11 Benefits Of Sleeping In A Hammock Instead Of A Bed

Are you thinking about sleeping in a hammock instead of a bed in the future?

It's a great idea because it will improve your life.

Once you know all the amazing benefits you'll want to get started straight away.

Benefits Of Sleeping In A Hammock Instead Of A Bed

Sleeping in a hammock will give you a deeper and more relaxing sleep. It's great if you have health issues like a bad back or insomnia. It will also save you lots of space and you won't need to make your bed. It's cheap enough to get started right now.

Why You Should Use A Hammock For Sleeping At Home

  1. Hammocks are much more comfortable
  2. Fall asleep much faster in a hammock
  3. Hammocks offer you a deeper sleep
  4. Your brain and body will thank you
  5. A hammock is good for your bad back
  6. Store your hammock away to save space
  7. Much easier to make your bed every day
  8. It's much cheaper to sleep in a hammock
  9. Take your hammock on your travels
  10. Hammocks don't have nasty bed bugs
  11. It's a good way to read books before bed

1 Hammocks are much more comfortable

When you lie down on a hammock you instantly feel more comfortable. Maybe it's because your body is lying in the perfect sleeping position with your head elevated 10-30 degrees.

It's meditative when your hammock slowly rocks from side to side. Something about dangling in midair feels comforting too.

You just don't feel the same when you're lying in a bed. It starts to feel even more uncomfortable when you actively try to get to sleep.

2 Fall asleep much faster in a hammock

How many minutes or hours do you spend frustrated every night because you can't get to sleep? Only a few people can sleep when their head hits the pillow.

I know it can take me hours and hours to get to sleep in a bed even when I'm pretty tired. Everything changes when I'm in a hammock

I can fall asleep so fast when I'm in a hammock I don't remember trying to get to sleep. Imagine being able to do that every single night.

3 Hammocks offer you a deeper sleep

When was the last time you slept straight through the night in a bed? Fall asleep in a hammock and you won't wake up until your alarm goes off.

If you get a deeper sleep you'll feel more energized in the morning. The only time you wake up is if you're desperate for the toilet.

When sleeping in a bed you can wake up constantly for several different reasons, which leaves you feeling groggy and in need of coffee in the morning.

4 Your brain and body will thank you

The swaying motion of a hammock is meant to alter your brain waves positively. The deeper sleep we've mentioned also improves your brain in many ways:

  • Improvement in mood
  • Better memory
  • Boost in mental performance
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Extra focus

When your body is a lot more relaxed it also repairs itself easier and is ready for the day ahead when you wake up.

5 A hammock is good for your bad back

As you can older it's common for your back to start getting sore. For some people it's mild and for others, it's more severe.

One of the big problems that contribute to a bad back is sleeping in a traditional bed. You can change that by sleeping in a hammock.

There are lots of different reasons why a hammock is better for your back, so if you do have trouble with yours it's worth testing if a hammock can help.

6 Store your hammock away to save space

Once a giant bed is sitting in your bedroom it's going to take up a large amount of space. Some bedrooms are so small you can't fit anything else inside.

A hammock is attached to two anchor points in your wall or ceiling, so you could take it down every day to create more space.

If you take your hammock down you'll have an empty room to use as you please during the day. It will only take you a few minutes to hang your hammock when it's time for bed.

7 Much easier to make your bed every day

If you don't want to take your hammock down every day it's going to take a few minutes to fold your blankets or your sleeping bag.

When you make your bed you need to tuck your sheet under your mattress until it's smooth. The comforter needs to be adjusted back into position.

It's tougher because the bed is so big. You just need to stand next to a hammock and you can tidy everything up within seconds.

8 It's much cheaper to sleep in a hammock

Hammocks are so cheap anyone can afford to sleep in one right now. Even if you need to attach anchor points to the wall or ceiling it's not expensive.

A bed and mattress cost a lot of money. High-quality replacements will cost so much it's probably going to be one of the significant purchases you make this year.

It would cost you extra money if you wanted an indoor hammock stand for your hammock, but it's still cheaper than replacing the setup you have at the moment.

9 Take your hammock on your travels

If you decide to sleep in a camping hammock at home you'll be able to take it with you out to the woods. It's good to sleep in the same hammock indoors and outdoors.

If you visit your parents hours regularly you can ask them to attach hammock anchor points so you can sleep in your hammock at their house.

Some people have a truck large enough to hang their hammock in the back too. You can take it everywhere because you never know where it's possible to hang it.

10 Hammocks don't have nasty bed bugs

Your hammock is less accessible to bugs because it's raised off the ground. You can also forget worrying about dust mites.

The average mattress has so many bed bugs it's scary to think what you're lying on. Even if you wash your sheets thoroughly it's not a full-proof way to deal with them.

It's very each to wash your hammock and any blankets you use to stay warm, so your hammock is always going to be a bug-free environment.

11 It's a good way to read books before bed

Anyone who enjoys reading books in bed before going to sleep will enjoy it even more in a hammock. When you lie in a hammock you're in the perfect position to read books.

If you sit further up the hammock you'll be in an even more upright position. Once you're ready to sleep it will take you seconds to get into a sleeping position.

Reading in a hammock is one of my favorite ways to pass the time when I'm hammock camping and it gets dark.

What Is The Best Hammock To Replace Bed?

There are a few different kinds of hammocks you can use indoors to replace your bed. Each one comes with nice benefits, but they're all pretty similar at the end of the day.

Once you start looking around you'll come across:

  • Camping hammocks
  • Rope hammocks
  • Quilted hammocks
  • Fabric hammocks
  • Woven hammocks

Camping hammocks

Sleeping outside with a camping hammock has lots of positives you'll appreciate, but you can still use one indoors. A nylon double hammock is extremely comfortable to sleep in.

A camping hammock is also very durable, easy to keep clean, and it's possible to squash it into a very small sack when you're not using it.

Rope hammocks

Rope hammocks are the kind you'd usually find in nice hotels all around the world. They're woven from thickish ropes with larger holes than normal.

It means they're pretty breathable on summer days, but you'd need some insulation underneath them if you're sleeping in one every night.

Quilted hammocks

If you want something supportive a quilted hammock is good because they're made from multiple layers of fabric. Spreader bars are usually used to keep them from flipping.

Quilted hammocks work well when combined with a hammock stand. They're not very adjustable although they're still a good option to use in place of a bed.

Fabric hammocks

The reason why fabric hammocks work well beside pools is that they're made from quick-drying materials and don't cost lots of money.

It's a little like a quilted hammock without the multiple layers. Some even come with pillows already sewn into them.

Woven hammocks

Woven hammocks originated in Latin America where people have been sleeping in them for thousands of years. They come in bright and beautiful colors.

Nicaraguan, Brazilian, and Mayan hammocks would fall into this category. They're almost like homemade camping hammocks weaved deep in the jungle.

Best indoor sleeping hammock

I wouldn't look any further than a camping hammock although I'm biased. I think it's the number one camping hammock to sleep in at home.

If I was forced to choose a different model I'd say woven or quilted hammocks come in second place. These styles will look better inside a beautiful home.

How Do You Hang A Hammock In Your Bedroom?

If you want to hang a hammock in your bedroom it's safe to hang it from wall studs. It's easy to find them if you have a stud finder.

You can also hang the hammock from a ceiling joist or beam. As long as your anchor points are attached to any of these things it's going to hold.

Can wall studs hold a hammock?

Wall studs do have the ability to hold a hammock, but it depends on the exact one you anchor to. If you can spread the weight out between several studs it's safer.

Unless you have experience in the construction industry I'd ask someone who knows what they're doing to set up the hammock anchor points for you.

Just make sure they know a hammock should sit at a 30-degree angle with enough sag to flatten out when you lie down.

How Do You Hang A Hammock Indoors Without Drilling?

If using wall studs and ceiling joists is too complicated you should think about getting a hammock stand. It's the easiest way to get up and running straight away.

You won't have as much space and it costs extra money, but it's going to give you the exact dimensions you want when trying to hang your hammock.

If you plan on sleeping in your hammock every night instead of your bed it's a great investment. You can also take it outside in summer to use in your garden.

Sleeping In A Hammock With A Partner

A couple can sleep in a hammock while camping because you only need to put up with each other for a few nights. You might go camping for a week or two at most.

When you decide to replace your bed with a hammock you have to sleep beside someone 365 days per year. You also have to do other stuff if you know what I mean.

It's possible although it's not as comfortable as sleeping in a hammock on your own. I would test out sleeping in a hammock with your partner before you commit to anything.

Is It Healthy To Sleep In A Hammock Every Night?

I've slept in a hammock every night while on long adventures and it's never been a problem. Going back to sleeping in a bed again was horrible.

If you want to sleep in a hammock every night it's a good thing. You will see your life start to improve as opposed to the opposite happening.

Why Start Sleeping In A Hammock Instead Of A Bed?

Hammocks should replace your bed because they're so comfortable. Getting to sleep quicker and getting a deeper sleep is huge too. Having more space in your room during the day and tidying your hammock in minutes are other good bonuses sleeping in a hammock full-time offers.

I would test it out for a week or two when starting. I think a large percentage of people might decide to sleep in a hammock instead of a bed every night.

Everyone else will want to sleep in their hammock at least a few nights per week. It's not easy to sleep in a hammock every night if you have a partner.