Best Water Shoes For Men – Reviews – 2021

Do you know what the best water shoes for men looked like a few years ago?

All they were trying to design was a sandal you could get wet, but these days manufacturers have taken things to a whole new level.

The best mens water shoes you can buy today can easily compete with the top running shoes Usain Bolt uses to win his gold medals over and over again.

The features built into them are unbelievable, plus the designs look absolutely stunning, even if they will be underneath the water and out of view most of the time.

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Why Are They The Best Water Shoes For Men?

We're going to be reviewing the best water shoes for men today, but you'll probably want to know why they're worthy of such a tag.

In fact, you might even want to know why you'll need a pair of aqua shoes instead of slipping into the sea in your Air Jordan or Adidas Samba classics.

Take a look at some of the top reasons why the best mens water shoes are absolutely essential:

  • Safety
  • Traction
  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Comfortable


Have you ever stepped on a sea urchin when you've been walking around in the water? If not, think about how sore it is when you step on a sharp rock and times it by a thousand.

Stepping on things you can't even see isn't nice, whether you're in the sea or walking through a river. Your kite surfing or hiking buddies are the only ones who will get a kick out of it when you're rolling around on the ground unable to walk.

Water sport shoes and hiking water shoes take the pain out of the equation completely. Along with all other amphibious shoes, they've been carefully designed to allow you to stand on anything without shedding a little man tear.


Another thing you've got to concern yourself with are slippy rocks. How many times have you thought a slimy rock was safe to walk on only to be proved wrong? Hopefully you didn't end up with your legs higher than your head in the process.

Slipping on rocks when you're in the sea or in the forest isn't funny. It's the easiest way to send your feet and ankles to Snap City, and who knows what else you'll break when you start doing random backflips on top of rocks.

The best aqua shoes are built to keep you on your feet the entire time. You can even wear them as swimming pool shoes as you're sprinting around trying to catch someone who has pushed you in. The traction on the bottom of your feet is so good you won't slip.


Tie a weight plate around your ankle and jump into a swimming pool. That is how heavy a regular pair of shoes feel like when they've been soaked in water. The weight plate might be a slight exaggeration, but you've got to admit it's not comfortable.

How are you supposed to concentrate on water sports when your feet are a lot heavier unless you're wearing swim fins? How will you ever enjoy a walk once your feet feel like they're pulling a ball and chain around? You always want to feel like you're as light on your feet as Fred ‘Twinkle Toes' Flintstone when you're in the water.

Even cheap water shoes will provide you with the lightness you need to perform any actions without heavy feet holding you back. Some water booties make you feel like you're wearing nothing more than a pair of fancy socks.


River shoes are designed for hiking through rivers and large puddles in the middle of nowhere. Water shoes are designed to be worn whenever you're spending time in water, no matter what you are doing. In other words, they're all designed to get wet.

You can't say the same thing about the shoes you go to work in or the sneakers you wear to go jogging. Will they be able to handle getting a little wet? Of course, it's only witches that melt when they touch water.

It doesn't mean a regular pair of shoes is ideal, and eventually they're going to wear away until you have to buy a new pair. The top water shoes for men will last you a very long time, unless you like falling onto sharp coral reef a lot.


When you design shoes for water they have to be more comfortable than anything else. Not because things like safety and durability aren't important, but would you wear a pair of snorkeling shoes if you ended up with huge blisters on your feet all the time?

You would probably end up jumping in the water wearing nothing on your feet instead, which would open you up to the possibility of all sorts of trouble. All shoes not specifically designed to be used in water will leave you in a world of pain if you keep pushing your luck.

The best water shoes for men will feel like you're getting a relaxing foot massage as you're trekking across sharp rocks. And even more importantly, once you jump out of the water your feet will live to see another day instead of being riddled with problems.

The 7 Best Water Shoes For Men

There are a huge amount of different water shoes available, so to make things much easier for you we're only going to focus in on one pair per manufacturer.

If you'd like to see all the other pairs they offer, which might better suit your needs, you'll be able to see them when you click through to read the reviews on Amazon left by hundreds of people who currently use each pair of water shoes we'll discuss.

  1. Vibram Signa Athletic Boating Shoes
  2. Speedo Surfwater 3.0 Water Shoes
  3. Merrell Rockbit Cove Hiking Water Shoes
  4. Crocs Swiftwater Sandal Water Shoes
  5. Under Armour UA Kilchis Water Shoes
  6. Northside Brille II Water Shoes
  7. Cudas Flatwater Water Shoes

1 – Vibram Men's Signa Athletic Boating Shoes

If you're looking for a pair of water shoes with toes, you won't find another company in the world as good as Vibram. Although most people only heard about them a while ago when they first designed shoes that fit feet like a glove, they've been innovating for over 75 years. The Vibram Signa are their signature toe water shoes.

Who they're perfect for: Surfers, paddle boarders, rowers, kayakers, and all other water sport adventurers. They're also great for general use around the swimming pool.

Vibram Signa Main Features:

  • Vibram Wave Grip Compound – No more slipping on wet surfaces
  • Abrasion Resistant Stretch Polyester Mesh – Even the mesh on your swim shoes is durable
  • Lots Of Drainage Holes – Water won't be able to stay inside your aqua shoes
  • Won't Take Long To Dry – Your Vibram Signa Athletic water shoes will dry very quickly

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2 – Speedo Men's Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoes

Speedo Men's Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro 3.0,Speedo Black,10 Mens US

Speedo is the most popular brand name in the world when it comes to anything water-related, and they've produced an amazing pair of cheap water shoes. They might not be expensive, but they're as stylish as anything else you'll find. They are the water shoes men love most for general usage as they'll be able to handle anything.

Who they're perfect for: Anyone who spends time chilling at the beach or swimming pool and wants a pair of amphibious shoes. They can also be worn for water sports.

Speedo Surfwater 3.0 Main Features:

  • Easy To Slip On – The Surfwater 3.0 water shoes are one of the easiest to slip into
  • A Stretched Upper – Once they're on the stretched upper will ensure they are secured to your feet
  • The S-Trac Outsole – The no-slip grip on these mens water shoes will keep you from falling over
  • Maximum Breathability – Will prevent any annoying injuries and increase your comfort

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3 – Merrell Men's Rockbit Cove Hiking Water Shoes

Merrell easily match Vibram when it comes to their barefoot running shoes, but the Rockbit Cove hiking water shoes are equally impressive. They're the first pair we've looked at so far that will allow you to hike up and down anything without any problems in the wettest conditions possible.

Who they're perfect for: For anyone into hiking or long walks where they'll have to go through water, plus people who walk their dog on the beach will love them too.

Merrell Rockbit Cove Main Features:

  • Padded Tongue And Collar – Strong enough to protect your foot if it gets caught in between rocks
  • A Strong Toe Guard – You won't hurt your toes when you eventually kick something accidentally
  • Water-Friendly Non-Marking Sole – The great sole grip is non-marking, so they'd also make great boat shoes
  • Breathable Mesh Lining – Let's the air in while letting the water out at the same time

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4 – Crocs Men's Swiftwater Sandal Water Shoes

Crocs shoes are often thought of along the same lines as Marmite. You'll either love them or hate them, but their water sandals can't be judged by their iconic rubber shoes. The Crocs brand is still one of the most popular in the world, and their mens aqua shoes can stand up to the competition.

Who they're perfect for: Perhaps they're not the best for water sports, but they're great for anything else. Walkers, hikers, gardeners, and boaters will love them.

Crocs Swiftwater Sandal Main Features:

  • Leather Hook-And-Loop Strap – You'll be able to adjust the tightness to increase your comfort level
  • Pull-On Loop At The Heel – Helps you slide them on and pull them off quickly
  • Large Protective Toe Cap – If you bang into anything you won't feel any pain because you'll be so padded
  • Odor Resistant Shoes – Your aqua sandals will dry quickly, plus they won't leave any horrid lingering smells around

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5 – Under Armour Men's UA Kilchis Water Shoes

Under Armour broke onto the scene in style in the clothing industry, but their water sneakers are going to do just as well. Out of all the best water shoes for men we've reviewed today, the Under Armour Kilchis are the most causal and stylish we've come across. They live up to their expectations too.

Who they're perfect for: They're basically a normal pair of sneakers, so they'll be ideal for anything except tough hikes. If you run on the beach or do any water sports you need a pair.

Under Armour Kilchis Main Features:

  • Fixed Bungee Lacing System – Along with the back heel tab, the fixed bungee lacing system makes them easy to put on
  • A Cushioned Footbed – The cushioned footbed in the water sneakers takes their comfort to the next level
  • Innovative Drainage Ports – The drainage ports in the midsole let you stay as dry as possible
  • Welded Synthetic Overlay – This gives you amazing protection from cuts and scrapes no matter what you stand on

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6 – Northside Men's Brille II Water Shoes

Northside Unisex Brille II Athletic Water Shoe,Black/Yellow,11 M US

The Northside Brille II are great if you're looking for one of the cheapest pairs of water shoes available. Although the brand isn't as big as the others we've looked at today, they've certainly not skimped on quality when manufacturing their leading aqua shoes as you'll see below.

Who they're perfect for: Anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money + someone who normally wouldn't wear any footwear when in and around the water. You'll be able to do anything in them.

Northside Brille II Main Features:

  • Fit Like A Glove – The neoprene uppers and nylon mesh help them fit to your feet like a pair of gloves
  • Elastic Cord Lacing – There is a toggle lock on the elastic cord lacing to give you an instant fit once they're on
  • Padded Tongue And Collar – Your feet will be protected from the top as well as the bottom
  • Toe Guard Protection – As well as the traction of the soles helping to keep you safe, the toe guards will protect you too

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7 – Cudas Men's Flatwater Water Shoes

Cudas Men's Flatwater Water Shoe,Black,10 M US

The Cudas Flatwater shoes look more like water booties than traditional sneakers, but they're just as inexpensive as the last ones we looked at. It will help anyone who doesn't have a lot of money to spend but still wants a little choice when it comes down to style.

Who they're perfect for: The Cudas Flatwater water shoes will suit anyone who wants to walk in and around the sea, plus they'll be great for water sports.

Cudas Flatwater Main Features:

  • Protective Toe And Heel Bumpers – For such a simple pair of swim shoes for men they certainly offer lots of protection
  • Anti-Slip And Non-Marking – They'll stop you from slipping and won't leave any marks on boats, kayaks, and canoes
  • Easy-On Pull Tab – The tab on the back of your aqua shoes lets you slip them on and off easily
  • Breathable Waterflow Mesh – The breathable upper mesh on the Cudas Flatwater shoes will make your feet more comfortable

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The Best Water Shoes For Men

If you spend any time in and around water, purpose-built shoes will be one of the best investments you can make. As you can see, they will help you out in a number of different ways as there are styles to suit everyone.

The only thing left to do is choose the right one for you. We've covered lots of details about each of the water shoes today, but if you want an in-depth look at them you should click on the links to visit Amazon.

You'll be able to read reviews from tons of people already wearing the shoes, which is a lot more powerful than a breakdown from any individual person. You'll see exactly what people love and hate about their aqua shoes.

  1. Vibram Signa Athletic Boating Shoes
  2. Speedo Surfwater 3.0 Water Shoes
  3. Merrell Rockbit Cove Hiking Water Shoes
  4. Crocs Swiftwater Sandal Water Shoes
  5. Under Armour UA Kilchis Water Shoes
  6. Northside Brille II Water Shoes
  7. Cudas Flatwater Water Shoes