Best Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece – Reviews – 2021

90 million Americans will snore like a warthog in bed tonight.

50% are simple snorers. The other 50% suffer from sleep apnea. Luckily, the best sleep apnea mouthpiece on the market can help everyone. That includes you.

Your partner will stop kicking you in the middle of the night. You won't be banished to the spare bedroom. Nobody will be afraid to share a bed with you.

A mouth guard is definitely the right choice for most people, which we'll discuss in more detail later on. First, let's find the best oral appliance for sleep apnea available right now.

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The Best Sleep Apnea Mouth Guard Reviews

  1. Sleep Silent Anti Snoring Mouthpiece
  2. P&J Health Anti Snoring Mouth Guard
  3. Snore Savers Stop Snoring Mouthpiece
  4. Eliminator Snore Guard Mouthpiece
  5. HealthMore Sleep Apnea Guard 2-in-1

1 – Sleep Silent Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

A sleep apnea mouthpiece is effective because it slides your lower jaw forward, which creates more room at the back of your throat. If your airway isn't obstructed you'll be able to breathe smoothly. No more snoring or interruptions in sleep. But jaws come in all shapes and sizes.

Sleep Silent anti snoring mouthpieces can be precisely calibrated in tiny 1 millimeter increments, so you'll be able to find a setting that fits perfectly for you. Once you set everything up it will be locked into position. It will never slip during the night, but you will be able to change it at your discretion.

Sleep apnea mouth guards will cost you thousands of dollars from the dentist, but this sleep apnea guard still offers supreme dental lab quality. There are no moving parts and you'll end up with a true custom fit. It's constructed from medical grade materials and feels comfortable in your mouth.


  • Calibration in 1 millimeter increments
  • It's been FDA cleared for snoring
  • Comes with superior dental lab quality


  • Needs to be heated up to mold to teeth
  • It will only last for a couple of years

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2 – P&J Health Anti Snoring Mouth Guard

Once you heat up and bite into this quality snore guard it's still possible to remold it. On your first attempt you can slide your lower jaw forward 3-5 millimeters. Hopefully you will stop snoring and sleep like a baby straight away. If not, you can remold it until your lower jaw is extended 6-10 millimeters.

You have to be careful when sticking anything in your mouth, especially if it's going to stay there all night. This snoring mouthpiece is constructed from materials that are BPA free, latex free, and FDA approved. It's extremely comfortable and you won't be left with any horrible tastes in your mouth.

If you travel on a regular basis you'll want to take your anti snore mouth guard with you, so you'll appreciate the free antibacterial travel case that will slip into your bag. It's possible you grind your teeth at night too. When you have the snore mouthpiece in your mouth you won't destroy your pearly whites.


  • Remold to slide jaw further forward
  • Includes free antibacterial travel case
  • Protects your teeth from grinding


  • Can't be calibrated in micro adjustments
  • Might need to adjust after first night

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3 – Snore Savers Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

When your tongue slips to the back of your throat during the night it blocks your airway. It's a massive reason why so many people end up snoring and suffer from breathing interruptions. The Snore Savers tongue retainer will hold your tongue in position to stop it sliding to the back of your throat.

It only uses light suction to allow air into your lungs, which means it's comfortable to wear in bed. Unlike some anti snoring aids it's been scientifically proven to hold your tongue in position while you sleep. 80% of people with a sleep problem that use this snoring mouthpiece will be completely cured.

The mouthpiece is safe to use thanks to the medical grade materials used to make it. If you squeeze the anti snoring device too hard it might feel tight on your tongue, but it will only take a few seconds to remedy the problem. You'll also be able to wash it quickly before you climb into bed.


  • 80% of people will stop snoring completely
  • Teaches you how to breathe properly again
  • It's proven to hold your tongue in place


  • Even though it works it looks a little odd
  • It usually takes about a week to work

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4 – Eliminator Snore Guard Mouthpiece

USA Eliminator PRO Best Sleep Aid Custom Bruxism Night Mouth Guard Mouthpiece

The Eliminator Pro 2.0 snoring mouth guard feels great inside your mouth. Once it's been boiled in water it will be customized to your bite. If you want to slide your lower jaw forward to open your airway you can calibrate the snore mouthpiece to your desired setting before locking it in place.

The measurement scale is easy to read and it goes up in 1 millimeter increments. There are a total of 10 adjustments you can make, so you'll eventually find the right one for you. Precision lock technology guarantees it won't move out of place unless you change the settings manually.

I'm sure you'll be wondering how big the device is considering it's going in your mouth. The height at the front is 1.09 inches, at the rear it's 0.8 inches, the overall depth is 1.65 inches, and it's 2.63 inches at the widest point. The anti snore mouth guard will fit almost any mouth size unless you're very young.


  • Can be set at 10 different increments
  • Comes with precision lock technology
  • 1 millimeter adjustments for great fit


  • You need to set the guard up correctly
  • Your teeth can't change dramatically

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5 – HealthMore Sleep Apnea Guard 2-in-1

Snore stopper mouth guards have worked wonders for so many people around the world, but sometimes it's good to combine them with other anti snoring aids. HealthMore 2-in-1 set comes with anti snoring nose vents. Snorepin cones dilate your nostrils allowing you to inhale more air.

Nasal dilator reviews have shown they're almost as good as anti snore mouth guards. You will get 4 pairs of anti snoring nose cones + 1 mouthpiece. Everything is BPA free and made from high quality medical grade materials. Keep in mind, you don't necessarily need to use both snoring aids at the same time.

The anti snoring mouth guard will help protect your teeth from grinding together in the middle of the night, so it's still worth wearing if you're a nose snorer. Everything comes in a little travel case that will let you carry it anywhere, which will stop dirt and dust from getting in any nooks and crannies.


  • The design replicates anatomy of nose
  • High quality soft medical grade silicon
  • Can also eliminate dry mouth at night


  • Anti snoring nasal vents won't last years
  • You can't calibrate the snoring guard

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The Best Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece For You

Have you found the best sleep apnea mouthpiece for your individual needs? Any of the snore guards we've looked at today will change your life forever if you have sleep apnea or you're just a terrible snorer. Choose the one that sounds most appealing and test it out for yourself.

Don't forget to click on the links to read the unbiased reviews on Amazon. People have left honest opinions about their snoring mouthpieces to help make your decision much easier.