What’s The Best Longboards For Heavy Riders?

Once you start longboarding you’ll burn through hundreds of calories every day.

But if you’re already a heavy guy the longboard you choose will make a massive difference right from the start.

So if you want to maximize your enjoyment it’s important you choose the right one, which you’ll be able to do in a few minutes.

The Best Longboards For Heavy Riders

Even if you stay away from boards designed for lighter riders there are still a huge selection to choose from. I’m sure you’ll only be interested in the best longboards in the world for heavy guys. Here are a few amazing longboards you should focus on right now:

Please Note: We’re only going to look at a few features on each longboard to help save you time. If you’d like to know everything about a specific board please click on the links below.

  1. Atom Drop Through Longboard
  2. Magneto Hana Longboard
  3. Volador Freeride Longboard
  4. Magneto Bamboo Longboard
  5. Kahuna Creations Pohaku Surf Rider Longboard
  6. White Wave Bamboo Longboard

1 – Atom Drop Through Longboard (275 lbs)

Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch)

Atom longboards are designed by expert riders with a huge amount of experience. The reason why Atom are one of the top brands is because they don’t skimp on the best materials even though their boards are really affordable. Here are a few reasons why customers love the drop through longboard:

  • Coarse 46 grit grip
  • 10 inch wide deck
  • Navigator drone trucks
  • Atom Area 51 wheels

Coarse 46 grit grip – Longboard riders carrying extra weight won’t have a great center of gravity compared to lighter riders. Features like a coarse 46 grit grip (along with a slightly concave deck) will really help you stick to the board, especially when carving and sliding at high speed.

10 inch wide deck – The deck is 40 inches long and it’s a 7-ply maple / 2-ply bamboo hybrid. That is one of the reasons why it’s strong enough to hold lots of weight. But the 10 inch wide deck is a massive bonus too. It’s always more beneficial to have a wider deck when you’re a heavy longboard rider.

Navigator drone trucks – I don’t think it’s an understatement to say the navigator drone trucks are a work of art. They are cast from high quality aircraft grade 356A aluminum, plus they’ve been T6 heat treated for superior strength. You can even flip them depending on your riding style.

Atom Area 51 wheels – Wheels aren’t a top priority when you’re a heavy guy, but it’s certainly nice to have great ones on your longboard. The Atom Area 51 wheels offer high rebound and high speed. Inside the wheels you’ll get excellent ABEC 9 bearings with a high speed lubricant.

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2 – Magneto Hana Longboard (275 lbs)


The inspiration for the Magneto Hana collection came from the dark sandy beaches along the road to Hana on Maui. You can tell they’ve put a lot of work into the longboard because it comes with fantastic features. If you want to take the beach everywhere with you let’s look at some:

  • Pintail longboard shape
  • 31 inch wheelbase
  • Subtle W-concave deck
  • Designed with wheel cut outs

Pintail longboard shape – Longboards were originally designed by surfers who wanted to cruise around when the waves weren’t great. The pintail shape is the only one that really compliments how they were intended to be used, so you’ll feel great commuting around on one.

31 inch wheelbase – Even though the Magneto Hana longboard comes with a 42 inch deck it only has a 31 inch wheelbase. It basically means the front and back wheels are closer together. It’s ideal for heavy riders plus it’s super responsive and maneuverable when you’re flying around.

Subtle W-concave deck – The Magneto Hana longboard has a subtle W-concave deck. It’s deep enough to lock your feet into the board to provide you with a lot more stability. Thanks to the fact it’s only subtle you won’t feel uncomfortable moving around on it while you’re cruising.

Designed with wheel cut outs – The wheel cuts outs on the Hana longboard will prevent wheel bite. It’s a fantastic feature to have on a directional board because it will prevent you from injuring yourself. Wheel bite occurs when you turn the board and the wheels rub against the deck.

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3 – Volador Freeride Longboard (250 lbs)

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser (Drop Through Deck - Camber concave)(Meditation)

Volador longboards are special because they come with top quality features at unbeatable prices. Even though the max weight capacity is less than others on the market it’s still okay. Here are some of the main reasons why the Volador Freeride longboard is well-respected:

  • Adjustable trucks
  • Beautiful graphics
  • 8-ply hard maple deck
  • Top quality materials

Adjustable trucks – Freeride longboards are great because they allow you to ride all sorts of styles, but certain features do have their advantages. The angle of your trucks is one such example. But you’ll be able to switch these ones from 40 to 50 degrees depending on what you’re doing.

Beautiful graphics – Volador has worked tirelessly on building a superior longboard, but they’ve tried hard to make the graphics magical too. There are so many amazing options you can choose from, so if you care about how your board looks aesthetically it’s one of the best longboards around.

8-ply hard maple deck – The Volador Freeride longboard has a camber concave deck and it’s constructed from 8-ply hard maple. It gives heavy longboarders the extra strength they crave. It’s super flexible and shock absorbent too, which makes it a pleasure to ride in various situations.

Top quality materials – The reversible truck we spoke about earlier is made from aluminum. It comes with extremely strong carbon steel bolts. You’ll also get chrome steel bearings and high rebound PU wheels. All the top quality materials are very strong and durable.

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4 – Magneto Bamboo Longboard (275 lbs)

Magneto Longboard - Bamboo Dancing Longboard

Magneto has worked tirelessly to create what they consider the best carving longboard on the market. It comes with all the right features you need for other riding styles too. Let’s discuss some of the top reasons why customers seem to be going crazy for this longboard:

  • Drop through truck design
  • 38.5 inch deck
  • Flexible and strong
  • Clear sandblast coating grip

Drop through truck design – Heavier riders will feel themselves wobbling around at certain times on longboards, but it’s worse when you’re higher off the ground. A drop through truck design automatically offers you a lower center of gravity no matter how much you weigh.

38.5 inch deck – If you’re interested in carving up the roads a 38.5 inch deck won’t leave you disappointed. I think you’ll be surprised by the incredibly tight turning radius. The arched camber is very responsive and a shallow concave deck will help you stay on the board at all times.

Flexible and strong – The fiberglass in the deck helps give the board added strength and durability, whereas the perfect amount of bamboo gives it the flexibility you need. Even though you’re a heavier rider a slightly flexible board will have a huge impact on the feel and performance.

Clear sandblast coating grip – When you’re turning at tighter angles at high speed you need all the help in the world to stay on your longboard. The Magneto bamboo longboard comes with clear sandblast coating and the deck will be so grippy you won’t slip.

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5 – Kahuna Creations Pohaku Surf Rider Longboard (260 lbs)


The Kahuna Creations Pohaku Surf Rider longboard is designed to be the most fun cruiser on the planet. It’s meant to pay respect to the Hawaiians who introduced board riding to the world hundreds of years ago. Here are some pretty cool features I’m sure you’ll appreciate:

  • 48 inches long
  • Silicon sand grip
  • Slight rocker and flex
  • Kahuna big stick

48 inches long – You won’t find many longboards on the market that are longer than 48 inches. It might not be the best for certain styles, but it’s a really enjoyable size for cruising around. The deck is 10 inches wide so you’ll have plenty of room to move on it as you’re riding along.

Silicon sand grip – Even though it’s not designed to be ridden at breakneck speeds there are a few features designed to help you stay balanced. The silicon sand grip will make your feet stick to the deck like glue. It’s also concave although it flattens out at the fishtail to give you more control.

Slight rocker and flex – There is a slight rocker on the longboard and a decent amount of flex to ensure a smooth ride. The premium Grizzly Bear 180mm longboard trucks and 70mm 82A wheels help with this too. It will feel so smooth you’ll think you’re riding a wave in the water.

Kahuna big stick – Land paddling has burst onto the scene recently. The Kahuna Creations longboard seems like a board that would suit it nicely. Do you want to take a break from kicking with your feet? The Kahuna Big Stick can be bought separately if you’d like to try something different.

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6 – White Wave Bamboo Longboard (300 lbs)

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete (Cruiser)

White Wave Longboards will let heavy riders know exactly how it feels to catch waves on concrete. It’s got a huge maximum weight capacity and it’s packed with all the features you need for supreme performance. Here are a few reasons why the White Wave longboard might be right for you:

  • Solid 9-ply construction
  • 32-inch wheelbase
  • Symmetrical shape for tricks
  • Trucks, wheels, and bearings

Solid 9-ply construction – The White Wave Bamboo Cruiser longboard is so strong because it’s constructed from multiple layers of bamboo and Canadian maple. It’s slightly concave and has a clear grip tape to ensure you stay on the board when you’re ducking and diving at high speeds.

32-inch wheelbase – The size of the longboard from head to toe is 41 inches, but the wheelbase is only 32 inches. A smaller wheelbase always equals a bigger maximum weight capacity. Plus it’s great when it comes to maneuverability because you’ll be able to make sharper turns.

Symmetrical shape for tricks – Symmetrical longboards have a lot of advantages over directional longboards when it comes to tricks. You’ll be able to ride in a regular or switch stance and it doesn’t matter which way you land. Tricks on this longboard are easy because it only weighs a little over 9 pounds.

Trucks, wheels, and bearings – We’ve talked about everything on the top half of the longboard, but every feature underneath is excellent too. It has 180mm aluminum trucks and ultra high rebound bushings. You’ll also get high rebound 78A wheels and fast ABEC 9 Hellion bearings.

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