Best Ice Fishing Boots – Reviews – 2021

When you brave freezing temperatures to catch fish you need the best ice fishing boots on your feet.

You'll feel warm even when it drops well below zero. Have you ever tried to fish with frozen toes? It's not nice. In fact, it's horrible. You can't enjoy yourself when you're a few hours away from frostbite.

Thankfully, if you're wearing ice fishing boots it will eliminate all your problems. You'll be able to take your fish home instead of getting your toes chopped off at the local hospital.

We're going to look at some of the top rated ice fishing boots in the world, but let's discuss a few important ice fishing shoes features first.

A Breakdown Of Good Ice Fishing Boots

  • Insulation
  • Waterproof
  • Traction
  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Fasteners


The warmest snow boots for ice fishing will always have excellent insulation. It's the one thing that will prevent you from ending up with no toes. Make sure your boots are packed if you plan on fishing in environments where zero degrees feels like summer. Also, it's worth looking out for boots with liners because they do help.


When people get trapped in jungles they always end up destroying their feet. The number one problem is the fact they're wet. You can walk for hundreds of miles if your feet are dry. Imagine what will happen if your feet get wet when it's freezing outside. It's why waterproof ice fishing boots are an absolute must in most conditions.


Hopefully your boots come with treads that will allow you to walk on ice without falling over. You don't want to accidentally go swimming with the fishes. In some cases, you'll want to wear the best ice fishing cleats on your boots. Just remember there will be certain times when you'll need to walk around without them.


If you choose the wrong ice fishing shoes it can feel like you're wearing concrete blocks on your feet. When your boots are made from lightweight materials they'll feel a hundred times more comfortable. You'll be able to move around easier in them too. Stay away from ice fishing gear that leaves you feeling miserable.


Your snow boots shouldn't fall apart after one season on the ice. If you choose the right ones they'll last years and years. Pay special attention to ice fishing boots made from durable materials. If you stick to respected industry brands you know they won't fall apart after you've worn them on a few ice fishing trips.


It's possible to fasten great ice fishing boots in a few different ways. Some will come with laces allowing you to tie them tight. Others will come with buckles or zippers. Some boots will come with a combination. Keep in mind, it's always nice if you can tighten your boots without taking off your warm gloves.

The Best Ice Fishing Boots Reviews

If you want to amass the best ice fishing gear start from the ground up. It's pointless having an amazing rod if you're too uncomfortable to use it. Let's look at a few snow boots definitely worth considering.

  1. SOREL Conquest Snow Boots
  2. Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold Weather Boots
  3. Baffin Impact Insulated Snow Boots
  4. Original Muck Arctic Sports Boots
  5. Baffin Snow Monster All Weather Boots

1 – SOREL Conquest Snow Boots

SOREL - Men's Conquest Waterproof Insulated Winter Boot, Bark, 11.5 M US

Once your feet are wrapped up in SOREL Conquest snow boots you'll think it's July. The ice shoes are designed to be used in weather up to 40 degrees below zero, which is perfect because you won't be fishing when the temperature is any lower.

The boots are packed with 400 grams of Thinsulate ultra insulation to keep you toasty. A removable EVA comfort footbed helps with thermal protection too. You won't have to deal with any water getting into your seam sealed waterproof ice fishing boots.

If you're walking in deep snow you'll be able to lock the built in gaiter booties easily using a drawstring. Tighten the Achilles ankle straps and you'll have extra support when walking on uneven terrain, but you might need good ice fishing spikes for boots.


  • 400 grams of Thinsulate ultra insulation
  • Ankle support for uneven rough terrain
  • Built in booties for walking in deep snow


  • You might need ice cleats for ice fishing
  • Order one size up and wear extra socks

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2 – Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold Weather Boots

Kamik Men's Greenbay 4 Cold Weather Boot,Black,11 M US

When you wear Rubber He it will feel like you're about to float away. The material is 50% lighter than standard rubber, plus it's rock solid like iron. You won't have any difficulties walking in rough conditions thanks to the soles on your winter boots.

The 600 denier nylon is waterproof and will stop water from getting inside. A moisture wicking 8 mm thermal guard liner will help your feet when they begin to sweat. Once the midfoot adjustable strap is tightened your feet will feel snug yet flexible.

Kamik Greenbay 4 men's ice fishing boots are rated to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so you won't find yourself in any conditions they won't be able to handle. It's simple to squeeze your feet into these snow boots and close them up, which will come in very handy one day.


  • The shaft measures 13 inches from arch
  • Rubber He soles are very light + strong
  • Removable 8 mm thermal guard liners


  • You might need extra ice fishing cleats
  • Wide feet are harder to squeeze inside

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3 – Baffin Impact Insulated Snow Boots

Baffin Men's Impact Snow Boot,Black,10 M US

Baffin claims their cold weather boots would make Big Foot jealous. Once you slip them on your feet you'll realize it's most definitely true. I'm sure you'll agree the most impressive feature is the removable multi layer foam based inner boots.

The inner boots act as an excellent insulator to keep your feet warm when it's freezing cold. Moisture wicking layers will take care of any sweat inside the warmest ice fishing boots on the planet, plus thermal layers will retain lots of precious heat.

Your boots will feel a lot lighter to help you bounce around in uneven and rough terrain. The Diamond Lite ripstop nylon uppers are so durable you won't be able to damage them. Even the handy buckles are crack resistant and cold tested in extreme conditions.


  • Uppers are treated to repel water + stains
  • Rubber won't crack in harshest conditions
  • Double buckles + toggle close snow collar


  • Might require ice fishing spikes for boots
  • Boots only come in two different styles

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4 – Original Muck Arctic Sports Boots

Muck Arctic Sport Rubber High Performance Men's Winter Boots

If you're looking for a pair of women's ice fishing boots you will love the Original MuckBoots. They've been specially designed to fit onto a woman's foot to make life a whole lot easier. Did you know you'll be able to choose between two different boots?

The shaft is roughly 14.5 inches from the arch on these boots, but there are smaller ones measuring 11 inches too. It will be tough for snow to find its way inside no matter what you're wearing. Sadly, they're not really the warmest snow boots for ice fishing.

You won't be able to wear them in temperatures lower than minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit, but you'll be wrapped up at home in those conditions anyway. The waterproof ice fishing boots have 5 millimeter neoprene booties inside to keep you very comfortable.


  • Your feet will feel free and flexible
  • An EVA midsole for extra cushioning
  • Neoprene retains heat + absorbs shocks


  • Much better options out there for men
  • Only rated to 30 degrees below zero

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5 – Baffin Snow Monster All Weather Boots

Snow Monster (BK1 - Black, 9)

Baffin Snow Monster boots are rated to minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit, so you'll never need to worry about your toes. They're the warmest ice fishing boots you will find on the market. Icepaw pads will help tremendously with your grip on the ice.

One of the reasons why the boots are so durable is because the sole and midsole have been molded to the base in one fell swoop. Baffin claim their sole is a marvel of modern engineering and it's hard to disagree with them once you've looked into it.

The warmest winter boots for ice fishing will also feel extremely lightweight, fit your feet like toasty gloves, and deal with any moisture from sweat. You won't be disappointed by their performance and you'll find them extremely fashionable too.


  • Speed lacing system for convenience
  • Icepaw pads for improved grip on ice
  • Equivalent to 800 grams of insulation


  • It's recommended to go 1 full size up
  • You'll never fish in minus 94 degrees

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The Best Ice Fishing Boots In The World

You need to find the best ice fishing boots before it's too late. I'm sure you want them on your feet before you head off on your next adventure. None of the boots we've looked at today will let you down.

If you need extra help choosing the right ice fishing shoes click on the links to read unbiased reviews on Amazon. Everyone has left amazing feedback to make your final decision a lot easier.

  1. SOREL Conquest Snow Boots
  2. Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold Weather Boots
  3. Baffin Impact Insulated Snow Boots
  4. Original Muck Arctic Sports Boots
  5. Baffin Snow Monster All Weather Boots