What’s The Best Snorkel Mask For Glasses Wearers?

Even if you wear glasses you’ll still get to enjoy snorkeling.

You’ll get to experience all the breathtaking sights in as much detail as people with perfect vision. You just won’t be able to wear your glasses inside your mask.

Instead, you’ll need to find the best optical snorkel mask on the market which we’re going to discuss right now.

Best Snorkel Mask For Glasses Wearers

You will have multiple designs to choose from. Some snorkel masks come with technology you won’t find in other models. Basically, there are a lot of options to choose from. We’re going to make your life easier by examining some of the finest on the market:

  1. Promate Optical Snorkeling Mask
  2. IST Optical Snorkeling Mask
  3. Promate Optical Full Face Snorkel Mask
  4. Cressi Focus Snorkeling Mask
  5. Promate Optical Snorkel Mask Set

1 – Promate Optical Snorkeling Mask

Promate is one of the best choices in the world when you need a snorkel mask with corrective lenses. The Rx lenses are installed by qualified technicians to guarantee everything goes right. The Promate Scope snorkel mask is great for a few good reasons:

  • Very large selection of lenses
  • Tempered safety glass

Very large selection of lenses – Some optical snorkeling masks only cater to a certain percentage of glasses wearers. Let’s check if you’ll be okay with any of the lenses on offer:

Nearsighted – -1.0 to -10.0 (increments of 0.5)
Farsighted – +1.0 to +5.0 (increments of 0.5)
Bifocal – +1.0 to +4.0 (increments of 0.5)

Some people will need different lenses for each eye. Once you order the Promate Scope snorkeling mask you can email the company and they’ll ensure your individual needs are met.

Tempered safety glass – I doubt your mask will break while you’re snorkeling, but you never know what could hit you in the face. Someone could be flying towards you on a bodyboard and bang.

So Promate used tempered glass because it’s a lot safer. When the glass is broken it will crumble into small granular chunks. You won’t end up with a sharp piece of glass stabbing you in the eye.


  • Comfortable liquid silicone strap
  • GoPro camera mount available
  • Fits regular sized face perfectly
  • Lenses won’t scratch easily


  • Not ideal for those with large faces
  • Need to email for multiple lenses

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2 – IST Optical Snorkeling Mask

Even though IST isn’t a massive brand they’ve actually been around since 1976. It’s why all their equipment can compete with more well-known companies when it comes to quality. Here are a few reasons why customers love their snorkel mask:

  • Multiple RX options
  • Hypoallergenic mask
  • Split silicone strap

Multiple Rx options – The IST optical corrective snorkel mask doesn’t have as many options as the last model, but there should still be enough to satisfy everyone desperate to go snorkeling:

Nearsighted – -1.0 to -8.0 (increments of 0.5)
Farsighted – +1.0 to +4.0 (increments of 0.5)

Hypoallergenic mask – If you have sensitive skin the mask is perfect because it’s made from soft liquid injected silicone. The hypoallergenic silicone skirt provides you with an excellent seal too. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin it’s still very comfortable.

Split silicone strap – The wide split strap definitely takes comfort to the next level. A regular strap can hurt because it feels like your head is being squeezed. Do you remember anything about physics? Split straps spread pressure across a greater surface area.


  • Nose pocket makes equalization easy
  • Safe tempered glass lenses
  • Swiveling buckles for strap adjustments
  • Low volume masks easy to clear


  • Only a few colors to choose from
  • Less lens options than other masks

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3 – Promate Optical Full Face Snorkel Mask (Nearsighted)

There aren’t a lot of options when it comes to optical full face snorkel masks, which is a shame because they’re absolutely fantastic. The Promate model is only for nearsighted individuals, but let’s look at the benefits you’ll get from owning one:

  • Rx lenses for nearsightedness
  • Breathe through mouth + nose
  • Anti-fog technology

Rx lenses for nearsightedness – If you’re nearsighted you are in luck because the Promate full face mask should be good enough unless you have very bad eyesight. Let’s see if you’re covered:

Nearsighted – -1.0 to -6.0 (increments of 0.5)

Also, even though it’s a full face mask you’ll still be able to put a different lense in each side. Just let the company know what you need and technicians will fit it to your specifications. The only disadvantage is the lack of a 180 degree panoramic view you find on most full face snorkel masks.

Breathe through mouth + nose – A full face snorkeling mask really does reign supreme when it comes to breathing. It’s a million times easier to breathe through your mouth and nose. You have to breathe through your mouth with a normal mask and end up with jaw fatigue.

Anti-fog technology – The whole point of snorkeling is to see as many things as possible. Fish, sharks, coral reefs, and much more wonders live beneath the sea. It definitely helps when you can see everything clearly thanks to anti-fog technology.


  • It’s easy to adjust the head strap
  • Silica gel is very comfortable
  • Dry snorkel stops water getting in
  • You won’t suffer from jaw fatigue


  • Limited number of colors available
  • No good for farsighted individuals

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4 – Cressi Focus Snorkeling Mask

Important: the Cressi Focus isn’t actually an optical corrective snorkel mask straight out the box. But the way it’s designed means you can add Rx lenses to it easily. We’re mentioning it because Cressi is an excellent brand and the snorkeling mask rocks:

  • Comes with inclined lenses
  • Low volume snorkel mask
  • Lightweight and compact

Comes with inclined lenses – Lenses on nearly every snorkel mask in the world are vertical. Cressi patented a technology that positioned them at an inclined angle. It basically offers you a wider view at a better angle, so you’ll be able to see a lot more sea creatures and flora.

Low volume snorkel mask – Low volume masks give you a better view too, because your eyes are closer to the glass. It also means there is less air inside your snorkel mask, which makes it much easier to deal with ear equalization. The Cressi Focus lets you do it with one hand.

Lightweight and compact – The mask is very compact and weighs around a pound. Not bad considering all the extra and amazing features built into it. You won’t regret taking the mask on holiday and I’m sure you’ll forget it’s even in your luggage.


  • Possible to install any optical lenses
  • Swiveling quick adjust buckles
  • Inclined glass patented technology
  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt


  • Corrective lenses come separately
  • Mirrored lenses come separately

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5 – Promate Optical Snorkel Mask Set

Some people don’t want to waste time buying individual pieces of snorkeling equipment. If you fall into that category you should take a look at the Promate Pro Slender snorkel mask. Let’s discuss some of the features you’ll get your hands on:

  • Nearsighted and farsighted lenses
  • Purge skirt system
  • Cobra dry whistle snorkel

Nearsighted and farsighted lenses – The prescription lenses on the Promate Pro Slender purge mask should satisfy your needs. Here is a quick breakdown of the options available to you:

Nearsighted – -1.0 to -10.0 (increments of 0.5)
Farsighted – +1.0 to +4.0 (increments of 0.5)

And if you need different lenses for each eye just contact the company by phone or email after you’ve ordered your optical snorkel mask kit.

Purge skirt system – There is a low point purge valve at the bottom of your mask. If any water does find its way inside it will be purged using a patented design. Bubbles will be directed away from you to ensure they don’t end up in your line of sight.

Cobra dry whistle snorkel – You can forget about looking for a separate dry snorkel. The Promate Cobra 100% dry snorkel is magnificent. It doesn’t allow any water to get inside. You’ll be able to stay fully submerged for as long as you can hold your breath.


  • Dry snorkel whistle helps get attention
  • Effortless equalization nose pocket
  • Dry snorkel is fully submersible
  • Comfortable high quality silicone


  • You might already own a dry snorkel
  • Emailing the company is extra work

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Best Optical Snorkel Mask For Glasses Wearers

A lot of the optical snorkeling masks we’ve looked at today are completely different from each other. But they’re all hugely popular at the moment and you won’t be disappointed by any of them. The toughest task you face now is choosing your favorite one.

Don’t forget to read some unbiased reviews from past customers on Amazon. Receiving feedback from more people will help you come to a final decision much quicker.