doing by now. They are without a doubt one of the most innovative companies in the industry. Let’s take a look at why freedivers seem to love the Cressi Gara Professional LD flippers:

  • Greater forward propulsion
  • Comfortable foot pocket
  • Thermo rubber grippy soles
  • Requires minimum effort

Greater forward propulsion – Long blades offer excellent forward propulsion so you’ll feel like you’re being fired forward like a missile. It’s ideal when you want to cover long distances. When you feel like you’re running out of breath it’s nice to know you can reach the surface quickly too.

Comfortable foot pocket – Cressi has used a soft elastomer to make the foot pockets more comfortable. Even though their designs have been great in the past they’ve taken it to a new level. An exceptionally soft full foot pocket helps if you plan on spending hours in the water each day.

Thermo rubber grippy soles – You’ll spend most of your days freediving in the water, but you’ll have to walk on land or boats at some point too. Due to the fact your blades are huge it’s very easy to trip over. The thermo rubber soles are very grippy and you’ll stay in control at all times.

Requires minimum effort – The high performance blades deliver maximum power, but surprisingly it only requires minimum effort. It helps that the foot pockets are located below the blades. The lightweight special elastomer polypropylene blades play a huge role too.

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2 – Seac Shout S700 Freediving Fins

SEAC Shout Camo S700, Long Fins for Scuba Diving, Spearfishing and Freediving

Seac is another Italian company now known around the world for producing some of the best water sports equipment in the industry. Ever since 1971 Seac have been innovating when it comes to freediving fins. Here are a few reasons why everyone goes mad over Seac Shout S700 flippers:

  • 22 degree angled blade
  • Open toe foot pocket
  • Side rails and ribs
  • Cool camouflage design

22 degree angled blade – After years of testing Seac found a blade angled at 22 degrees is anatomically correct when it comes to maximizing performance. The angle will allow you to speed through the water as quick as possible without putting in too much effort when kicking.

Open toe foot pocket – Blades can be so effective you feel like a dolphin when freediving, but if your feet aren’t comfortable it’s going to ruin everything. The Seac Shout S700 fins have an open toe foot pocket molded from thermoplastic elastomer that’s great with or without neoprene socks.

Side rails and ribs – While engineering the blades Seac added side rails and ribs. This stops too much water from spilling over the edges of the blades while you’re kicking. Even though it might seem like a simple feature it’s going to improve your kick efficiency, thrust, and power.

Cool camouflage design – Now you know the Seac Shout S700 freediving flippers deliver when it comes to performance and comfort. But some freedivers want to wear stylish fins too. The camouflage design stands out when compared to other top quality freediving fins.

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3 – Mares Razor Pro Freediving Fins

Mares Pure Instinct Razor Pro Free Dive Fins, Size 7/8 for Diving or Snorkeling

Ludovico Mares started his company 70 years ago and it’s still going strong today. It started in a small factory and now the brand is well-respected all around the globe. The Mares Razor Pro freediving flippers are highly sought after and we’ll look at a few reasons why:

  • Side ribs and V-shape
  • 22 degree angled blade
  • Variable thickness blade
  • Engineered foot pocket

Side ribs and V-shape – Sometimes it’s hard to swim straight when you’re freediving because you slip. The Mares Razor Pro fins have channels and side ribs that direct water to the V at the bottom of the blades. It helps prevent you from slipping while giving you extra thrust.

22 degree angled blade – We’ve already talked about the 22 degree angled blade that makes kicking much easier when you’re in the water. Freediving fins are tougher than standard snorkeling fins because the blades are long, so everything that can make your life easier is a good thing.

Variable thickness blade – You’ll get variable thickness high quality elastomer blades to improve your performance. It really allows the blade to bend and curve while you’re kicking. When your blade is more agile and flexible it plays a large role in your overall performance.

Engineered foot pocket – Sometimes foot pockets and blades don’t work in synergy with each other. The Razor Pro flippers were engineered to deliver perfect power transmission from your foot to the blade. It’s also worth pointing out the foot pockets are comfortable too.

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4 – Mako Competition Freediving Fins

MAKO Spearguns Freediving Spearfishing Scuba Diving Fins (12-13)

Mako specializes in spearfishing equipment and their Competition Freediver fins are top of the line. Even though there are more expensive fins in their collection these ones come with all the features you’ll need. Here are a few I’m sure any freediver is going to appreciate:

  • Removable blades
  • Unique foot pockets
  • Different angled blades
  • More thrust and less energy

Removable blades – The blades on the Mako Competition Freediver flippers are made from a quality composition of 10 percent fiberglass and 90 percent borealis. But it’s easy to upgrade to better fiberglass or carbon fins because the blades can be switched within a few seconds.

Unique foot pockets – Some companies use the same material when designing their foot pockets, which is a shame because they should be stiff in some areas and soft in others. Mako only make them stiff where necessary to boost your performance while providing maximum comfort.

Different angled blades – We’ve already talked about the fact you can switch out your blades depending on the material (or graphics) you want to use. But thanks to the special foot pocket you’ll also be able to fit different angled blades on the fins depending on your individual needs.

More thrust and less energy – The number one reason why freedivers want the best freediving fins is so they can achieve maximum thrust while expending minimum energy. Mako Competition Freediver fins will let you dive a lot deeper under the water and stay there for longer.

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5 – Atomic Aquatics Split Fin Freediving Fins

Atomic Aquatics High Performance Full Foot Split Fin for Scuba & Snorkeling

The Atomic Aquatics founders built a great reputation designing innovative products in the diving industry. In 1995, they decided to start their own company and haven’t looked back since. Atomic Aquatics fins are loved around the world and we’ll discuss a few reasons why:

  • Eliminate fatigue
  • Power rails
  • Internal foot sole
  • Large surface area

Eliminate fatigue – You’re probably wondering why these freediving flippers come with split fins. When you’re kicking in the water they open up into a ‘wing’ that helps with numerous things. It’s a great feature for eliminating fatigue and leg strains, plus it reduces the amount of drag you create.

Power rails – The power rails might not seem like much but they’re the backbone of your blades. Every time you kick your feet they store and release energy to propel you forwards. Strong power rails offer the same sort of benefits as split fins like less fatigue, leg strains, and drag.

Internal foot sole – You kick with your feet which are in the foot pockets, but it’s the blades propelling you forwards. Thanks to the internal foot sole there is maximum power transfer between the foot pockets and your blades. It’s worth pointing out your feet will be comfortable too.

Large surface area – Now you know large blades provide you with lots of speed, which you’ll always need when freediving. But a large surface area on fins helps you with pivoting and maneuvering around too. It’s something that you’ll find useful no matter why you are freediving.

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