Best Occlusal Guard – Reviews – 2021

Grind. Grind. Grind. Clench. Grind. Grind. Grind. Clench. Grind. Clench. Grind. Grind. Clench.

Without an occlusal guard you could end up with no teeth. If they grind together for years they'll eventually disappear into thin air. At the very least, you'll need to spend thousands of dollars at the dentist.

Jaw clenching is a massive problem too. There is a good chance it's happening to you. Up to 14% of the population know they're affected by sleeping bruxism. Even more people don't have a clue they grind and clench throughout the night.

A bruxism guard isn't going to win you any ‘Sexiest Sleeper of the Year' awards, but it's an excellent teeth protector. We'll look at some of the best grind guards on the market, but let's discuss their main benefits first.

Advantages Of A Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding

  • A Grind Guard Prevents Tooth Damage
  • The Best Night Guard Will Alleviate Pain
  • You'll Get More Quality Sleep At Night
  • A Sleep Guard Will Help You Stop Snoring

A Grind Guard Prevents Tooth Damage

If you don't wear a night guard for teeth grinding and clenching your beautiful smile will eventually wither away. Your pearly whites will end up chipped and broken. The enamel will slowly disappear over time and holes will appear in your teeth.

You'll need to get a lot more fillings. If you already have fillings they'll eventually fall out. You will waste thousands of dollars if you don't have a teeth guard for sleeping. Thankfully, it's a relatively easy problem to fix.

The Best Night Guard Will Alleviate Pain

When you're grinding and clenching all night you'll end up in pain. In the morning, your teeth will be extremely sore. The pain might last throughout the day, which isn't great when you want to be productive at work. Do you start popping pills?

Your teeth will be a lot more sensitive too, so a bruxism night guard is essential. Unfortunately, there are other things that will hurt if you don't wear one. Bruxism can result in headaches, jaw pain, muscle fatigue, and ear ache. The list goes on and on.

You'll Get More Quality Sleep At Night

How much would you pay to sleep like a baby at night? I guarantee the dental night guard cost is much lower. If you're not suffering at night you'll find it easy to sleep, plus a sudden bout of clenching won't suddenly wake you up.

The best otc night guard won't just stop you from clenching and grinding your teeth. You'll be able to move your lower jaw slightly forward, which will reduce the stress in your jaw and promote muscle relaxation.

A Sleep Guard Will Help You Stop Snoring

Once your teeth mouth guard slides your lower jaw forward it will open up your airway. It means your breathing difficulties will usually disappear. If you can breath better at night it's unlikely you'll snore like a warthog in battle mode.

You won't wake yourself up during the night thanks to loud noises. Your partner won't mind sharing a bed with you. The best dental night guard offers a lot more than basic teeth grinding protection as you'll soon find out.

Occlusal Guard Teeth Protector Reviews

You're a few simple steps away from solving your teeth grinding and clenching problem. Once you find the best mouth guard for bruxism your life will change forever. You need to ensure the grind guard you choose is perfect, so here is a selection of the best ones available right now.

  1. J&S Dental Lab Sleeping Mouth Guard
  2. Dental Duty Teeth Grinding Guard (x4)
  3. DenTek Comfort Fit Dental Mouth Guard
  4. Eliminator Pro 2.0 Custom Night Guard
  5. P&J Health Bruxism Night Mouth Guard
  6. Plackers Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding
  7. DentaPro 2000 Mouth Guard For Grinding
  8. Primdent Oral Care Custom Mouth Guard
  9. SOVA Custom Fit Bruxism Mouth Guard
  10. Grind Guards Custom Lab Bruxism Guard

1 – J&S Dental Lab Sleeping Mouth Guard


JS Dental Lab Custom Dental Night Guard, Sleep Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding, Bruxism & TMJ Relief - Lower Bite Guard

Do you want a night guard for teeth grinding that will equal anything you can get from the dentist? This amazing sleep guard also comes at a fraction of the cost. Once you've made your order you will receive an impression kit in the post. It will come with precise instructions telling you exactly what to do.

You'll need to send it back to a professional dental lab completely free. In no time, you will end up with an upper or lower teeth mouth guard depending on which one you order. It will fit so perfectly you won't even feel like you're wearing a thin mouth guard when you sleep at night.

One of the reasons everyone will be satisfied is because you'll get to choose between a hard acrylic, semi soft, or soft night guard. The total thickness will range from 0.06 to 0.16 inches. It might be the best mouth guard for teeth grinding due to the fact it will last you roughly 5 years.


  • Technology offers ultimate comfort and fit
  • FDA approved, BPA free, and latex free
  • Much cheaper than a dentist will charge


  • You will need to post teeth impressions
  • It's only an upper or lower mouth guard

2 – Dental Duty Teeth Grinding Guard (x4)

Professional Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth, 2 Sizes, 4 Pieces Mouthguard, Moldable Night Guards for Teeth Grinding, Night Guard Eliminates Bruxism & Teeth Clenching, Antibacterial Dental Guard Case

The best night guard for teeth clenching and grinding should be able to do other things too. Do you play any contact sports? If so, the Dental Duty mouthpieces will prevent your teeth from getting smashed up. When your teeth are covered up it's also going to stop your tongue from being torn apart.

If you want your smile to blind people you can use a teeth clenching guard as a whitening tray. They are even more versatile than you think. Your mouth might be a little too small for the night guards, but you'll be able to trim them down until they feel absolutely fantastic inside your mouth.

You won't just get one mouthpiece for grinding teeth. There are a total of 4 inside each pack, so they should last a long time. They are FDA approved and 100% BPA free. You'll also get a small antibacterial travel case that will let you carry your jaw guard around when you're on the road.


  • A total of 4 night guards in each pack
  • Mouth guards can be trimmed down
  • FDA approved and 100% BPA free


  • You need to boil and bite the guards
  • You only get 2x small and 2x large

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3 – DenTek Comfort Fit Dental Mouth Guard

DenTek Comfort-Fit Dental Guard For Nighttime Teeth Grinding, packaging may vary

If you want a soft mouth guard for teeth grinding you've just found it. Most people won't even know what it's supposed to be when you show them it. They've taken the best mouth guard for bruxism and stripped 80% of it away. But don't be fooled by the extremely thin design.

You'll get the same level of protection than any other custom mouth guard for grinding teeth at night. Also, you won't even need to dip your bruxism mouthpiece in boiling water first. You can pop it straight into your mouth, but you should clean it thoroughly in case it's a bit dirty.

It's hard to believe such a basic device has advanced technology built into it. It might turn into the best night guard for clenching and grinding once you've messed around with the five point adjustment system. Don't forget to slip the antimicrobial travel case into your backpack when you're on the move.


  • You can use it right out of the box
  • Slimmer than other bruxism guards
  • Has a five point adjustment system


  • It's not going to last many years
  • You'll need to find the perfect fit

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4 – Eliminator Pro 2.0 Custom Night Guard

USA Eliminator PRO Best Sleep Aid Custom Bruxism Night Mouth Guard Mouthpiece

It's not easy to find the best mouth guard for clenching teeth because no two people are the exact same. Unless a custom dental night guard is made specially for you inside a lab you'll need to be able to calibrate it. The Eliminator Pro 2.0 can be adjusted in 1 millimeter increments until you find the right fit.

Not only is this a great mouth guard to prevent teeth grinding and clenching, but it can help with more serious problems. It does so by sliding your lower jaw forward while you sleep, which will increase the airflow in the back of your throat. If you suffer from snoring or sleep apnea it will revolutionize your sleep.

You won't need to worry about your jaw moving backwards in the middle of the night. The mouth guard comes with precision lock technology, so it won't move once you've adjusted it. You'll be able to start wearing it once you've molded the night guard to the shape of your mouth.


  • The measurement scale is easy to read
  • It's adjusted in 1 millimeter increments
  • It helps with snoring and sleep apnea


  • Takes a while to find the right setting
  • Less comfortable than thin night guards

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5 – P&J Health Bruxism Night Mouth Guard


You don't really get second chances with over the counter night guards, but this one is a little different. The first time you mold it your lower jaw will move forward 3-5 millimeters. If it doesn't feel right you'll be able to move your lower jaw forward 6-10 millimeters until it feels comfortable.

The anti grinding mouth guard will stop you from waking up everyone in the house. Not only will your snoring disappear after a while, but it's a magical aid for sleep apnea too. It's the best mouth guard for sleeping if you count all the ways it will help you sleep like you've run a dozen marathons.

You've got to be careful with anything you put in your mouth. Luckily, the P&J Health anti clenching mouth guard is FDA approved and BPA + latex free. It comes with a free antibacterial case too. You won't have to worry about the guard getting dirty and dusty when you're traveling around.


  • Slide lower jaw forward 3-10 millimeters
  • Includes free antibacterial travel case
  • It's FDA approved and BPA + latex free


  • You can't calibrate the guard perfectly
  • It's never going to last multiple years

6 – Plackers Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding

Plackers Grind No More Dental Night Guard for Teeth Grinding, 10 Count

Who says you need to keep using the same mouth guard for years? You might find it a lot easier to use disposable night guards, which you'll be able to throw away every few days. There are 10 guards in every box and if you order a subscription a new pack will be sent to your home every month.

It's the best night guard for teeth grinding when you don't want to set anything up. Once you take one out the box you can slip it into your mouth. The hardest thing you'll need to do is choose between wearing it on your upper or lower teeth. Each bruxism mouthpiece is extremely thin too.

Bite plate alignment grooves, stabilizing bite plate lips, and absorbing bite plates all come together to help grinders and clenchers. The jaw clenching mouth guard is tough even though it's only meant to last a few days. It's also been designed to ensure it doesn't slip around when you're fast asleep.


  • The night guard fits all mouth sizes
  • It won't slip while it's in your mouth
  • No cutting or molding is required


  • You'll need to replace every few days
  • There are more comfortable options

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7 – DentaPro 2000 Mouth Guard For Grinding

DentaPro2000 Teeth Grinding Mouth Guard Eliminates Grinding, Clenching, TMJ Set Includes 3 Dental Guards,1 Anti-Bacterial Case & Complete Molding & Fitting Instructions

The DentaPro 2000 mouth guard was created because a top team of professional dentists witnessed the effects grinding and clenching was having on their patients. They came up with a grind guard to help with bruxism, TMJ, headaches, facial muscle pain, earaches, stiff shoulders, and much more.

These custom dental guards were designed to fit all mouth shapes, plus they're suitable for upper or lower teeth. You can put them to good use during the day too. If you're taking part in contact sports they'll help protect your teeth. It's also possible to use them as teeth whitening trays.

You should wash custom night guards before putting them in your mouth, but yours won't be full of germs thanks to the free hygiene case. The guards are also made from high quality materials, FDA approved, and BPA + latex free. You'll be able to wake up every morning with a smile on your face.


  • Designed by team of professional dentists
  • An athletic mouth guard + whitening tray
  • The dental guards strengthen your teeth


  • Need to be cleaned + washed regularly
  • It takes around one week to see results

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8 – Primdent Oral Care Custom Mouth Guard

Dental Lab Custom Teeth Night Guard - Medium Firmness(not a hard guard) LOWER TEETH - Protect Teeth From Grinding, Clenching, Bruxism - Medium Density - Soft but Strong Teeth Mouth Guard

If you want the best dental guard order one straight from a lab with over 10 years experience. You can choose between a lower and upper mouth guard depending on which one you'll like more. Primdent Oral Care custom mouth guards are firmer than soft ones and softer than hard ones. Somewhere in the middle.

I'm sure you'll find them comfortable like everyone else who owns one. The upper and lower guards are 3 millimeters thick, so you won't have any difficulties getting to sleep. If you've never slept with an occlusal guard before it might take you a few days until you get used to it.

Every single teeth guard that comes out of the lab is hand made, so they reign supreme over boil and bite guards. The attention to detail is absolutely fantastic. Very strong and durable anti abrasion material is used to make the teeth guards, so it's an investment that will last many years.


  • Dental lab has over 10 years experience
  • Anti abrasive material is strong + durable
  • Medical grade material used by dentists


  • More expensive than boil + bite guards
  • You need to send impression kit away

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9 – SOVA Custom Fit Bruxism Mouth Guard

SOVA Aero 1.6mm Night Guard Custom-Fit Dental Mouth Guard, Mouth Guard with Case

Even though the SOVA occlusal guard is only 1.6 millimeters thick, it's got the ability to withstand extreme chewing. The perforations and shape were engineered to absorb lots of impact, so the ultralight dental guard will last a very long time even if you grind and clench like there is no tomorrow.

You shouldn't raid the fridge when you're wearing a night guard for grinding, but you'll still be able to drink. Unless you enjoy midnight snacks you won't have to take it off until you wake up. Due to the fact it's really thin, odorless, and tasteless you will eventually forget it's even there.

You'll be able to wash your night guard in a few seconds using soap and water. If you brush it with a little toothpaste you'll be able to go to bed with a minty taste in your mouth. It's a great mouth guard for clenching teeth at night, but it will help with problems like snoring too.


  • Engineered to absorb lots of impact
  • It won't slip out during the night
  • Travel case comes with ventilation


  • You need to boil and bite the guard
  • It will need to be washed regularly

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10 – Grind Guards Custom Lab Bruxism Guard

Speak to anyone who has picked up a mouth guard to prevent teeth grinding from their local dentist. These ones are 70% less even though they're the exact same quality. You won't have to wait too long for your guard to arrive, but you will need to send a mold of your teeth away first.

The best teeth grinding guard isn't going to be the same for everyone. I'm sure you'll have your own specific preferences, which is why Grind Guards offer 5 options when it comes to materials and thickness. A hybrid dual laminate hard/soft guard is definitely the most popular one.

Every mouth guard is made in the USA using the best dental lab equipment in the world. The teeth grinding guards are FDA approved, BPA free, phthalate free, and latex free. If your guard doesn't fit perfectly when it arrives in the post you'll get a new one absolutely free.


  • 70% cheaper than dental surgery
  • Different materials and thicknesses
  • FDA approved, BPA + latex free


  • You need to send teeth mold away
  • More expensive than other guards

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The Right Occlusal Guard Teeth Protector For You

If you care about your teeth an occlusal guard is an absolute must. There is only so much grinding and clenching you'll be able to do before paying the price. I'm sure you'll be extremely happy with any of the night guards we've talked about today.

Click on the links to read the unbiased reviews on Amazon once you find any guards you like. Past customers have left them to help make your decision a million times easier.