Best Freediving Mask – Reviews – 2021

Freedivers can swim hundreds of meters under the sea in one single breath.

Even if you only plan on scratching the surface when it comes to those numbers you want to make sure you’re wearing the right equipment.

It’s absolutely essential that you have the best freediving mask when you plan on exploring great depths to avoid a catastrophe.

Best Freediving Mask On The Market

Everyone who loves freediving should be happy because there are some excellent masks on the market. But there are some bad models you should avoid, so choosing the right one isn’t easy. We’re going to help you out by examining some of the most popular freediving masks right now.

Please Note: We’re only going to examine a few of the best features each freediving mask offers to save you time. If you would like to know everything about a specific mask please click on the links below.

  1. Cressi Superocchio Freediving Mask
  2. Mares Viper Freediving Mask
  3. Seac One Freediving Mask
  4. Tusa Freedom HD Freediving Mask
  5. Atomic Aquatics Venom Freediving Mask

1 – Cressi Superocchio Freediving Mask

Cressi Adult 2-window Low Volume Diving Mask | Superocchio: made in Italy Cressi Low Volume Mask Made of Quality Silicone for a Perfect Seal | Superocchio: made in Italy

The Cressi brothers began manufacturing their first products before the Second World War. Nowadays, it’s fair to say they’re one of the best brands in the diving industry. The Cressi Superocchio freediving mask is really affordable and we’ll look at a few features that make it stand out:

  • Low volume mask
  • Soft silicone skirt
  • Tempered glass lenses
  • Easy-to-reach nose pocket

Low volume mask – Low inner volume is probably the most important feature you can find in a freediving mask. It basically means there is less space between your face and the lenses. If less air is allowed to accumulate inside the mask it’s a lot easier to equalize your ears.

Soft silicone skirt – Once you reach deeper depths you don’t want to mess around with water creeping into your freediving mask. A soft silicone skirt guarantees it’s more likely to create an amazing seal with your face. When the pressure begins to build up it’s going to hurt less too.

Tempered glass lenses – There is a chance you’ll smash into something when you’re swimming around deep under the sea. When tempered glass shatters it turns into tiny shards that won’t be able to damage your eyes. You won’t end up with a long sharp piece of glass stabbing you.

Easy-to-reach nose pocket – Pressure builds up pretty fast when you’re freediving, so you’ll need to equalize your ears to ensure you don’t end up with internal damage. You’ll be able to pinch the Cressi Superocchio nose pocket in seconds. It’s not always easy on masks that aren’t designed for freediving.

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2 – Mares Viper Freediving Mask

Mares Viper Mask

Mares has been designing and manufacturing diving equipment since the middle of last century, so they have lots of experience under their belt. Thanks to customer feedback and constant innovation the products keep getting better. Let’s dig into the Mares Viper freediving mask:

  • Unbelievable design
  • Hydrodynamic profile
  • Increased field of vision
  • Ergonomic mask strap

Unbelievable design – Most people won’t care about aesthetics when freediving, but I don’t think you can ignore the mask design. You’ll look like a futuristic mutant Navy SEAL. It’s really lightweight considering it looks heavier than other masks. A matte finish gives it anti-reflective properties.

Hydrodynamic profile – When freediving you want to swim as fast as possible. Even when you’re not competing to see how deep you can go it helps when you’re trying to spear or admire fish. Thanks to the hydrodynamic profile you’ll be able to fly through the water quicker than you think.

Increased field of vision – The Mares Viper freediving mask comes with minimal internal volume. When the lenses are closer to your eyes it will automatically give you an increased field of vision. You’ll be able to see sea life you would normally miss if you were wearing an average diving mask.

Ergonomic mask strap – The ergonomic strap looks huge when compared to straps on cheaper masks. Once the pressure begins to build up the strap will begin tightening against your head. Due to the fact it’s spread out over a much larger surface area it’s ten times more comfortable.

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3 – Seac One Freediving Mask

SEAC One Camouflage Spearfishing Freediving Mask Snorkel Set, Blue, Blue Camo
Seac is another one of those amazing Italian diving companies that has somehow managed to take over the world. The company has been producing excellent products since the early 70s, but the Seac One freediving mask is extra special. Here are a few of the features you’ll love:

  • Anti-reflection finish
  • Push adjustment buckles
  • Adapts to any face
  • PVC snorkel tube

Anti-reflection finish – Freediving masks with an anti-reflection finish are underestimated. They actually provide you with more camouflage than the design of the mask itself which is pretty ironic. When you’re spearfishing or admiring fish you don’t want to startle them in case they swim away.

Push adjustment buckles – The wide split strap is going to come in extremely handy when you’re freediving, but it might not stay in position all day. Adjusting some straps in the middle of the ocean isn’t easy, but push adjustment buckles allow you to sort the strap within seconds.

Adapts to any face – The Seac One camouflage freediving mask comes with a highly adaptable silicone skirt with a double feathered edge. It’s going to adapt to your face no matter what shape it is. Plus it’s going to create a good enough seal to keep water out even when you reach deep depths.

PVC snorkel tube – Freedivers don’t need a snorkel when they’re underwater, but they come in handy when you’re treading water. You want to see exactly what is beneath you before going under on a single breath. The Seac One mask comes with a durable and flexible PVC snorkel.

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4 – Tusa Freedom HD Freediving Mask

TUSA M-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask, Indigo Skirt/Indigo Frame

Tusa is a Japanese brand manufacturing amazing freediving masks at the moment. The company has almost 70 years of experience under their belt and keep innovating year after year. Here are a couple of big reasons why the Tusa Freedom HD mask is extremely popular right now:

  • Wide field of view
  • Minimum internal volume
  • 3-D mask strap
  • Freedom technology

Wide field of view – Every freediving mask we’ve looked at today offers you a wide field of view, but the Tusa Freedom HD takes it to the next level. When compared to the Freedom Elite the frame size is much bigger. The fact it’s a single lens mask is another reason why the view is so good.

Minimum internal volume – You know how important the internal volume is when it comes to equalizing your ears, but the Freedom HD is truly impressive because it’s so big. Even though it feels like there is so much room inside your mask you’ll be able to pinch your nose and equalize straight away.

3-D mask strap – Have you ever noticed how straps are designed to fit snugly on a flat surface? Tusa patented a three dimensional design that fits nicely to the natural curvature of your head. The 180 degree buckle system is also superb when it comes to trying to achieve a perfect fit.

Freedom technology – Tusa based this technology on the fact everyone has a unique facial structure and suffers from some discomfort when diving at deep depths. It’s essentially designed to deliver you optimal performance while underwater while keeping you comfortable at all times.

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5 – Atomic Aquatics Venom Freediving Mask

Atomic Venom Frameless Mask, All Black

Atomic Aquatics has only been around since 1996, but the founders have been designing innovative diving equipment for almost half a century. The company is on a mission to make your diving experience as pleasurable as possible. Let’s look at why the Venom freediving mask is so good:

  • Ultraclear single lens
  • Two silicone materials
  • Hydrodynamic design
  • Atomic ‘wicked' styling

Ultraclear single lens – Not only do you need a lens that offers a wide view, but you need one you can see through clearly too. The Atomic Aquatics Venom Frameless diving mask has a Schott Superwite UltraClear lens, which lets roughly 96 percent of available light reach your eyes.

Two silicone materials – The Venom freediving mask comes with Gummi Bear UltraSoft silicone, which is as comfortable as it sounds. But it also has more rigid silicone inside the skirt. This means when you go deeper and the pressure builds up it’s not going to distort, fold, or collapse.

Hydrodynamic design – Frameless designs tend to be much thinner and more compact than basic masks without compromising on quality. And it means the hydrodynamic construction creates less drag when you’re moving through the water. It combines well with the best freediving fins.

Atomic ‘wicked' styling – The Mares Viper is unlike any mask you’ve seen in your life, but when it comes to ‘normal’ freediving masks it doesn’t get any more stylish than the Atomic Aquatics Venom. It comes in a few different colors and the large single lens helps it stand out among the crowd.

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