What’s The Best Outdoor Laser Measuring Device For Accuracy?

Do you work outside on a regular basis?

Most people don’t own the best outdoor laser measuring device. It makes their lives a lot more difficult every single day.

In most cases, it’s almost impossible to measure distances accurately without the right outdoor laser device. Even though it’s possible to measure short distances accurately it wastes so much valuable time.

The Best Outdoor Laser Measuring Device

Please Note: We’re going to review each model in a lot more detail down below.

The Problem With Most Laser Measure Devices

It’s probably a good idea to look at why the average laser distance device is terrible when you’re working outdoors. I think you’ll nod your head when we touch on each one:

  • Laser Spot Isn’t Visible
  • Can’t Get Close Enough
  • Holding Device Too Long

Laser Spot Isn’t Visible – I guarantee you’ll want to know the maximum range when choosing a laser measure. The bigger, the better. If you have the wrong tool the maximum range doesn’t make a difference when working outside. You won’t be able to see more than 30 feet in front of you, or worse when it’s extremely sunny.

When your laser reflects off a surface the measuring tool will be able to calculate an exact distance. But you’ll never be able to hit your intended target because a laser spot is almost impossible to see outdoors unless you have the right tool. Your maximum range could be as little as 10 feet when it’s really bright.

Can’t Get Close Enough – Don’t focus all your attention on the maximum range. It’s the only thing anyone ever talks about. When you work outdoors there is less chance you’ll be able to reach certain places. For example, you might want to measure the distance of a roof from top to bottom before buying expensive materials.

If there isn’t any scaffolding or ladders on hand you won’t be able to climb up. Luckily, quality outdoor laser measures come with features that will let you calculate distances from anywhere.

Holding Device Too Long – Although it’s a minor issue fatigue can be a real problem too. If it takes a long time to calculate a distance you’ll need to hold onto it longer. You might send a friend to see where the laser spot is positioned if you can’t see it clearly. You’ll be holding onto your tool for an extra few minutes.

If you need to use the laser tool throughout the day your hand will eventually get tired. How will you be able to calculate accurate distances if you can’t stop it from shaking?

The Best Outdoor Laser Measurement Device Features

Look at some basic laser measuring tools and you’ll realize they won’t be able to solve any of the problems we’ve mentioned. If you want extreme accuracy outdoors you’ll need special features only seen in the best tools. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest ones in more detail:

  • Digital Pointfinder
  • Integrated Inclinometer
  • Intelligent End Piece
  • High Protection Rating

Digital Pointfinder – A digital pointfinder is basically an LCD screen on the face of your laser distance tool. It comes with optical zoom too, which will vary depending on the brand and model. When you want to measure a distance you don’t need to worry about a red laser spot. Instead, you’ll see a photo of your intended target.

You’ll just need to make sure the crosshair on the screen is sitting in the right position. When measuring distances hundreds of feet apart you’ll feel like a sniper aiming at your target. The best outdoor laser distance devices come with high resolution screens, so it’s fairly easy to hit the right spot without any trouble.

Integrated Inclinometer – Once you know the distance to an object + the vertical angle you’ll be able to make much more accurate calculations outside. There are a couple of pretty big ones you’ll use at some point in the future, so we’ll give a brief explanation of them now:

  1. Measuring A Slope
  2. Indirect Horizontal Distances

1 – Measuring A Slope

We talked about measuring the slope of a roof earlier on, because you won’t always be able to reach certain areas. Let’s assume you’re standing with your feet firmly on the ground, but you have an integrated inclinometer inside your laser distance meter. You would point the tool at your roof and measure the distance from you to the:

Top of roof, B. Bottom of roof.

Your tool would be able to measure the distance of the slope because it knows what angle it’s sitting at. A measurement that could take ages would be calculated from start to finish in less than a few minutes.

2 – Indirect Horizontal Distances

Imagine you’ve got to measure a specific distance while standing on a slope. A basic tool wouldn’t be able to do anything, but a tilt sensor will help give you an accurate reading. How many times do you find yourself standing on perfectly flat land when you’re outside? It’s a top feature you won’t want to live without once you start using it.

Intelligent End Piece – You will use the intelligent end piece a lot more often when you’re indoors, but it will come in handy outdoors too. Every tool with a digital pointfinder and inclinometer should come with one. It’s a little piece of plastic that sticks out the end of your laser measure instrument and squeezes into corners.

If you want to measure diagonal distances you won’t be able to fit a chunky tool into the corner of a wall. Fortunately, a plastic flap will squeeze in easily. In case you’re wondering, your tool will be able to take the size of the device (plus end piece) into consideration when working out distances.

High Protection Rating – The protection rating of your laser distance measurer doesn’t have too much to do with accuracy, but it does play a small role. You won’t be able to calculate distances properly if your tool is covered in dust. Quality laser measure devices usually come with an IP65 protection rating.

It means your device will be able to handle projected water, moisture, and dust. You’ll be able to wash it clean with a hose once it gets too dirty. It will last a lot longer when used in harsh conditions too. It will be able to handle high temperatures, which is good when you’re working outdoors in hot states.

Use A Laser Measure Device Tripod Too

To take your accuracy to the next level you’ll need to use a tripod. You won’t be able to get away with using your hands 100 percent of the time. There is no way you’ll be able to keep them still no matter how hard you try. Good outdoor laser measure devices come with a tripod mount built into them, but double check to make sure.

Leica Geosystems 848783 DISTO DST360 Point to Point Accessory for DISTO X3/X4

Leica is one of the biggest brands in the industry. The company offers an adaptor that gives you even more control. You’ll be able to make precise micro adjustments side to side + up and down, which is certainly worth checking out.

Leica DST360 Tripod Kit

Accuracy Rating On Laser Measurement Devices

When using an outdoor laser distance meter features like a digital pointfinder and tilt sensor will have the biggest impact on your ability to measure distances accurately.

Just don’t forget a laser measurer is an electronic device, so it will come with its own accuracy rating too. The best tools tend to be twice as accurate as cheaper models, but the difference isn’t huge. That doesn’t mean a better accuracy rating isn’t much better. When you’re measuring very long distances a millimeter counts.

A normal accuracy rating for the best outdoor laser distance measuring device should be:

Accuracy = 1/32-Inch (1mm)

The Best Outdoor Laser Distance Measure Reviews

Now you have a good idea what you should be looking for. We’re going to look in-depth at the best models you can pick up right now:

  1. Leica DISTO X4 Laser Measuring Device
  2. Bosch GLR825 Laser Measuring Device

1 – Leica DISTO X4 Laser Measuring Device

Leica Geosystems, US Tools, LEIAD 855138 Leica Disto x4 Laser Distance Meter


The Leica DISTO X4 is unbeatable when it comes to outdoor features, which makes sense because the company specializes in laser measurement tools. We’ll focus on the ones you’ll be most interested in:

Distance Measuring Accuracy = +/- 1 millimeter
Tilt Sensor Accuracy = +/- 0.2 degrees

  • Digital Pointfinder With Zoom
  • Point To Point Measurements
  • Intelligent End Piece
  • IP65 Protection Rating

Digital Pointfinder With Zoom – When you look at the target object on your high resolution digital screen it will be easy to pick out specific spots. The viewfinder comes with 4X zoom to help you reach objects up to 500 feet away. It’s like looking at the screen on your smartphone before you take a photo.

You obviously don’t need to look for a red laser spot on the screen. Move the laser distance meter until your crosshair is sitting on the target and you’ll get an accurate reading.

Point To Point Measurements – An integrated tilt sensor ensures you’ll be able to measure the distance between any two points. You don’t have to worry about your tool sitting at an angle. Aim a few feet higher if there is something standing in between you and your target. It will still give you an accurate horizontal distance.

Here are a few things you’ll be able to do with the inclinometer:

  • Indirect Horizontal Distances
  • Calculate Continuous Height
  • Digital Level

You won’t need to carry an old school spirit level around with you. A digital laser distance measurer can actually replace multiple things in your toolbox.

Intelligent End Piece – The intelligent end piece is there when you want to use it, plus it’s long enough to squeeze into any corners. It folds into the tool when not in use, so you won’t have to worry about it getting in your way.

IP65 Protection Rating – The Leica laser measure comes with a very high IP65 protection rating. You can run it under water to make sure it’s not covered in dust. It’s been drop tested to 6 feet. It won’t start giving you inaccurate readings once it falls on the ground a few times.

Rotating display, Bluetooth Smart, 20 measurement memory, auto rotate display, and automatically generated scaled and realistic floor plans. Those are just some of the other features packed into the Leica laser measure tool. Click on the link to read about everything else you’ll get to experience.

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2 – Bosch GLR825 Laser Measuring Device

Bosch GLR825 Laser Distance Measurer, 825', Blue (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Bosch is a much bigger brand in the power tool industry and everything the company manufactures is sure to please. The GLR825 laser measure device is one of the best tools around thanks to the outdoor features built into it. Here is a quick look at everything pertaining to accuracy:

Distance Measuring Accuracy = +/- 1 millimeter @ 825 Feet

Not only is the Bosch laser measure extremely accurate, but you’ll be able to measure precise distances up to 825 feet. The maximum range is absolutely huge when compared to other tools.

  • 1.6X Magnification Viewfinder
  • Eleven Measuring Modes
  • Fold Out Extension Pin
  • IP54 Protection Rating

1.6X Magnification Viewfinder – The Bosch laser distance tool comes with a 1mW class 2 laser, but you still won’t be able to see it from 825 feet away through the naked eye. It’s possible to see the laser spot when you’re looking through the viewfinder on the side of the device. 1.6X magnification will make things a lot easier.

I know it looks less advanced than a high resolution digital screen, but it definitely gets the job done. It’s the best solution when you’re dealing with such extreme distances. You’ll be able to see the red laser dot in any weather conditions if you have good eyesight.

Eleven Measuring Modes – The measuring modes do relate to accuracy when you think about it. Try to measure multiple distances and work out everything using a pen and paper. It’s not easy when you’re working with Pythagoras or calculating stake out points at consistent intervals. You’ll make mistakes due to human error.

Let your laser measure device work everything out automatically and you won’t make silly mistakes. Therefore, your calculations will be more accurate.

Fold Out Extension Pin – There is a small fold out extension pin you’ll be able to place into the corners between walls when measuring diagonal horizontal distances. It will slip back into the laser distance device when you’re done.

IP54 Protection Rating – The IP54 protection rating could be better, but it’s still good enough for outdoor tools. Sadly, you won’t be able to wash it using a hose when it’s covered in dirt.

There are a lot more features packed into the tool that don’t have anything to do with outdoor accuracy. You can read all about them by clicking on the link below.

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Bosch GLM400CL Blaze

Do you need a huge maximum range? If you do the Bosch GLR825 is essential. Unfortunately, it’s missing a few pretty good features. If you’re happy with a 400 feet maximum range turn your attention to the Bosch GLM400CL Blaze laser measure tool, which comes with the following:

  • 5.0 Megapixel Camera
  • Integrated Inclinometer

5.0 Megapixel Camera – A powerful 5.0 megapixel camera will ensure you’ll be able to strike your intended target from 400 feet away. The adjustable zoom definitely helps out. It will feel like you’re looking at a screen on a decent smartphone, which is pretty impressive for a laser distance recording device.

Integrated Inclinometer – A built-in tilt sensor works out your angle of pitch allowing you to calculate distances you would otherwise be unable to work out. It comes with the same advantages we touched on earlier when looking at the Leica DISTO X4.

The Bosch GLM400CL Blaze is slightly less accurate than the other Bosch laser distance meter, but a +/- 1/16-inch accuracy rating is still completely respectable.

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The Main Benefits Of A Great Outdoor Laser Measure

Do you have to force yourself out of bed in the morning? It’s hard to wake up when you know everything is going to be a struggle. We’ve talked about some amazing outdoor digital laser measure tools, but let’s take a quick look at how they’ll actually impact your life:

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Save Energy
  • Save Frustration

Save Time – If you can’t calculate distances you’ll need to do things the hard way as per usual. Once you have a quality laser measure device it will take you a lot less time to work out measurements. It’s more powerful if you know exactly how much time you’ll waste. A subpar tool might cost you 15 minutes of wasted time every day.

250 (5 days per week, 50 weeks per year) / 4 (15 minutes in 1 hour)

= 62.5 hours per year / 8 (working hours per day)

= 7.8 working days wasted per year.

Almost 8 working days gone because you waste 15 minutes per day using a basic laser measurement tool. Use one of the models we’ve mentioned and it will save you 1.5 weeks per year.

Save Money – How much money will you waste if you can’t measure distances accurately? If you measure the wrong distance before cutting something it could leave you with a useless piece of material. Your estimates will be too high and you won’t get jobs if you can’t calculate how much materials you need. Building something in the wrong place could be disastrous.

The time you waste will cost you money too. There are a thousand ways laser measure tools with essential features will help you save so much money it’s not worth using anything else.

Save Energy – We’ve already touched on fatigue, but it’s worth mentioning again. When it doesn’t take long to calculate distances accurately you won’t end up getting tired in the middle of the day. Why put unnecessary stress on your body when it can be avoided?

Save Frustration – Once you spend more than a few minutes trying to calculate a distance you’ll become extremely frustrated. You will want to kick something hard. Reduce the amount of time you spend frustrated every day and your mental health will thank you.

The Best Outdoor Laser Measure Device For Accuracy

Don’t grab the first tool you see if you want to measure outdoor distances accurately. You’ll want all the main features we’ve looked at today at the very least. It’s the only way to tackle long distances with the sun shining in your face. Hopefully you like one of the outdoor laser distance measures we’ve looked at in detail.

You won’t be able to find anything better at the moment and either one will satisfy all your needs. Plus they’ll save you lots of time, money, energy, and frustration over the years. Are you still having trouble choosing the right tool for you?

If so, you should click on the links to read all the unbiased reviews on Amazon. It’s the best place to get advice from hundreds of people who use their laser measurement tools on a daily basis. You should be able to come to a final decision much quicker.