Penny Board Weight Limit

What’s the max penny board weight limit? Are you scared of snapping a small plastic board?

I think you’ll be surprised by how much weight a penny board can hold, plus there are other options if you’re too heavy.

Let’s take a look at everything you’ll need to know before riding one in case it snaps.

Penny Board Weight Limit

All penny boards have a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds. A 36 inch penny longboard will obviously bend more than a 22 inch original penny board. Every company that manufactures similar models calls theirs penny boards, so the weight limit might only be 200 pounds.

How Much Weight Can A Penny Board Hold?

Did you know there are 5 different penny boards available at the moment? Some people have only heard of the original 22 inch penny board, but most know there is a 27 inch nickel board too. Here is a quick list of every penny board you’ll be able to pick up.

  • 22 inch original penny board
  • 27 inch penny nickel board
  • 29 inch penny surfskate
  • 32 inch penny board
  • 36 inch penny longboard

And they all have the same maximum weight limit, but it doesn’t mean all the boards will be the same. For example, the 36 penny longboard is going to sag more than a 22 inch penny board. Even though you might not snap the board you need to know the longer models bend.

Why Is Weight Limit For Penny Board So High?

The weight limit for penny boards is so high because it’s made from a secret formula nobody knows about. The plastic is so good you’ll be able to push the penny board to the limits without worrying about it. It’s highly unlikely you’ll break the board if you end up:

  • Smashing into kerbs
  • Losing it down hills
  • Doing cool tricks

It’s not just the plastic deck that helps increase the penny board weight limit. Premium parts like the strong aluminum trucks won’t buckle under the pressure.

Can The Penny Board Weight Limit Go Down?

Penny boards might be designed with some of the best materials on the market, but like everything they’re only going to last so long. The penny board weight limit will drop over the years. Here are a few things that can compromise the weight limit of a board over time:

  • Wear and tear
  • UV rays
  • Moisture

There isn’t much you can do about general wear and tear, but you can do something about UV rays and moisture. Don’t leave your penny board lying around in the sun and clean the board on a regular basis. Once it’s suffered bad damage it won’t be able to hold as much weight.

Cheap Penny Boards From Other Brands

Penny is actually the name of the original company that designed small plastic cruiser boards. So you will see other models on the market that look identical, but they’re usually cheaper. You need to remember these won’t be manufactured using the same secret plastic formula.

That means generic penny boards won’t have the same weight limits. I’m sure some of those companies are actually very good. Small plastic cruisers just became known as penny boards. If you look around the weight limit is roughly 190 to 200 pounds so slightly lower.

It’s About More Than A Weight Limit

If you’re almost spilling over the max penny board weight limit you might want to think about finding another board. Even though you won’t break the board in two it’s not going to be very comfortable to ride. Bigger people and small penny boards don’t go well together.

Are penny boards good for beginners? Nickel boards are good for beginners because they have a 220 weight limit, plus you’ll have more room to place your feet on the board. And it’s not long enough to bend in the middle as badly as some longer penny boards.

Smaller people with average feet will feel more comfortable on a 22 original penny board. If you’re under the weight limit feel free to get the 22 inch board, but just remember unless you only care about portability and casually cruising there are better options.

Best Penny Board Alternatives For Heavy Riders

If you’re heavier than 220 pounds and want to cruise around town the best longboard for beginners might be better for you. Plus you always have the option of choosing a traditional skateboard. Let’s look at how each one compares to the weight limit of the penny boards:

  • Longboards weight limit – 250 to 300 pounds
  • Skateboards weight limit – 250 pounds

So solid skateboards can support riders up to around 250 pounds. It’s important to note you’ll be creating a lot more force on a skateboard if you do big jumps, but it’s not going to affect anyone looking to cruise around. Beginners aren’t likely to be jumping down steps anyway.

When it comes to penny boards vs longboards the latter can handle almost a hundred pounds more weight depending on which model you choose. It’s definitely a better option for those carrying more weight. The best longboards for heavy riders are all pretty impressive.

Is There A Weight Limit For Skating?

If you’re too heavy for penny boards you need to be really careful when you’re getting into skating. It’s obviously possible to skate no matter how heavy you are, but there are more risks you need to be aware of. Here are some reasons why it’s a little more dangerous:

  • Falling off your board
  • Doing some tricks

Falling off your board – Heavier skaters are going to hit the ground with more force. It’s not uncommon to see bad injuries because someone hits their head more violently. Extra mass could cause you to break your wrists when trying to protect yourself from hitting the ground.

Doing some tricks – Any time you land on the ground after taking off it’s going to cause a lot of force throughout your knees and ankles. After a while they may succumb to the relentless beating, so be careful you don’t overdue anything if you want to stay injury free.

Cruising around on penny boards is a great way to lose weight, so by the time you’ve passed the beginner stage you could be a lot lighter. So if you are desperate to get a penny board take this into consideration when looking at the 220 pound weight limit.

Penny Board Weight Limit

Depending on the penny board you get the weight limit ranges from 190 to 220 pounds. If you’re close to the limit you can get one anyway because you know you’ll drop weight skating around every day. Or you can go down the easy route and get a wooden longboard instead.