Best Skimboards For Wave Riding And Tricks – Reviews – 2021

Skimboarding across the beach at high speed on a thin board is a massive rush.

Flying out towards the sea directly towards a big wave is even more exciting. Once you start throwing tricks into the equation you’ll have the best time ever.

But in order to skimboard on waves you’ll need to use the right board. Cheap ones won’t be able to cut the mustard and you’ll sink like a rock.

Flatland skimboarding is a little different. If you want to skimboard on rivers, lakes, and puddles you’ll only need a cheap wooden board. Click here to find the best cheap skimboards if you don’t want to ride waves.

Best Skimboards For Wave Riding And Tricks

Do you want the ability to ride waves back to the shore with ease? Are you interested in performing cool and crazy tricks? You’ll definitely need one of the best skimboards on the market. We’re going to look at some of the top models available right now to help save you lots of time.

Please Note: We’re not going to list every single feature you’ll find on each skimboard. If you discover one you like and want to go into more depth click on the links below.

  1. Fedmax Skimboard
  2. Zap Wedge Skimboard
  3. Slapfish Skimboard
  4. Wavestorm Skimboard
  5. Exile EX0 Skimboard
  6. Driftsun Skimboard

1 – Fedmax Skimboard


Fedmax is dedicated to offering their customers great products at affordable prices. They have lived up to expectations by manufacturing a great skimboard capable of tackling big waves with ease. Let’s look at a few of the top features I’m sure you’ll appreciate:

  • Carbon fiber nose and tail
  • 2.28 inch nose rocker
  • Stable and maneuverable

Carbon fiber nose and tail – Did you know carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel and twice as stiff? The nose and tail of the Fedmax skimboard is reinforced with the material for added protection. It’s going to help it last a long time and you won’t mind bumping into anything.

2.28 inch nose rocker – When you’re hurtling towards waves at high speed you have to be careful. If your nose dips into the water or hits a smaller wave you’ll come crashing down. The 2.28 inch nose rocker will let you skim a considerable distance further before hitting your target.

Stable and maneuverable – The skimboard has a fiberglass body and it’s extremely lightweight. It comes in a range of sizes perfect for a large number of people too. When you combine the weight and size it offers you lots of stability and maneuverability when you are riding large waves.

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2 – Zap Wedge Skimboard


Zap skimboards is definitely one of the biggest and best brands in the skimboarding world. The company has been manufacturing fantastic boards for almost 40 years. After years of innovation let’s look at some of the top features you’ll find on the Zap Wedge skimboard:

  • Round speedy tail
  • Slides great on sand
  • 1/2 inch thick foam core

Round speedy tail – The round tail on Zap Wedge skimboards gives you a couple of big advantages when you’re riding waves. It’s designed to help with speed to ensure you get back to the beach. If you want to throw the skimboard around it’s going to improve maneuverability too.

Slides great on sand – Maybe you won’t always want to ride waves all the time. You might want to skim along the sand at a hundred miles per hour. The shape and dimensions make it possible which means extra hours of fun. It’s actually been designed for both styles of skimboarding.

1/2 inch thick foam core – Inside the Zap Wedge you’ll find a high quality half inch thick foam core. It’s protected on the outside by a strong fiberglass shell. This makes the skimboard light enough to handle all your needs, but it’s still durable enough to last a good number of years.

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3 – Slapfish Skimboard

Slapfish Skimboards - Fiberglass & Carbon - Riders up to 225 lbs - 48" with Traction Deck Grip - Kids & Adults - 4 Colors (Green + Arch Bar)

Slapfish Skimboards has created a board good enough to take you from beginner to expert level. It’s packed with all the features you’ll need to handle anything once you hit the water. Here are some of the top ones you’ll need to start tackling intimidating waves:

  • Balance and support
  • All wave conditions
  • Reinforced areas

Balance and support – You might find yourself in a number of different stances when you’re wave riding or sand sliding. The skimboard is shaped to give you ultimate balance and control at all times. It also comes with a traction pad to give you extra grip when you’re going super fast.

All wave conditions – Even if you visit the same beach every day you’ll come across different wave conditions. The Slapfish skimboard will let you fly into any of them. It’s also designed to let you carry out cool tricks like 360s. It’s always good to have a skimboard capable of handling anything.

Reinforced areas – The poly PVC foam inside the board is lightweight and dense. It’s better than other alternatives on the market. The outer shell is made from fiberglass which is normal for a great skimboard. Double reinforced rails along with a carbon fiber reinforced nose and tail make it extra durable.

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4 – Wavestorm Skimboard

Wavestorm 45" Skimboard

Wavestorm skimboards rank up there with some of the top boards even though they’re much cheaper. The company has been manufacturing amazing boards for over 15 years. Here are a few of the best reasons why you should consider getting one right now:

  • Tough HDPE bottom
  • Marine ply stringers
  • Only weighs 3 pounds

Tough HDPE bottom – Lots of good bodyboards come with an HDPE slick which is designed to create as little friction as possible when you’re in the water. It’s an even more important feature when you’re standing on a skimboard. You’ll be able to slide along the sand or thunder through the water.

Marine ply stringers – Stringers are another feature you often see in other types of boards. The marine ply stringers are basically wooden rods running through the core of the Wavestorm skimboard. It gives the 48 inch board a respectable maximum weight capacity of 185 pounds.

Only weighs 3 pounds – You know skimboards that can handle waves are lightweight and durable, but the Wavestorm skimboard only weighs 3 pounds. You’ll be able to carry the skimboard around all day and you’ll never get tired. If you live close to the beach you might not need a skimboard bag.

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5 – Exile EX0 Skimboard


Exile Skimboards is another one of the leaders in the skimboarding industry. The company has been providing customers with the best boards for almost two decades, but the founders have been around for longer. Here are a few reasons why you’ll love the Exile EX0 board:

  • Waves and maneuvers
  • High gloss finish
  • 3/4 inch foam core

Waves and maneuvers – Every board we’ve talked about today is fantastic when you’re riding waves. Cheaper skimboards used for wave riding are usually lacking when it comes to responsiveness. The Exile EX0 skimboard is easy to maneuver and you’ll be able to pull off cool tricks.

High gloss finish – Due to the high gloss finish you’ll need skimboard traction pads or surf wax to stay on the board. But it’s going to come in handy when you’re skimming along the water. Every single feature on skimboards that helps to reduce the overall drag is a good thing.

3/4 inch foam core – The Exile EX0 comes with a 3/4 inch foam core that’s lightweight and durable. Quality epoxy resin and fiberglass reinforcement takes things to the next level. The skimboard will last for many years even if you end up getting thrown around in the waves.

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6 – Driftsun Skimboard


Driftsun has only been around for about half a decade, but it was founded by a group of adrenaline junkies who love water sports. It’s easy to see why the brand has grown in popularity so quickly. Let’s discuss why everyone enjoys riding the Driftsun skimboard:

  • Rounded pin tail
  • Pro traction pads
  • Thermal conditions

Rounded pin tail – A smooth polished bottom will help reduce drag as you approach the wave. The 2.25 inch rocker will stop you from coming to a halt because the nose won’t fall into the water. But once you’re in big waves a rounded pin tail will prevent the skimboard from sliding out from you.

Pro traction pads – There is no way you’ll be able to ride a skimboard without traction pads or wax. Forget about the latter because the Driftsun skimboard comes with excellent EVA foam pads preinstalled. The custom pads are in all the right places to ensure you have maximum grip.

Thermal conditions – Sometimes the water temperature plays a huge role in how a skimboard performs. Thanks to the super rigid PVC foam core it’s safe no matter what the water temperature is. The board comes with layered fiberglass plus a carbon fiber reinforced nose and tail too.

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Please Note: Don’t pay too much attention to the max weight capacity on skimboards. Even though it does matter it’s much less than you think. Skilled riders will excel on skimboards with a smaller max weight capacity and visa versa.