Is The Best Inflatable Bodyboard Worth It?

If you’re going on holiday you might have looked into picking up the best inflatable bodyboard to take with you.

It’s guaranteed to make your life more enjoyable if you’re going anywhere near the sea, especially if you have kids.

The right inflatable bodyboard is something the whole family can enjoy, but only if you get the right one.

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Best Inflatable Bodyboard: Main Features

You want a bodyboard capable of handling waves without falling apart. It needs to have a lot of other features to fully satisfy you for hours on end. Let’s look at a quick list of the most important things you should keep an eye on before you come to a final decision:

  1. Premium material
  2. Board design
  3. Lightweight + portable

1 – Premium material – The material on inflatable bodyboards is hugely important because it will determine the size of waves you can use them on. High density fabric with high pressure stitched edges will be able to handle anything. Here are other benefits of premium materials:

  • Buoyant fabric
  • Bright colors
  • Solid handles

Buoyant fabric – An inflatable bodyboard filled with air should be able to float on the water. That doesn’t mean you don’t want the materials used to be as buoyant as possible. Extra buoyancy means the board will stay as high as possible above the waterline boosting your performance.

Bright colors – If you’re bodyboarding with your kids it’s even more crucial the material is bright and colorful. You’ll be able to see where they are at all times. When using the bodyboard yourself it’s still a big deal in two very specific situations:

  • You lose the bodyboard and need to find it before it floats away
  • Everyone will be able to see you flying towards them at speed

Solid handles – The handles need to be made from a solid material and stitched so well they won’t be able to come off. Handles should be comfortable to hold plus their size and positioning makes a difference. There are two particular reasons why good handles are crucial:

  • Holding onto the handles when wiping out will keep you safe
  • Good balance and stability is essential on larger waves

2 – Board design – Inflatable bodyboards are just like the best bodyboards traditional surfers use. The nose of the board might be a certain shape. There is a reason why one might come with a crescent tail too. Let’s focus on the top reasons why the overall design will help you:

  • Improves speed
  • Complete control
  • Maneuverability
  • Comfort levels

Improves speed – Once you’re riding waves you want a design that lets you reach top speed because it makes things much more exciting. A big way the design does this is by reducing drag. Quick acceleration is also a bonus because it will allow you to catch a lot more waves.

Complete control – When you’re riding big waves you want to be in complete control, which includes things like balance and stability. Plus being able to accelerate or decelerate while on the actual wave to ensure you’re not too high or low allows you to ride them for longer.

Maneuverability – It’s not all about staying in control by bodyboarding in a straight line. You’ll need to make sharp left and right turns too, which is a lot more difficult on cheap inflatable bodyboards. Luckily good ones do come with enough features to help you twist and turn on the waves.

Please Note: The last few things we’ve discussed are related to performance. An inflatable bodyboard will work a lot better when combined with the best bodyboarding fins. A pair like the Churchill Makapuu Pro fins will improve everything we’ve just talked about.

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Comfort levels – Lying on an inflatable bodyboard with handles seems like it would be comfortable for anyone. But there are extra features like the design of the board’s surface to make you feel even better. Some designs can relieve chest pressure letting you bodyboard longer.

3 – Lightweight + portable – Unfortunately an inflatable bodyboard isn’t the best bodyboard for big guys. Depending on the exact model there will be an upper weight limit. On the plus side, if you’re under the weight limit you’ll absolutely benefit from a lightweight portable board.

When you’re traveling to the beach or water park inflatable boogie boards can be squashed into your bag. Once deflated properly they’re just as easy to take home. They’re not difficult to carry around when blown up and it won’t take much effort to swim while holding one.

Other Inflatable Bodyboard Uses

You can still enjoy an inflatable bodyboard even if you don’t live anywhere near the beach. It might be the main reason why you’re not interested in a ridgid one. Here is a short list of things you’ll be able to do with the board when you’re not on holiday or near the sea:

  • Swimming pools
  • Rivers + lakes
  • Water parks

Swimming pools – Cheap inflatable boogie boards can be used as floats when you’re in a normal swimming pool. I’m sure your kids will be able to find a way to have fun with it. And if anyone who doesn’t know how to swim wants to play in the pool they can use it to stay afloat.

Rivers + lakes – If you enjoy going camping somewhere with a river you can use it to float downstream. It’s even better if you own a boat because you’ll be able to drag people behind you using a leash. In fact, it’s a useful piece of equipment to have anywhere with water.

Water parks – Lie on your inflatable bodyboard to slide down cool rides at high speed at the water park. If you’re creative you’ll be able to build your own slide at home with basic materials. Once it’s wet the air filled bodyboard should be able to reach decent speeds.

How To Go Fast On An Inflatable Bodyboard

Don’t worry if you’ve never bodyboarded before in your life. It won’t take you long until you become an intermediate surfer. When that time comes you’ll want to generate as much speed as possible, so let’s look at some of the biggest things you’ll need to take into consideration:

  • Wearing bodyboard fins
  • Inflating the board properly

Wearing bodyboard fins – We’ve already mentioned the fact you need bodyboard fins to maximize your performance, but some people think it doesn't matter because they’re on an inflatable bodyboard. If you want to generate any kind of speed it’s pointless leaving them at home.

Don’t underestimate a good pair of fins when you’re flying towards the lips of waves to perform tricks. Plus you can land on a bodyboard filled with air without hurting yourself, so you’ll be able to attempt any tricks.

Inflating the board properly – If you don’t fill the inflatable bodyboard to maximum capacity it’s going to end up more submerged. It will create so much drag you won’t be able to reach high speeds. Make sure you pick up a good inflatable boogie board so the air doesn’t slowly leak out.

Best Inflatable Bodyboard In The World

Once you start looking at inflatable boogie boards you’ll realize there are a few different styles to choose from. You’ll know exactly which one you need based on what you’re planning to do with it. They’re much cheaper than ridgid expensive models and the best bodyboards for beginners in certain cases.

Click on the links to read the unbiased reviews on Amazon if you see anything you like. It’s always helpful to get information from multiple people with experience of the inflatable bodyboards.