Best Stall Bars (Swedish Wall Bars) – Reviews – 2021

Street workout parks are popping up all over the country.

Maybe you’ve visited a few or seen some online. Did you notice anything missing?

In most cases, Swedish ladders are non-existent. You’ll only find them in the top outdoor gyms which is a shame. Why don’t you pick up the best stall bars for your home gym instead?

The equipment will transform your life (and your body) instantly… in so many ways.

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The Best Stall Bars On The Market

Stall bars look the same. You can perform the same moves on them. In some cases, they’re almost indistinguishable from each other. But certain models do have their own unique features and benefits. Let’s take a closer look at some you can pick up for your home today.

  1. Vita Vibe Core Series Adjustable Stall Bars
  2. Suples Gladiator Wall Stall Bars
  3. Vita Vibe VSB Series Wide Stall Bars
  4. Limitless XVP Fitness Stall Bars
  5. Gibson Athletic Stall Bars

1 – Vita Vibe Core Series Adjustable Stall Bars

Vita Vibe - CSB36-70 - 36" Wide - CORE Series - Adjustable Stall Bars (Swedish Bars) - (with Chin-Up Bar) (74" Tall)

You know the Vita Vibe Core Series Swedish ladders are build to last because they’re made in the USA. Luckily, they offer you so many options thanks to the fact they’re so adjustable.

Your rungs can be set evenly apart, or they can be set at your desired spacing. The latter is huge depending on the size and shape of your body. We’re not all born with the same dimensions.

The offset chin up bar is completely adjustable too. Once you receive your wall bars in the post it will take you less than an hour until you’re ready to start building an unbelievable body on them.

A dark mystic gray powder coat looks fantastic too. Your 36 inch wide stall bars won’t become an eyesore in your home.


  • Maximum weight capacity = 250 pounds
  • Chin up bar offset by 8 inches
  • Wall to center of rung equals 5.75 inches
  • Heavy gauge aluminium alloy frame

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2 – Suples Gladiator Wall Stall Bars

Suples Gladiator Wall stall Bars, stall bar, Pull up bar, Push up bar, Strength Training, core Training, core bar, Workout, MMA, Wrestling, UFC, Judo, Training Bars

Gladiator Wall stall bars are absolutely fantastic for a couple of different reasons. We’re going to look at each one in a little more detail right now:

  1. Beginners
  2. Partners
  3. Accessories

1 – Beginners – People getting into various forms of gymnastics usually weigh a lot more than the average person. If you’re on the slightly heavy side a whopping 400 pound maximum weight capacity means you won’t need to worry about damaging your stall bars (or indoor wall)

2 – Partners – The best stall bars aren’t always limited to one person working on their hanging leg raises day after day. Two people could easily work out on the wooden stall bars without them falling apart. It’s always a nice way to make things more interesting.

3 – Accessories – You could add a dip bar to your Swedish wall bars to work on your upper body strength. You can always add things like ropes, pulleys, and bands to the bars too. Without getting too scientific these kinds of things could add a lot more force onto the attachments.

A rock solid stall bar like the Suples Gladiator Wall will handle anything. It’s partly because it’s constructed from quality beach which is strong and beautiful.


  • 8 inches tall
  • 3 inches wide
  • 1 inch deep
  • 400 pound maximum weight capacity

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3 – Vita Vibe VSB Series Wide Stall Bars

Vita Vibe VSB36-70 - 36" Wide Stall Bars (Swedish Bars) - (72" Tall)

Vita Vibe VSB Series Swedish bars are built using the highest quality materials and superior workmanship. Once the stall bars arrive at your home they’re designed for easy assembly and mounting. You’ll be pulling seriously effective ninja moves in no time.

Each wooden rung is 1.5 inches in diameter. It’s the perfect size to ensure your grip is excellent at all times. The Vita Vibe VSB Series rungs are built from sanded smooth natural hardwood ash. They’ll feel like a pleasure to hold even if you’re tired and sweaty.

The wall bars have an offset chin up bar which will allow you to perform hundreds and hundreds of extra moves. Sadly, the rungs are not adjustable. But on the bright side they’re sized to perfection. You’ll find these in a lot of commercial gyms, rehab centers, and military bases.

There is no doubt these wall bars made in the USA are built to last. When installed properly they come with a 300 pound weight capacity and a 10 year warranty. Anyone who wants the absolute best should choose these.

Please note: although the Swedish bars don’t come with any attachments at the moment an incline board and dip station are planned to be available soon.


  • Heavy gauge steel frame
  • Sanded smooth hardwood ash rungs
  • 300 pound weight capacity
  • 1.5 diameter wooden rungs

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4 – Limitless XVP Fitness Stall Bars (+ Suspension Trainer)

Limitless XVP Fitness Swedish Ladder Wood Stall Bar Suspension Trainer – Physical Therapy & Gymnastics Ladder w/ 11 Strategic Rods - Ideal for Back Pain Scoliosis Exercise Equipment & Range of Motion The Limitless XVP Fitness stall bars were designed to fit perfectly with the studs in your walls. Once you unpackage it everything will be up and running in no time. The solid core pine will look great inside your home gym compared to other Swedish wall bars.

Like most quality stall bars it comes with a protruding chin up bar to guarantee you’ll be able to perform over a thousand exercises no matter what your training goals are. To make things even easier the wall bars come with a suspension training strap.

Solid core pine helps in a few different ways. Firstly, it’s beautiful. But it offers more advanced benefits too. The premium quality wood will ensure years of performance even if you use the stall bars every day.

It has a very smooth finish which is a blessing for your hands. You’ll always feel comfortable holding onto the rungs (except those times you’re in pain from workouts). Two layers of tough matte sealer will add strength and durability, plus it will help keep the stall bars looking brand new.


  • 11 strategically placed rungs
  • Screws directly into wall studs
  • Around 200 pound weight capacity
  • Extra suspension trainer strap

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5 – Gibson Athletic Stall Bars

Gibson stall bars are slightly different because they’re made from two hardwoods, poplar and oak. The hardwoods are so sturdy you won’t run into any wobbles or shakes no matter what exercises you’re performing. The Swedish wall bars are very trustworthy.

The individual rungs are 34 inches wide. Enough to perform nearly every exercise in the book when it comes to flexibility, strength training, muscular development, rehabilitation, and much more. You could also attach pulleys, resistance bands, etc.

Gibson Athletic are one of the most respected names in the industry when it comes to gymnastic equipment. In fact, if you walk into many gyms around the world and see multiple stall bars positioned side by side it’s likely they manufactured them.

Your stall bar will stand 8 feet high with twelve 1.5 inch diameter rungs (perfect for hands of all shapes and sizes). It comes with a chinning bar that extends out at the top, which will add even more exercises to your arsenal. Gibson bars are more suited to professionals or hardcore amateurs.

Please note: Gibson comes with 24 inch wide stall bars with 0.5 inch rungs for small kids.


  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Built from poplar + oak
  • Can be attached side by side
  • Twelve 1.5 inch rungs

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What Are Stall Bars Anyway?

Stall bars (or Swedish bars, wall bars, etc) have been around for hundreds of years. They used to be extremely popular back in the day and they’ve been making a huge comeback in recent times thanks to:

  • Traditional Gymnastics
  • Gymnastics Strength Training
  • Street Workout
  • Parkour

And other sports activities where bodyweight plays a huge role.

Swedish wall bars come in lots of shapes, sizes, and materials.

You’re more likely to see steel wall bars outside in street workout gyms. You’ll see wooden wall bars in school gymnasiums, gymnastics clubs, and hopefully your own home.

Wooden stall bars are usually made from:

Ash, Beech, Pine, Birch, or Maple

No matter what wood is used they’ll always be stable, solid, flexible, and lack brittleness. In other words, you’ll be able to hang upside down on them without worrying about hurting yourself.

A Swedish ladder won’t take up too much room inside your home. Each piece is equipment is usually:

3 Feet Wide by 8 Feet High

The rungs and chin up bar at the top are normally adjustable, so you’ll be able to configure everything to your exact needs. The gap between your wall and the center of each dowel is roughly 5-6 inches, plus the top one (chin up bar) protrudes even more.

A good dowel should have a diameter of around 1-3/8 to 1-5/8 inches, so it’s very comfortable to hold onto. The dimensions of your wall bars might be slightly different to what we’ve talked about today, but it won’t be much.

Your stall bars will have a maximum weight capacity of around 250 pounds.

What Are Stall Bars Used For Exactly?

I’m sure you’ve seen people performing pretty cool moves on wall bars. Here are a few you’ll want to master as soon as possible:

  • Human Flag (Side Lever)
  • Dragon Flag (Bruce Lee Style)
  • Hanging Leg Raises

But Swedish wall bars aren’t just used to perform cool tricks. You’ll be able to use them to vastly improve your strength, flexibility, rehabilitation, and conditioning. One single piece of equipment is enough to build a ninja body.

Basic Examples

  1. Strength
  2. Flexibility (Mobility)
  3. Rehabilitation (Prehabilitation)
  4. Conditioning

1 – Strength – The obvious example here is the human flag. You won’t be able to build up the strength to perform a side lever without stall bars. Once they’re installed inside your home you’ll be able to work through every single progression until you can do them on almost anything.

Learning the side lever from scratch on a vertical pole is very tough.

2 – Flexibility – Wall bars are especially superb when it comes to stretching your shoulders and lats. Hello, perfect handstand.

An obvious example when it comes to flexibility/mobility is the back bridge. It’s hard to start working on it without stall bars if you’re inflexible. Thankfully, it’s the exact opposite when you have gymnastics bars to hold onto.

3 – Rehabilitation – Prehabilitation is a game changer. You can avoid serious injuries that might leave you out of the gym for months. Improving the alignment of your body and correcting your posture can have a massively positive impact on your life too.

But it’s not hard to find a good rehabilitation/prehabilitation example. After all, stall bars were initially intended to help a Swedish teacher in a physical therapy setting (bad arthritis). It’s where the name of the tool comes from.

4 – Conditioning – Conditioning is a pretty broad term, right? Some people think it’s cardio. Others will say it’s conditioning your body to perform certain exercises over and over again. It can mean whatever you want it to mean.

You’ll be able to perform hundreds of exercises on Swedish stall bars. Get in a good interval training workout, burn lots of body fat, or increase your muscular endurance. Play around on the bars for hours.

How To Install Stall Bars Inside Your Home

Gymnastics bars might seem a bit difficult to install, but it’s actually a lot easier than you think. Follow the instructions in your manual and you won’t be able to go wrong. We’re going to discuss a few vital tips you shouldn’t forget.

  1. Mount them to the correct walls
  2. Imagine how you’ll use the bars
  3. The legs should touch the ground

Mount them to the correct walls – You need to ensure you install the stall bars on the right wall inside your home. A solid masonry wall is a good choice. If you plan on attaching it to drywall your screws must go into studs. It’s simple to locate them using a cheap stud finder.

Imagine how you’ll use the bars – Your legs must have lots of room to move around when you’re fully stretched. You don’t want to kick into a human flag and bang your feet on the wall opposite you. Make sure you have enough free space around you as possible.

The legs should touch the ground – Even though your Swedish bars will be connected securely to the wall there will be a lot of pressure on the mounts. If your legs (vertical rails) are touching the ground it will ease the pressure considerably.

Double Stall Bars Benefits

You’ll sometimes see people with two sets of stall bars right next to each other. If you have the money available it’s definitely worth it for one important reason:

Straddle Work

When you’re doing pike work your feet are always together. But when you’re doing straddle work it’s the exact opposite. Your legs will need to be fully apart, so they won’t fit onto stall bars 3 feet wide. If you want to work on your straddle effortlessly it’s worth using a double set up.

Luckily it’s not absolutely essential, plus you can always add to your set up at a later date if you install the ladders in the right place.

The Best Stall Bars For Your Home Gym

Are you interested in becoming a bodyweight master? Do you want to take your strength and flexibility to levels you’ve never reached before? If so, you should definitely pick up the best stall bars for your home gym. You’ll learn more than a few awesome tricks along the way too.

  1. Vita Vibe Core Series Adjustable Stall Bars
  2. Suples Gladiator Wall Stall Bars
  3. Vita Vibe VSB Series Wide Stall Bars
  4. Limitless XVP Fitness Stall Bars
  5. Gibson Athletic Stall Bars