Best Ice Fishing Boots – Reviews – 2021

When you brave freezing temperatures to catch fish you need the best ice fishing boots on your feet.

You'll feel warm even when it drops well below zero. Have you ever tried to fish with frozen toes? It's not nice. In fact, it's horrible. You can't enjoy yourself when you're a few hours away from frostbite.

Thankfully, if you're wearing ice fishing boots it will eliminate all your problems. You'll be able to take your fish home instead of getting your toes chopped off at the local hospital.

Best Full Face Snorkel Mask – Reviews – 2021

The best full face snorkel mask looks like something you'd see on a Navy SEAL.

It's nothing like the rubbish you used to buy in the past. Terrible snorkel sets from those little shops scattered along the beach.

Water would seep into your eyes. Your mouth would taste saltier than McDonald's fries.

A modern full view snorkel mask is at least 1,000 times better. We're going to discuss everything you'll want to know about them, but first let's look at a few of the best models on the market today.

Best Travel Towel – Reviews – 2021

The best travel towel you can find should be one of the first things that you pack.

It's going to save your life in more ways than you'll ever know. If you don't have a regular towel where you're staying, you'll sink to a new low drying your special places with a fresh shirt.

If you don't have a sheet on your bed or a blanket on air conditioned transportation, a microfiber travel towel will stop you from nearly freezing to death.