Best Penny Board – Reviews – 2021

Do you plan on skating around at high speed while staying in full control?

Do you want your board to be extremely light and portable enough to carry around?

If you answered yes to those questions you should pick up the best penny board right now.

You will have an absolute blast from day one, plus over time you’ll even be able to use it to perform cool tricks.

What Are Penny Boards Anyway?

Skateboards have been around for over half a century, but penny boards only burst only the scene around a decade ago. Originally, the name referred to boards made by an Australian company called Penny Skateboards.

Now penny skateboards are any type of small board made from plastic. They are similar to mini cruiser longboards and come with the same advantages.

Original Penny Board vs Penny Nickel Board

The original penny board comes with a 22 inch long plastic deck. It has 3 inch aluminum trucks, high tensile deck bolts, 59mm 83A wheels, and Abec 7 stainless steel bearings.

A penny nickel board is almost the same except for a few things. It’s actually 27 inches long for those who prefer something longer. It has 4 inch aluminum trucks and the deck is a bit wider.

Penny longboards with a 36 inch deck have hit the market too.

The penny skateboards obviously come with lots of similar advantages which we’ll look at below, but let’s look at the biggest differences first:

  1. Original Penny Board
  2. Penny Nickel Board

Original Penny Board The smaller penny board is capable of whipping in and out of crowds instantly. Impressive maneuverability is the standout feature when compared to the nickel penny board.

Penny Australia Complete Skateboard - 22" Penny Boards - Authentic, Classic Colors & Graphics (Casper, 22")

Penny Nickel Board These boards are built for speed and it’s easy to go faster on a longer board. Also, it’s a bit easier to control thanks to the extra width.

Anyone will extra large feet will feel more comfortable on the 27 inch nickel board. That being said, once you get used to each board either one is excellent for commuting.

Biggest Advantages Of Owning A Penny Board

Some people will want to add a penny board to their growing skate collection. However, others will want one in place of a traditional skateboard. If you’re one of them I’m sure you’ll want to know why they’re an excellent choice:

  • Extremely portable
  • Takes a good beating
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Stability at high speed

Extremely portable – Everyone who owns a penny board loves using them to commute because they’re so portable. You won’t have any trouble picking up your board and carrying it around. Plus it’s so small there is a good chance you’ll be able to fit yours inside a backpack.

Takes a good beating – When you look at a colorful penny board for the first time you’re not quite sure what to think. Will the plastic be able to take a good beating? You can smash into anything while flying along at high speed and the penny board will walk away okay.

In fact, they tend to look almost brand new long after you’ve bought one. You can’t say the same about traditional skateboards.

Perfect for beginners – Penny boards aren’t reserved for those with skating experience. They are perfect even if you’ve never skated in your life. It won’t be long before you’re thundering along and weaving around like everyone else.

Stability at high speed – Your penny board won’t wobble too much when you’re moving at high speed. It’s easy to keep your balance, which is nice because you don’t need to think about falling over. Penny nickel boards are a little more stable thanks to the size difference.

How To Ride A Penny Board

If you have lots of experience riding normal skateboards you’ll probably pick up the penny board like a duck to water. Everyone else will need to know a few things if you’re going to be successful straight away. There are three main things every rider will need to concentrate on:

  1. Foot placement
  2. Balance
  3. How to stop

Foot placement – There isn’t a lot of room to place your feet comfortably on a small original penny board. Make sure you place your forward foot towards the front of your board right beside where the truck is attached.

It means you’ll have plenty room for your back foot when you lift it up. Before you progress work out whether you prefer a regular or goofy stance.

Balance – Penny boards are built for speed and cruising. Therefore, staying balanced while skating around will play a huge role in how good you are. You should feel balanced when you have two feet on the board and one foot off it.

Mess around at a slow speed until you’re capable of staying on the board even when you begin to wobble around.

How to stop – Finally, you’ll need to know how to stop the board safely. Learn to hit the right speed so you’ll end up stopping naturally at your final destination. When the board begins to slow down you’ll be able to put one foot on the ground to help you brake.

Please Note: Don’t be afraid to jump off the penny board if you’re in trouble. This should only be used as a last resort but it’s a good way to avoid a serious crash. The board won’t end up damaged in the process.

Common Questions + Answers

Q. Can you do tricks on a penny board?

A. Once you master the penny board basics you’ll be able to perform tricks easily. You’ll still be able to perform a much larger range of tricks on traditional skateboards. It definitely helps if you wear the right shoes and add grip tape to your deck.

Q. What is a penny board weight limit?

A. Unless you do something stupid you’re not going to snap your penny board no matter how heavy you are. There are videos online of people driving over penny boards in cars. If you don’t weigh more than a small car you have nothing to worry about.

It’s perfectly normal to worry before spending money on a plastic skateboard. Luckily, these little things seem almost indestructible.

Q. Is a penny board faster than a skateboard?

A. Penny boards are similar to longboards because they have big wheels. The wheels are solid too. When combined with wide trucks it allows you to go much faster than you normally would on a traditional skateboard. It’s why they’re used for commuting.

However, penny nickel boards and quality longboards will allow you to move even faster along the road if you really want extreme speed.