Best Laser Measuring Tool – Reviews – 2021

Everyone should start using the best laser measuring tools straight away.

Stop wasting time dragging a tape measure from wall to wall. Never ask anyone for help ever again. You’ll be able to measure distances hundreds of feet apart in seconds with precision accuracy.

We’ll discuss all the big reasons why you must own a laser measuring tool, but let’s delve into some of the most popular models on the market first.

The Best Laser Measuring Tools On The Market

Best Overall
Leica Geosystems, US Tools, LEIAD 855138 Leica Disto x4 Laser Distance Meter
BOSCH GLR825 Laser Distance Measurer, 825', Blue (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Best Value
Leica 838725 DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black/Red, 1.7 x 1 x 4.6 inches
Leica Geosystems, US Tools, LEIAD 855138 Leica Disto x4 Laser Distance Meter
BOSCH GLR825 Laser Distance Measurer, 825', Blue (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Leica 838725 DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black/Red, 1.7 x 1 x 4.6 inches
Price not available
Price not available
Best Overall
Leica Geosystems, US Tools, LEIAD 855138 Leica Disto x4 Laser Distance Meter
Leica Geosystems, US Tools, LEIAD 855138 Leica Disto x4 Laser Distance Meter
Price not available
BOSCH GLR825 Laser Distance Measurer, 825', Blue (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
BOSCH GLR825 Laser Distance Measurer, 825', Blue (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Price not available
Best Value
Leica 838725 DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black/Red, 1.7 x 1 x 4.6 inches
Leica 838725 DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black/Red, 1.7 x 1 x 4.6 inches

Every single tool we’re going to look at today is packed with a huge amount of features. They will satisfy all your professional needs no matter what industry you’re in. DIY enthusiasts will fall in love with them too.

If you see any tools you like please click on the links. You’ll be able to read hundreds of unbiased reviews on Amazon to help make your decision a lot easier.

  1. DeWalt DW03050
  2. DeWalt DW03101
  3. Leica DISTO D2
  4. Leica DISTO X4
  5. Bosch GLR825
  6. Stanley TLM99
  7. Suaoki S7

1 – DeWalt DW03050 Laser Distance Measurer

Every laser tool comes with a couple of features you can’t live without, but they’re not all created equally. The best distance measuring device in the industry will always have supreme:

  • Accuracy
  • Range

Accuracy – The DeWalt DW03050 has an accuracy rating of 1/16 of an inch. 1.5 millimeters is nothing. You’ll get a less accurate reading measuring a brick if you don’t have perfect eyesight.

Some people believe the Great Pyramid of Egypt was built by aliens because it’s so accurate engineers have a hard time replicating it today. It would have been even more impressive had they used a DeWalt DW03050.

When measuring distances you’ll sometimes hold your laser distance meter against something solid. It doesn’t mean you won’t end up with an accurate reading because it doesn’t just measure the laser length. Your tool length will be added into the equation when necessary.

Range – It only comes with a maximum range of 165 feet (or 50 meters). I know it’s not the longest range in the world, but most professionals won’t need to measure anything longer.

An electronic distance meter works more like calculators. It won’t just give you a distance when you point and shoot at something. You’ll also be able to work out:

  • Area and volume calculations automatically
  • Indirect height measurements using Pythagoras

Do you remember what Pythagoras is from your days at school?

A2 + B2 = C2

Let’s take a quick look at it right now before covering it in more depth later on. Imagine you want to measure the height of a building. You would need to do 2 things before getting your answer:

  1. Measure horizontally from where you’re standing to the building
  2. Point the laser to the top of the building and take a reading

Your DeWalt DW03050 will now take these 2 measurements and spit out the height of the building. A lot easier than playing with a measuring tape on ladders, right?

Finally, we’ll touch on a few extra features you’ll be interested in:

  • 2-Line Backlit Display
  • Memory Storage (5 Units)
  • IP65 Protection

2-Line Backlit Display – The screen on your DeWalt DW03050 is easy to read at all times, because it comes with a 2-line backlit display. You’ll be able to see the measurements when it’s dim and extremely sunny.

Memory Storage (5 Units) – After a few years on the job your memory isn’t always what it used to be. Fortunately, you won’t need to start writing readings down. The built-in memory storage will remember your last 5 measurements.

IP65 Protection – IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection” IP65 is a very high rating that’s perfect for job sites. It will protect your laser distance measuring tool from moisture, dust, debris, and projected water. The durable design can also withstand 6 foot drops without suffering any damage.

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2 – DeWalt DW03101 Laser Distance Measurer

Anyone who loves the brand and wants even more features should seriously consider the DeWalt DW03101, which takes things to an entirely different level. Even though they’re fairly similar we’ll touch on the major differences:

  • Intelligent End Piece
  • 1/32-Inch (1mm) Accuracy
  • 330 Foot Range
  • Integrated Inclinometer
  • Triangular Area Function
  • 3-Line Backlit Display
  • 20 Measurements Storage

Intelligent End Piece – The DeWalt DW03101 comes with an intelligent end piece, which is essentially a little flap on the bottom of the tool you can pull out. This means you’ll be able to squeeze the tool into tight corners and measure diagonal distances. It makes taking corner-to-corner measurements very easy (and accurate).

1/32-Inch (1mm) Accuracy – If you thought the last model was accurate you ain’t seen nothing yet. The accuracy rating on the DeWalt DW03101 is 1/32-inch or 1mm.

330 Foot Range – The accuracy rating is so impressive because the range has just doubled. You’ll now be able to take measurements from 330 feet (or 100 meters) away.

Integrated Inclinometer – One of the biggest differences by far is the integrated inclinometer. It will feel like you’re holding a magic wand in your hand once you start using it. Here is an example of what you can use it for:

  1. Digital Level
  2. Calculate Continuous Height
  3. Indirect Horizontal Distances

1 – Digital Level – You can use the room measurement tool as a digital level instead of carrying a long one around with you. The DeWalt DW03101 is only 7 inches long and 10.4 ounces.

2 – Calculate Continuous Height – Point the laser height measurement tool at the top of a wall and move it down until it reaches the bottom. It will automatically calculate the height of your wall.

3 – Indirect Horizontal Distances – It’s not usually easy to calculate distances when you’re standing on a slope. The DW03101 will give you an accurate reading because it will take the exact angle into the equation.

Triangular Area Function – Again, here is another impressive feature lacking on the DW03050. The last model can only measure rectangular areas and volumes, whereas the DW03101 can measure triangular areas too.

3-Line Backlit Display – You’ll find an extra line on your display, which is more impressive than you think. Extra readings is what allows the tool to calculate more things than basic laser distance measurers.

20 Measurements Storage – You can hold 4x more measurements in the memory storage on the DW03101. I doubt you’ll ever need to remember more than 20 measurements at the same time.

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3 – Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance Measurer

Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black/Red

Leica laser measuring tools have improved tremendously over the years. The new DISTO D2 is packed with modern technology like Bluetooth 4.0. You’ll have the ability to send all the data you collect to your Apple or Android mobile device. Just download the DISTO Sketch app to your phone before getting started.

Here are a few of the top features the Leica DISTO D2 offers:

  • Class 2 laser with 1mW output
  • 330 foot measuring range
  • 1/16-inch accuracy (1.5mm)
  • Area and volume calculations
  • 2 and 3 point Pythagoras
  • Add/subtract
  • Countdown Timer
  • Intelligent automatic end piece
  • 10 measurement memory
  • IP54 (dust/moisture resistant)

The Leica DISTO D2 comes with ever more features built into it. I’m sure you’ll find a few of them quite interesting, so we’ll cover each one in a little more detail:

  • Painter Function
  • Stake Out Function
  • Battery Life
  • Beep
  • Temperature Rating

Painter Function – Will you need to calculate the area of multiple walls? If so, you should definitely learn how to use the add/subtract feature. The Leica DISTO D2 will be able to add everything up so you don’t need to do it yourself. Use the laser room measurer to subtract objects like doors and windows.

Stake Out Function – You can use this feature for a few different things, but let’s say you wanted to place stakes in the ground at consistent intervals. It’s easy to do it using the Leica DISTO D2. The distance to the next stake out point will be shown on the display, plus it will start beeping as you get close to it.

Battery Life – Most of the best laser measuring tools are small and run on 2x AAA batteries. That doesn’t really give you a good idea how long they’re going to last before they need to be recharged or replaced.

Your Leica DISTO D2 can make up to 10,000 measurements.

Beep – An extremely basic feature that will save you lots of time (and heartache). When you’re trying to measure something the tool will beep once it’s done. If your laser room measuring device doesn’t beep you’ll find yourself having to do extra work every now and again.

Temperature Rating – A laser distance measuring device is electronic, so it’s affected by the weather. It might affect you depending on the area you live in. Luckily, the Leica DISTO D2 is so good you’ll be okay. Temperature Range = 14F to 122F / -10C to 50C

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4 – Leica DISTO X4 Laser Distance Measurer

Leica Geosystems, US Tools, LEIAD 855138 Leica Disto x4 Laser Distance Meter

Now we’re going to look at the Leica DISTO X4, which is part of the new x-series. It’s a big step up from the D2. Some of the features on this laser measuring tool might be essential depending on the work you’re doing.

First, here are a few basic pieces of information you’ll want to know about:

  • Range = 500 feet (150 meters)
  • Accuracy = 1/32-inch (1mm)
  • Measuring Units = m, ft, in
  • Memory = 20 measurements
  • Battery Life = 4,000 measurements
  • Weight = 188 grams
  • Intelligent End Piece

The Leica DISTO X4 contains the most advanced technology you’ll find inside the top laser measuring tools. Let’s look at a few big ones in more depth right now:

  • Digital viewfinder with 4x zoom
  • Precise point to point measurements
  • Automatic floor plans
  • Bluetooth Smart
  • IP65 rating

Digital viewfinder with 4x zoom – When using the Leica DISTO X4 you don’t need to play around with red dots when you’re outside. The best laser measuring device contender comes with a pointfinder camera built into it (which includes 4x optical zoom. It’s perfect when you’re working outside and it’s very bright.

Aim the Leica DISTO X4 at a building even if you’re hundreds of feet away. The digital pointfinder will allow you to focus in on an exact point even if the red laser vanishes into thin air. Once you’ve used the DISTO high resolution screen you won’t want to use a basic electronic room measure ever again.

Precise point to point measurements – Leica threw an innovative tilt sensor into the DISTO X4 laser measure. It allows you to do unbelievable things, including making precise point to point measurements. Once you know the vertical angle and distance to an object you’ll be able to:

  • Measure the height of an object
  • Measure the horizontal distance to an object
  • Measure a slope

For example, let’s say you wanted to measure the slope of your roof. You would attach your Leica DISTO X4 to a tripod and use the digital pointfinder to take measurements at two specific points:

  1. The top of your roof
  2. The bottom of your roof

With these two measurements (which includes angle and distance) the DISTO X4 can work out the exact distance between each point.

Automatic floor plans – The tilt sensor comes in extremely handy when you’re working indoors too. You can take precise horizontal measurements even if there is furniture in your way. The Smart Horizontal function allows you to aim a few meters up the wall to avoid hitting anything.

Once you have all the data you need it’s possible to generate realistic and scaled floor plans automatically. Interior designers will save so much time using this one room measurement tool feature alone.

Bluetooth Smart – As your measurements are captured in real time they can be sent to an app. You can also upload data into the cloud and import it into your desktop software when you get back to your desk. Here are a few things you’ll be able to do with the DISTO Plan app:

  • Smart Room
  • Measure Facade
  • DXF Export
  • 3D/Rotatable Floor Plans
  • Detailed PDF Documents
  • Basic 2D Sketch Plan

IP65 rating – A rock solid protection rating. You’ll be able to clean your tool with a hose when it’s dirty. It’s 2 meter drop tested too.

Please Note: The Leica laser measuring devices we’ve looked at today come with a 2 year warranty, which should take a load off your mind.

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5 – Bosch GLR825 Laser Distance Measurer

Bosch GLR825 Laser Distance Measurer, 825', Blue (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Do you plan on measuring a lot of things outside? If so, you should look into the Bosch GLR825. It’s the ideal digital distance measuring device for those working on massive projects. Once you know the range and accuracy you’ll see why:

  • Range = 825 feet (250 meters)
  • Accuracy = 1/25-inches (1mm)

Thanks to Bosch’s supreme technology it’s the most accurate laser measure tool on the market right now. Plus it comes with another huge feature that will help you out:

Integrated 1.6x magnification viewfinder

The Bosch GLR825 comes with 11 different measuring modes. You’ll have access to some of them on basic laser measure tools, but it’s the more obscure ones that set it apart from the competition:

  1. Length
  2. Area
  3. Volume
  4. Continuous
  5. Maximum
  6. Minimum
  7. Single Indirect
  8. Double Indirect
  9. Stake Out
  10. Trapezoid
  11. Multisurface

We’ve covered most of these measuring modes in lots of detail. You know Stake Out measures distances at consistent intervals. Single and double indirect uses Pythagoras to calculate distances. Let’s take a quick look at a few we’ve not discussed at great length:

  • Continuous
  • Max/Min
  • Trapezoid
  • Multisurface

Continuous – Continuous mode lets you use the Bosch GLR825 like a traditional tape measure. The laser length measurement tool will update multiple times per second, so it’s good when fairly accurate measurements will suffice.

Max/Min – Sometimes you’ll want to work out the maximum and minimum distance from a certain point. It would take you a long time to work everything out manually. The Bosch GLR825 will let you do it within a few seconds.

Trapezoid – Do you remember how to calculate the area of a trapezoid? Even though it’s easy to work out it takes time. You might even need to use a calculator. If you’re working in a room with a sloped roof you won’t be able to ignore it. Thankfully, the Bosch GLR825 digital room measuring device will calculate the area instantly.

Multisurface – Once you work out the total area of specific surfaces you don’t want to add them all up on your own. When you use the multisurface mode your laser measuring tool will calculate everything together. It’s a good way to work out how much wood you’ll need when laying flooring.

Here are a few extra Bosch GLR825 features we’ve not covered yet:

  • Large illuminated display
  • Built-in bubble vial
  • 30 measurements of storage
  • Class 2.0 laser
  • Weighs 0.5 pounds
  • IP54 protection rating

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6 – Stanley TLM99 Laser Distance Measurer

Stanley STHT77138X Laser Distance Measurer TLM99

If you want to reap all the benefits of laser measure tools you’ll need to spend a little extra on a quality model. However, it’s possible to pick up a basic model if you’re only looking to replace your old tape measure. You should definitely spend some time examining the Stanley TLM99 laser measure tool.

Stanley is one of the best tool brands in the world. You can’t hear the word ‘knife’ on a job site without thinking about them. Luckily, they manufacture high quality basic laser measuring tools too. You’ll be impressed by the range and accuracy considering the price:

  • Range = 100 feet (30 meters)
  • Accuracy = 3/32-inches (2mm)

The continuous measurement tracking function lets you find distances quickly even if you’re standing far away. It’s pretty useful when you’re working on certain tasks. For example, let’s say you want to hang a photo in the center of your living room wall. First you’d need to work out the total distance.

Once you have a measurement you could move away from one side until you hit the middle of the wall. Keep an eye on the Stanley laser measure and you’ll know when you’re getting close. It really is a hundred times easier than using an old school tape measure.

The Stanley TLM99 will give you access to all the standard measuring modes too:

  • Distance
  • Area
  • Volume

These basic modes will let you work out other measurements on your own. When you have 3 distances you’ll be able to calculate the area of a trapezoid. You can calculate the area of multiple surfaces by adding them together. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use Pythagoras for indirect measurements.

Stanley TLM330

The Stanley TLM330 laser measuring tool comes with all the bells and whistles. It’s the ideal choice if you love the Stanley brand. You’ll have access to 330 feet range, 1/32-inch accuracy, Pythagoras, an inclination sensor, a memory that stores 20 measurements, and much more.

If you’re sticking with the Stanley TLM99 there are still a few little things we’ve not talked about. You’ll get to look forward to these too:

  • Class 2 laser with 1mW output
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Addition/Subtraction
  • Weighs 1.7 pounds
  • 7 inches long

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7 – Suaoki S7 Laser Distance Measurer

You don’t always have to choose the biggest and best brands. A few newcomers are making waves in the industry thanks to their amazing products. The Suaoki S7 laser distance meter definitely falls into that category. It’s packed full of amazing features you’ll need at some point.

It obviously comes with the main ones you’ll use all the time:

  • Single Distance Measurement
  • Continuous Measurement
  • Pythagoras Measurement
  • Automatic Area + Volume Calculations
  • Addition + Subtraction

The Suaoki S7 laser measuring tool comes with an integrated angle sensor too, so you’ll be able to take advantage of 2 extra features:

  1. Auto Level
  2. Auto Height

Auto Level – You won’t need to worry about any obstacles standing in between you and a particular surface. Imagine you’re trying to measure the distance to a house but there are cars sitting in the driveway. If you point the laser higher up on the wall it will take the Suaoki S7 angle into account when calculating the correct distance.

Auto Height – The angle sensor will let you measure the distance between 2 points on a vertical surface. For example, let’s say you need to calculate the distance between the top of your window and bottom of your roof. The Suaoki S7 laser measure tool will complete the task with a few clicks of a button.

Pro Tip: Your readings will be a lot more accurate if you use a stable tripod. There is a tripod mount hole at the bottom of the S7 LDM.

I’m sure you’ll agree the Suaoki S7 is pretty accurate considering it’s not too costly. The tool comes with a maximum range of 328 feet (100 meters), plus it has an angle accuracy thanks to the inclinometer. Here are the impressive stats:

  • Distance Measuring Accuracy = 3/32-inches (2mm)
  • Angle Measuring Accuracy = (+/-) 0.3 degrees

The Suaoki S7 comes with a large 2 inch negative display, which is easy to read no matter the weather conditions. You won’t run into any difficulties switching between modes. Once you have read your measurements on the screen you don’t have to memorize them. The memory storage will hold up to 20 measurements.

It comes with an ingress protection rating of IP54, which means the housing is dustproof and splashproof. Keep it in your waist case (included along with lanyard) if you don’t want to get it dirty. The mini Suaoki S7 is 4.5 inches long and weighs 3.84 ounces.

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The Main Laser Distance Meter Features

Most laser distance meter features fall into 2 specific categories. Some are absolutely essential unless you want big trouble in the future. Others are fabulous although they’re a luxury you could possibly live without. In a perfect world, you would be able to find a tool with every single feature packed into it.

However, we don’t live in a perfect world. So we’re going to break down some of the main features into 2 separate categories. Make sure you focus on researching laser distance meters will the essential ones. Consider yourself lucky if you can walk away with some luxury features too. Let’s look at a detailed list right now:

  1. Essential Laser Measuring Device Features
  2. Luxury Laser Measuring Device Features

Essential Laser Measuring Device Features

  • Quality accuracy rating
  • Beeping sound
  • High IP rating
  • Working temperature range
  • Zero moving parts

Quality accuracy rating – Nearly every laser measuring tool comes with a long enough range (for most people), but accuracy levels can vary from model to model. It’s pointless using a laser meter that doesn’t take accurate readings.

You’ll end up wasting time, energy, and a potential mountain of money. The best laser distance measurer will have a +/- 1mm accuracy rating. If you drop any lower than +/- 2mm you’ll find yourself in shark infested waters. All the laser measuring devices we’ve looked at today are good enough.

Beeping sound – I know we’ve already talked about the importance of a beeping sound, but it’s worth mentioning again. Your digital laser measure should have one. You will get into the habit of holding a laser ruler in place until you hear a beep within a few days.

High IP rating – You’ll use an outdoor laser measure in all sorts of nasty conditions, so it must have a high Ingress Protection (IP) rating. Let’s look at the 2 specific ratings we’ve mentioned today:

IP65 Enclosure: Dust tight and protected against water projected from a nozzle
IP54 Enclosure: Protection from dust (not fully enclosed) and water spray up to 60 degrees from vertical

Hopefully you choose a laser pointer measuring device with an IP65 rating, especially if you plan on using the tool outdoors on jobsites.

Working temperature range – The best electronic measuring device should be able to work in extreme temperatures. Laser tools are a lot more delicate than big, clunky power tools. You won’t run into any issues with the models we’ve looked at today, but here are a couple of common sense tips:

Boiling Hot – Keep your digital laser meter in the shade
Freezing Cold – Keep your digital laser meter indoors

Zero moving parts – Beeping should be the only sound coming out of your handheld laser measuring device. You don’t want to hear clicking, turning, or any other strange noises. When you hear strange noises it means there is the potential for something to go wrong.

Luxury Laser Measuring Device Features

  • Intelligent end piece
  • Digital pointfinder
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Integrated inclinometer
  • Tripod mount

Intelligent end piece – Some people will argue this feature should be on the essential list. When an intelligent end piece is sitting at 45 degrees you always know the electronic distance measuring device is lined up perfectly. When it’s turned to 90 degrees you can squeeze into tight corners to take exact diagonal measurements.

A quality laser distance finder is still intelligent. It can take readings from the top or bottom of a tool depending on your specific needs. This feature is absolutely essential and included in all aforementioned tools.

Digital pointfinder – Nobody really needs a digital pointfinder when working indoors, in dull conditions, and in close range of targets. When it’s sunny and you’re standing hundreds of feet away trying to locate a red dot is like finding a needle in a haystack.

In those conditions, a digital pointfinder on your outdoor laser distance measurer is a blessing. They usually come with optical zoom too, so you won’t even need to see the red dot. If you possess this feature it’s a huge bonus.

Bluetooth 2.0 – A Bluetooth laser measure is perfect if you’re a tech geek. You’ll be able to send all your data directly to Apple and Android apps. There are only a small selection of professionals who will benefit from having Bluetooth Smart on their digital distance meter.

Do you fit into this category? If not, you’ll waste a lot of time messing around with something you don’t need. It kind of defeats the purpose of owning a laser tool. Keep that in mind.

Integrated inclinometer – Life on the job doesn’t get any better when your digital laser meter has a tilt sensor built into it. The built-in feature will allow you to carry out a lot more tasks once you can add angles into the equation. Here are a few tasks people will be able to execute quickly:

  1. Surveyors can measure the angle of a slope
  2. Safety inspectors can tell when something will tip over
  3. Engineers can measure movements in walls
  4. Installers can adjust solar panels to maximize output

We’ve already talked about roofers calculating the distance of a sloped roof. Imagine using the best laser measure to work out how many roof tiles you’ll need without stepping foot on a ladder. You’ll have a lot more energy at the end of a hard shift. A precise laser measuring device doesn’t seem so expensive now, right?

Tripod mount – Everyone who owns distance measuring equipment should pick up a tripod. They’re only extremely accurate if used properly. You won’t need to use the tripod every single time you use your tool, but there is no denying it will come in handy on a regular basis.

It doesn’t even need to be the best one in the world. A simple tripod that holds your laser measure in position will do the trick. Trying to hold a device perfectly still in your hand all the time gets annoying real fast.

The Best Laser Measuring Tool For Your Needs

Did you see any specific features you won’t be able to live without? Most of the best laser distance meters we’ve looked at today are packed with everything you’ll need. Now you’ve just got to choose which one you like most. If in any doubt you should opt for a brand you know and trust.

You can research the laser measurement tools in more detail by clicking on the links below. Once you reach Amazon you’ll be able to read hundreds of unbiased reviews from past customers. If you study their excellent feedback it should make your final decision a million times easier.

  1. DeWalt DW03050
  2. DeWalt DW03101
  3. Leica DISTO D2
  4. Leica DISTO X4
  5. Bosch GLR825
  6. Stanley TLM99
  7. Suaoki S7