How To Get Into A Hammock Without Falling Out

Some people do try to get into hammocks only to backflip onto the ground seconds later.

You should know how to get into a hammock properly unless you're an Olympic gymnast.

It's a lot easier than you think if you follow some simple steps when getting started.

How To Get Into A Hammock Without Falling

To get into a hammock without hurting yourself stand in the center facing away from it. Hold one side of the hammock with your left hand and one with your right hand. Sit down slowly while spreading your hands further apart and lift your legs into the hammock.

How To Use A Hammock In 5 Easy Steps

If you're still feeling intimidated about getting into a hammock we'll look at each of the steps in more detail before you attempt anything.

Once we've covered the basics we'll cover a few essential hammock camping tips for getting in and out of your hammock.

  1. Stand in the center of the hammock
  2. Grab onto the sides of the hammock
  3. Sit down and spread your hands
  4. Swing your legs up and around
  5. Lie back and get used to balancing

1 Stand in the center of the hammock

To get started you should stand in the center of the hammock where you'll have the most balance when you sit down. Get as close to the hammock as possible.

You should be facing away from the hammock. Once you start bending down you want your butt to come into contact with it.

2 Grab onto the sides of the hammock

Bend down slightly so you can grab hold of the hammock with your hands. Your left hand should be at your side holding onto the side of the hammock closest to you.

Your right hand should be a little further back holding the side of the hammock furthest away from you.

3 Sit down and spread your hands

Now you should sit down very slowly like you're bending down to sit on a chair. As you drop down pull your left hand into your legs and push your right hand away.

The center of your hammock should be spread out pretty far and your butt will eventually come into contact with the hammock.

Use your hands to help stop the hammock from moving and let your weight come off your feet and onto your butt.

4 Swing your legs up and around

Once all your weight is on the hammock you'll be able to lift your feet off the floor without any sudden movements.

As you lift your feet off the floor swing them to the side and into the center of the hammock. Turn your upper body to face towards your feet too.

5 Lie back and get used to balancing

As your feet come into the hammock start leaning back until you're lying down in the middle of the hammock.

At this point, the sides of the hammock should be holding you in like safety bars on the top of a bunk bed so it's not going to top over.

Take a second to get used to the feeling of balancing while lying in a hammock and it will eventually begin to feel natural.

How Do You Get In and Out Of A Hammock Effortlessly?

If you set the hammock up correctly it's easy to get in and out non-stop without falling. Your hammock needs to be at the right angle, which requires picking the right trees and hanging the hammock straps at the right height. The hammock should sit at the perfect height too.

Here are two things you need to focus on to set up the hammock correctly:

  • Set the hammock at the right angle
  • Set the hammock at the right height

Should a hammock be tight or banana-shaped?

A hammock should sit at a 30-degree angle and look banana-shaped when you're not lying inside it. Hammocks shouldn't be tight or look flat.

First, you'll need to find trees that are 10-15 feet apart. The exact distance will vary depending on the particular hammock you're camping in.

Once you find the right trees set the hammock straps roughly 7 feet in the air. You might have to adjust them a bit until you get a 30-degree angle.

If the hammock looks like it's sagging you've done a great job. Once you get in and lie down the hammock will flatten out.

It should be a low hanging hammock

When you set up the hammock make sure it's only around 18 inches from the ground when you're pushing down on it with two open palms.

The average chair is going to be somewhere around the 18 inches mark, so you'll be used to bending down and sitting in things at that height.

It's also low enough to prevent you from hurting yourself if you have an accident because it's not very high off the ground.

How To Get Out Of A Hammock Safely

It's easy to get out of a hammock unless you usually have difficulty standing up. Do you have the strength to get up from a sitting position?

The real danger comes when you're trying to get out of the hammock in these kinds of situations:

  • When it's dark outside
  • When the ground isn't clear
  • When you're not wearing shoes
  • When you're up too high

Is there a graceful way to get out of a hammock?

To get out of the hammock as gracefully as possible just hold onto the sides and swing your legs around one at a time.

Once your feet are on the ground you can straighten your legs while using your hands to balance and push yourself up.

How Are You Supposed To Lay In A Hammock Without Falling?

You would have to try hard to fall out of a hammock when you're lying down. But there are some proper ways you're supposed to lay in a hammock.

Not only will they keep the hammock stable when you're lying inside, but you will also get a much more comfortable sleep.

How do you lie flat in a hammock?

Lying flat on a hammock is the most forgiving on your body and it's easy to get a great night's sleep. To sleep flat you'll need to lay diagonally on the hammock.

When you're lying down move your feet a foot to the left and move your head a foot to the right. The sides should fold down easily and the hammock will feel bigger.

Can you sleep sideways in a hammock?

Hammocks work for side sleepers too. You will still need to lie diagonally to create more space for your arms and knees.

You can even sleep in the fetal position if you like to curl up in a ball when you're in bed, but it's only going to work if your hammock has enough sag.

Can you lay on your stomach in a hammock?

It is possible to lie on your stomach in a hammock. Like those other positions, you need to be lying diagonally to give yourself more space.

If you plan on sleeping on your stomach I'd recommend a double hammock. Everyone should use a double hammock no matter what position they sleep in.

When you're lying on your stomach you need a sufficient amount of sag in the hammock. You might even find it more comfortable than sleeping on your back.

Can You Fall Out Of A Hammock While Sleeping?

The risk of falling out of your hammock when sleeping is the same as falling out when you're awake. Even if you move around in the middle of the night.

Do you remember the protection bars you had on your bunk beds when you were small? I bet you didn't fall out the bed because they stopped you.

The sides of your hammock will offer you the same kind of protection even when you're lying diagonally and the hammock is flatter.

How Do I Keep My Hammock From Flipping?

Nobody is going to fall out of a hammock while sleeping, but it is possible if you're unlucky. Here are a few ways the hammock might end up flipping:

  • Tree branches are too small
  • Don't lean out the hammock
  • No swinging in the hammock
  • Keeping high winds at bay

Tree branches are too small

You must make sure trees are thick enough to support the weight of a hammock. They should be around 6 inches in diameter to stay upright when you lie down.

If the trees are too thin they'll end up bending when you're lying down and you can come out of the hammock. You don't want it to happen at night.

Make sure the trees are healthy before hanging your hammock too. If you try to hang it on a dead branch it would snap when you least expect it.

Don't lean out the hammock

Sometimes you'll feel like you need to reach for something at the side of your hammock. One day it's going to end in an accident.

If you're leaning out the hammock you'll eventually reach a point of no return and topple over. Try not to keep anything in reaching distance to stay safe.

No swinging in the hammock

Feel free to plant your feet on the ground so you can gently rock yourself from side to side, but don't try to swing too high for extra excitement.

If you swing in the hammock you might find yourself on the ground. Your hammock will also end up damaged at some point before its time.

Keeping high winds at bay

When it's very windy outside make sure you lower your tarp to protect the hammock from the worst of it. Don't worry because it's not going to tip you over.

A human being is far too heavy to be thrown around by the wind, but when you're away from your hammock it could knock over something important.

If the winds aren't anywhere near you it will help you sleep a lot easier when it's time for bed.

How Much Weight Can A Hammock Hold?

Hammocks can hold hundreds of pounds and if you plan on going hammock camping it's unlikely you'll be too big for one. If you choose a double hammock it's going to support your weight even easier. You can check the weight limit when you buy one for peace of mind.

Can you fall out of a hammock that's too heavy?

You won't roll out of the hammock if you're too heavy, but there is a chance it would break causing you to fall. The biggest threat is hanging your hammock from something too weak to support it. That is why you always need to attach the hammock to thick trees.

If you're using a hammock at home make sure the hammock stand has a suitable weight limit. And anchor points need to be attached to your wall or ceiling properly.

Is It Safe To Sleep In A Hammock Every Night?

Sleeping in a hammock every night isn't going to increase your chances of falling out. It's going to do the exact opposite because you'll become an experienced hammock camper much quicker. Hammocks have a few benefits that make them better than a bed.

How To Get Into A Hammock

If your hammock is set up at a 30-degree angle between trees that are 10-15 feet apart it's easy to have enough sag to get into it without trouble. Just use your hands for balance and drop into it slowly like you're sitting down on a chair.

Getting out of a hammock is just as easy and once you've got a little experience you'll be able to jump in and out of one within seconds.

Make your life easier by hanging the hammock in an area free of debris, around 18 inches off the ground, and don't lean out to grab anything on the floor.